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TER ee uta) WHY YOU SHOULD FILL OUT THIS SURVEY: You might end up with assignments more tailored to your interests and areas of knowledge. It will help your editor get to know you better, which is never a bad thing. = Itopens you up to possibly getting to write "Identity articles” which are really fun, and could give you a chance to work on something outside of your normal Bustle work. This survey lets other Bustle editors know who you are so they can reach out to you if they have an idea that you might be perfect for Otherwise, you might have the ideal voice to speak about a particular topic, and we would never know! AFEW NOTES: We get how sensitive some of this is. The goal here is not to make you uncomfortable, nor to make you share anything you aren't totally comfortable sharing. If you want to skip this entirely, skip it! If you want to answer just a few questions, do that! You are absolutely in control of what you do and don't share, and what you do and don't want to write about that, We aren't trying to exploit your personal experiences so much as give you the option to choose to share them. Our editors are excellent at working with sensitive topics and helping you find the most respectful, intelligent, useful way to talk about even the most sensitive topics. But we're super aware that this is your life and your experiences, and you decide what you do and don't share, and how yau share it — Nothing from this survey will be shared without your permission. This is for Bustle editors’ eyes only, so we can have a better ability to call on the right people to write on various topics. = Don't put anything on here you don't want to write about. Putting it here doesn't mean you WILL be asked to write about it, but it should generally mean that you aren't opposed to talking about that part of your life. That might mean writing a whole article on it, or another writer calling on you for input on something they're writing that could use a quote from ‘someone like you. ~ That said, you can always say "no" to writing something or contributing a quote to something when the time comes Listing something on this survey does NOT commit you to writing about it. You might be too busy when an editor approaches you about possibly writing an identity post, or simply not interested, and that's okay! We won't be mad! — If you ever want certain info (or all of it) removed, just let us know, and welll do it, no problem. 1. Fullname 2. What is your email? 3. How were you hired? o 4, Be a bit more specific of how you were hired (referral name or website you visited to apply if not listed above). If #3 covered it, no reason to answer this one! 5. What Is your age? 6. What is your gender? |_| temaie (cisgencer) | mate cisgenger) (J transgender mate [5] transgender female [7] | dont identity with particular gender 1] | prefer not io answer 1] otrer (agerder.pangentier, genderqueer etc) ‘7. How would you describe your sexual orientation (if possible, only choose one)? 7] Straight Oey (J tesbian | Bisexual | eucer J ‘preter nat answer [J other (olease specity) 8, What is your race? 17] caucasion (J Attican American (J Hispanietatino J teed (010 oF move races) [| astannnctanimiaae EasternPacitc Istander [7] Amencan inaianiataska Native [5] prefer not to answer [J other (olease specity) Po 9. Where were you born? (If not in the U.S., please fill in the text box below) 10. Are you a first generation American? Yes No | was neturalizedigained citizenship at a young age I recently became a citizen | am not American | prefer not to answer Other (please specify) Po 11. Ifyes to the above question, where is your family from? | prefer not to answer Other (please specity) 13. What languages do you speak (no need to put down English)? 14. Where do you live? (If not the U.S., move to question 13) nyo ‘Tristate area (paris of NY, NU, and CT that are able to commute into the city) Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsyivania) ‘Micwest(itino's, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missourl, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Sout Dakota) ‘South (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas) IMic-Ailantic (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia) ‘Southeast (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina) West (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming) ‘Souther Galfornia ‘Northern California Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawail) 15. Let's get more specific. What STATE do you live in? (If you don't live in the U.S., move to ques! 16. What CITY in the US do you live in? Please pick the city within an hour drive from you or write your city in the empty box. If intl, please go to #15. 17. If you don't live in the U. where do you live? (city, country please) 18. Are you currently a student? No. Yes. Fulltime stusent. Yes. Partlime student. Other (please specity) 19. What college did you/do you go to for UNDERGRAD? (If the school isn't in the U.S., please enter box below) the text other Po 20. What did you major in as an undergrad (MAJOR, not minor)? If you had a double major, please pick the most significant one... if they are equally significant, check both. Journalism English/Language or LitiGreative Writing (Communications or Gommunicatfon/AmericaniMedia Studies Political Sciencelinternational Relations/Public Admin Language (Spanish, French, Japanese, etc ) (Gender/Women'siSexually Studies Philosophy/Religious Studies/Logic/Linguistcs etc. Performance - Theater/Danca/ArvMusic Radio/Tvnim stuales Economies ‘Other social science (history, psych, sociology, anthro, social work, etc.) STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math) Education Marketing/Business/Advertising/PR HOOOROOO0000000o0 Other (please specify) 21. What college did you/do you go to for GRAD SCHOOL? (If the school i box below, if you went to 2 places, please write in both) n't in the U.S., please enter it in the text otner | 22. What did you major in if you are in grad school (MAJOR, not minor)? If you had a double major, please pick the ‘most significant one... if they are equally significant, check both. Journalism or Publishing English/Language or LitiGreative Writing (Communications/Communication/American/Media studies Political Sclence/internatonal Relatlons/Public Admin ‘Gender/Womer's/Sexually studies Language (Spanish, Frencn, German etc.) Performance - Theater/Danca/ArvMusic Philosophy/Religious Studies/Logic/Linguistics eto. Radio/TVifim studies/Screenwriting Economies Other social science (history, psych, sociology, anthro, social work, etc.) ‘STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math) Education Business/Markeling/Adverlising/PR/OIher biz schoo! Law schoo! HBOOOOOOOOAOO0000 ther (please specty) 23. What is the HIGHEST level of education you have received? High schoo! diploma ‘Some college (if you are currently 8 student and working towards your Bachelor's degree} Bachelors degree ‘Some grad schoo! (if you are currently in grad school and working towards a post orad degree) Master's degree ) Two Masters Degrees D ) wo mB~, PHD None of ne above >) Omer (please specty) What is your religion? Ghnstianty atroticism udism tsiam Agnostic Atheist Buidhism Hinduism None | prefer not to answer Spiritual HOOOOOOO0OOOO08 Other (please specify) 25. How religious are you (1 being least religious, 5 most)? 1 2 3 4 5 | prefer not to answer ical preference? Republican Independent Livertarian ‘Apotitcal ‘n/a because | don't live in the USA, | prefer not to answer Other (please specify) . What is your marital status? 5 singe Long-term relationship Marea ‘Separated Dwvorced | prefer not to answer OOOOO0o00 Other (please specify) is? 28. Do you have Yes No | prefer not to answer Other (please specify) 29. Who do you live with? (Roommates, family members, significant other, pets, etc.) 30. How many siblings do you have? Are they brothers or sisters? 34. What is your astrological sign? How much do you care / not care about astrology? 32. Check all that apply Raised by botn biological parents RRalsed by agoptve parents Parents are married Parents are divorced Raised by a single mom Raised by a single dad ‘Same-sex parents lose with mom Close with dad Close witn grandparents Ima twin Brother Is BFF Sister is BFF Cousin is BFF ‘Grew up with a big family (Grew up with a small family I've beens in an open relationship Vm matried I'm divorces 1m separated but not divorced | amiwvas in the miltary Ima vigin Introvert extrovert Talkative Quiet Shy Outgoing ‘An ‘awkward person [Not awkward, actually. | pretty much have myself together. 1am / was addicted to drugs or alcohol Ive been to rehab I'm in a recovery program | see 2 therapist | nave suffered trom depression, or stil do | have suffered from anxiety, or stil do | have suffered from anxiety attacks, or stil do IPOH OOOO OOODOAOAOOAOAOOAAOOOAOonoeoeAonoOononoeooo | have suffered from another mental iiness, or stil do Ihave a chroni iiness (explain below) I've had a threesome I've had group sex (more than three) | want kids | don't want kids | don’t know it want kids Kas are terntying Kids are awesome Ive had an abortion I've had a child (biological) I've had a child (adopted) Both of my parents ares til alive ‘My mom has passed away ‘My dad has passed away Both of my grandparents are sull ale ‘My granamother nas passed away ‘My granatatner has passed away Ive losta child |'ve won the lottery! (Sorry that was getting depressing. Lets change gears.) | smoke weed | used to smoke weed but | don't now | smoke cigarettes |used to smoke cigarettes but | don't now I'm trying to quit smoking right now | drink alconal | used to crink but | don't now | grew up poor | grew up not super put, but ike, a tte bit poor | grew up with plenty of money | grew up with lots of money I'm a messy person I'm clean but laid-back about it I'ma total neat freak Have been in an abusive relationship Friends with me exes) In an open relationship Ina polyamorous relationship ‘Single by choice Have dated someone with an liness (mental or physical) | nave been tne victim of sexual assault | have been to jail prison 1am / was addicted to shopping Ihave bad allergies | get sick a lot I never get sick |'m mare into going out then staying home 1m more into staying home than going out | know I want to get married one day | know I do NOT want to get matried ever I'm engageo 1m planning a wedding I've been a bridesmaid / groomsman QOOOOOODOOODOOOOOOAODOOOODOOAOAOOOOOAOOOAOOAOAOAOOAonAoOnAonoooeoo I've broken off an engagement Ive said "no" to a martiage proposal Im estranged from my mom Im estranged from my dad Ive had @ radical career change ma night ow! m2 moming person {ake running 1k spin class |e yooa Uke piiates I do CrossFit I ate exercise | ke working out but don't do any of those things you listed Ihave a FitBit Used to have 2 FBI but dor't now Currently in college Currently in graa school Recenty araduated Dropped out of schoot Was ina soronty/ fraternity Ive been through a hard breakup I've been through a weirdly easy breakup I've never been in a serious relationship Ima serial monogamist 1 tke casual sex I don't tke casual sex Ive never had casual sex Hook old for my age Hook young for my age | consiaer myset taller tnan average | consider myset! shorter than average | consider myself of average height IO OOOO ORAOOOOOAOOOOAAOoAoOenonoonooooo |e! comfortable with how I look in general | don't feel comfortable with how I ook in general I'm a feminist I'm the "mam? of my friend group Ihave a lot of fends and acquaintances Ihave a few close friends | nave no cose friends ang | love It | nave no close trends ang | nate it | work at nome | work outdoors, work in an office | consider myself an emotional person | consider myself to be a pretty stoic person I'm the kind of person who holds a grudge I'm the kind of person who always forgives people 1'm pretty setish, to be honest I'm very generous I've had my heart broken Ive been in love I'm not sure i've been in tove I'm afraid of heights I'm afraid of spiders I'm afraid of ying I'm afraid of germs 11m afraid of public speaking OOOOOOOHDOOOOAOOOAOOoOoooo00oO | don't know how to sixim . Where have you traveled to? 34. What goals do you have that you haven't reached yet? 35, What are some regrets you have? 36. What social media platforms do you use? [) Facebook [2 Twiter [7 Instagram [7] Snapchat [7 vine [| Tumetr [_] Pinerest {| Periscope [_ omer (please spectty) 37. Rank your favorite seasons 3 Spirg 3) Summer Fal o 4) winter 38. Favorite foods 39. Favorite movies 40. Favorite TV shows 41. Favorite bands / artists 42. Sports / teams you like to watch 43. Sports / fitness things you like to do 44, What are your other hobbies that we haven't asked about yet? 45. What Is your go to fun fact about yourself? 46. What else should we know about you / your life / your history / your identity? Pn > SurveyMonkey

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