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Here is the script from the movie, in case you missed

Adolf Hitler created the Nazi state attempting to create the German empire, the Third Reich.
This was able to happen because of the poor economic and social status of the majority of the
german people. He blamed the problems on the Jewish people. The Germans were so
desperate that they followed him, and his plan to take over the world, though it failed, was not
without failure completely. He managed to kill over six million Jews, and start the second world
Hitler wanted to develop a totalitarian state in order to meet his larger goal- the development of
his Aryan racial state to dominate Europe and possibly the world for generations
The Aryan race is a term used to identify Indo-European people
Thier argument was that Germans were the true descendents of the leaders of the Aryans
and they would create another empire similar to that of the Romans
Hitler wanted to create a Third Reich
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hitler needed the involvement and support of the German people in order for hitler to
finish his goal.
The nazis worked to create a totalitarian state in a variety of ways such as economic
policies, mass spectacles and organizations, terror, mainly towards women and jews.
Nazi germany was ruled by a totalitarian government, ruled by Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler used numerous different tactics in regards to manipulation of his own people and
propaganda to
Hitler was not alone in his attempt for a totalitarian empire, as he had the SS army as well as
Himmler on his side
o SS and its two principles
The SSs two principles were terror and ideology.
Terror included the instruments of repression and murder
o Himmler
Heinrich Himmler gave strict direction to the SS, which was originally
created by Hitlers bodyguard.
The SS, under his control, came to control the secret police, that was also
controlled by Himmler, and they took over the regular police forces.
Some of the changes that came are as follows,
First, Economic Policies, for example
o Hitler wanted to put people back to work.
o He used public works projects and grants to private construction firms to
put people back to work and end the depression
o Unemployment was at 6 million people in 1932 and dropped to 500,000 in
o The regime took full credit for this and this is how they gained acceptance
to the Germans.

Second, Role of Mass Demonstrations

Mass Demonstrations made the German people an instrument of
Hitlers policies, and they had great appeal
o The main mass demonstration was the Nuremberg rallies
they Were held every September, they brought mass enthusiasm
and excitement.
Women: the nazies role on their view
Women had the role of being good mothers in bringing up their children,
while the husband worked
Hitler saw no reason as to why women should work because they were
taught the lifestyle of being a mother in school.
The women were taught that their only jobs were to keep the house clean
for the working husband and have children, from a very young age.
In addition he took away many rights from the Jews. some of these stolen rights include
Jews are no longer permitted to serve as officers in the Wehrmacht
(May 1935)
Jews are banned from working as tax agents or advisors (January
Jews are banned from working as veterinarians (April 1936)
Jewish teachers are no longer permitted to work in government
schools (October 1936).
Municipal authorities in Berlin exclude Jewish children from state
schools there (April 1937)
Jews are no longer permitted to change their surname or use an alias
(January 1938).
Jews are banned from working as auctioneers (February 1938).
Jews are prohibited from owning gun stores or trading weapons (July
Jews are banned from health spas and resorts (July 1938).
All Jews must add either Israel or Sara to their given names
(August 1938).
Jewish doctors are prohibited by law from treating non-Jewish
patients (September 1938).
Jews must have a large red J stamped on their passports
(October 1938).
Jews are prohibited from moving freely around Germany
(November 1938).
Jews are no longer allowed to keep or use carrier pigeons
(November 1938).
Jews are no longer permitted to have own a car or a drivers
license (December 1938).
All Jewish academics, lecturers and students are expelled from
universities (December 1938).
Jews are ordered to surrender precious metals and gemstones
(February 1939).
Jews are forbidden from buying lottery tickets or claiming prizes
(August 1939).

Jews are no longer allowed to install, maintain or use telephones

(July 1940).
Additionally,the Nuremberg laws were laws that excluded Jews from citizenship. a jew was
supposedly not defined by religion but whether he or she had a jewish grandparent.
o Nuremberg laws
The Reich of Citizenship Law and The Law of the Protection of German
Blood and German Honor.
Reich of Citizenship Law
A person must have German or kindred blood to be considered a
german, this is what the Germans used to find out who was a Jew
and who wasnt.
Law of the Protection of German Blood and German Honor
Banned the marriage of Jewish and non-Jewish Germans
Jews couldnt hire German maids under the age of 45 because they could be forced into
race defilement

The event called Kristallnacht was when SA seized the towns of Jewish people destroying their
homes and synagogues, and they killed ninety one jew over one night, although that was not
their intentions
o Kristallnacht
Means Night of Crystal but is more commonly referred to as The NIght
of Broken Glass because of all of the smashed windows on the streets
Rioters took down 267 synagogues throughout Germany, Austria, and
The SA roamed the streets of towns, seizing into Jewish people's homes.
The SA killed 91 Jews over one night, although that was not their
They would put the Jews up for public humiliation.
After this, jews were barred from all public transportation, public schools and hospitals. they
were also not allowed to own manage or work in any retail store. they were forced to clean up
the debris from the kristallnacht. Jews were encouraged to emigrate from germany
here are some of the ways in which Nazi germany used propaganda to state the jews as evil
and promote themselves as the dominant race. keep in mind that these were given to children in
school, passed around on the street, and were commonplace in the proud nazi state.