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Dylan Murray & Kevin Taylor

Annotated Bibliography
Primary Sources
Herodotus. The History of Herodotus. George Rawlinson. Tr. vol. 4. New York: D. Appleman
and Company, 1885. Bk. 7
These are accounts from Herodotus, a contemporary of Socrates and Greek historian. It
shows a first hand account of The Battle of Thermopylae. This source provides a useful
incite of encounters between Greeks from a real historian from the time.
Longman World History. Longman World History. Web. 20 Nov. 2015.
This is a speech. This shows how the people of Athens fought and what they and their
ruler believed. It also provides insight into how the country of Athens viewed the
Spartans. This would influence their behavior towards them. This also shows how their
soldiers were viewed and used and what they valued.

Secondary Sources
Alexander, Caroline. "Ascent to Glory: Ancient Greece Part II." National Geographic. Feb. 2000:
108-139. SIRS Renaissance. Web. 19 Nov. 2015.

This source is a magazine. This will tell us how Greek society became so divided
between the Athens and Spartans as well as the inherent similarity in culture,
advancements, and actions as they have very similar roots as well as having a
very similar basic culture. This will in turn help us figure out what causes their
actions in their encounters.
Furenga, Vincent. Politics and Society in Ancient Greece. The Historian 72.4(2010): 482 t
Student resources in context. web. 10 September 2015
This source is a article. It will be used to find the differences between the
countries societies and see how that caused them to behave in respect to war and
Hanson, Victor Davis. "Tough Guys." Weekly Standard. July 7-14 2003: 42. SIRS Renaissance.
Web. 19 Nov. 2015.
This source is a newspaper. This source will tell us about the Spartan society and
how they created their country and how they built their beliefs and their structure.
It also tells us how their society functions which can allow us to find their motives
behind their actions.
Mason, Jeff. "The Old School." The Philosophers' Magazine. 4th Quarter 2003: 42-44. SIRS
Renaissance. Web. 19 Nov. 2015.
This source is a magazine. It will be used to further understand the philosophy of
the encounters between the two countries as well as their motivations behind
doing these things. It will also show how their beliefs influenced their actions in
their encounters.
Sumpton, Jonathan. When Greek Met Greek. Spectator 10 January 2004: 35t. Opposing
viewpoints in context web. 11 September 2015.
This source is a commentary. It will be used to get the gist of a book and helps
explain the key points of what occurred between the Athens and the Spartans. It
will also explain what caused things to happen and what exactly they did and how
it has affected society today.
Valiunas,Algis.Mastering the MasterCommentary (2009): 70t student resources in context
web. 11 September 2015.
This source is a commentary. It will help provide an objective look at the history
and encounters between Athens and Sparta and provide more information on what
the author is talking about and what actually occurred.
Walker, Martin. "Bush's Choice: Athens or Sparta." World Policy Journal Vol. 18 No. 2.
Summer 2001: 1-9. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 19 Nov. 2015.
This source is a journal. This source servers as a prime example of how Athens
and Sparta's society and policies influence us even in everyday life. It also helps
show what people believe about Athens and Sparta as well as highlight key parts
of their countries.