Name. : Gender : Age : Date Of Birth : Marital Status : Nationality : Ethnicity : Work Authorization Status: Country Of Residence. Possess Own Transport Living Location Address : : : : Laila Binti Mubin Female 20 Year’s Old 13 Febuary Single Malaysian Malay Have Served For Expro (KSB) Company As Executive Assisstan And Receptionist Malaysian Not Yet

No.7 Kampung Cenderawasih Sungai Miang 26600 Pekan,Pahang. 26600 019-9287147 900213-11-5500 Management And Schedule RM1000.00 Always Avalaible Computer Receptionist And Admin SPM Able To Work Invidually And By Group,Able To Communicate In order To Acoomplish The Work Given,Able To Work At Site,Also Able To Extract The Management Work Due To The Task Given

Postal Code. : Contact Number : NRIC No : Email : Career Interest : Expected Salary : Availability : Summary Skills. : Working Experience : Education And Profesional Qualification: Executive Summary Self Description :

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