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Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero

 B.A. Political Science, UP
Diliman (1988)
 Bachelors of Law, UP
Diliman (1993)
 Masters in International and
Comparative Law,
Georgetown University, USA
Work Experienceii
 Senator (2007-2016)
 Congressman (1998-2007)
 Lawyer
 College lecturer
Government Committees Chairediii
 Committee on Environment
and Natural Resources
 Joint Oversight Committees
on the Clean Water Act
 Joint Congressional
Oversight Committee on the
Chainsaw Act
Laws Principally Authorediv
 From 2004-2016, principal
author of 527 bills, of which
89 became law or were
consolidated or substituted
for bills that became law.
These laws include:
 An Act Amending
Presidential Decree No. 968,
Otherwise Known As The
Probation Law Of 1976
 An Act Institutionalizing The
Conduct Of The Palarong
 An Act Amending The
Absentee Voting Act
 An Act Increasing The
Maximum Deposit Insurance
Coverage, And
Strengthening The


 Accused by PDAF
scam leader Napoles
of receiving money
to fund his
“supposed 2010
presidential bid.”
Denies all
Actions to Improve Ethics
 Filed Senate
Resolution 193
asking the Senate to
abolish pork barrels
 Claims he did not
receive a PDAF
during the Arroyo
administration at
Misc. Actions
 Is among the poorest
senators, and had
the lowest net worth
in 2013.ix
 His lavish wedding
receptions may have
violated the Code of
Conduct and Ethical
Standards for Public
Officials, and raised
questions about how
the second poorest
member of the
Senate can afford
such ostentatious
 Having businessman
such as B. Ongpin as
his wedding sponsors
raises conflict of
interest issues since
the Senate

Regulatory And
Administrative Authority,
And Financial Capability Of
The Philippine Deposit
Insurance Corporation
 Revised Fire Code Of The
 42 Laws Establishing Trial
Courts Across The Country
Programs Enacted
Major Awardsv
 Ten Outstanding Young Men
by the Philippine Jaycees
 One of Asia’s Idols by Asia
News Network (2007)
 One of the Young Global
Leaders by the World
Economic Forum (2008)
 Rotary Golden Wheel Award

investigates alleged
anomalous business
Appears in several
advertisements while
a Senatorxii
Was a “staunch
critic” of the Arroyo
administration and
served as
spokesperson for
Ferdinand Poe Jr
during his 2004
Amendments to the
sin tax law were not
passed during his
watch as Chairman
of the Ways and
Means in the Senate

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