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Blogs as platform for Project

Based instruction
Blogs as platform for EFL EPortfolio
Blogs as platform for online
lesson planning
Blogs as platform for flipped
Online tools to develop student
speaking skills
Blogs as platform to share digital
Enchasing student vocabulary
through blog posts

Blogs as platform for Project Based

Blogs can be used as
online platform for
students to:

Post online projects

such as videos or
picture slideshows
Share comments,
questions for each
Find useful online
resources posted by
EFL teacher
Learn about specific
topics, such as civic
engagement, a
healthy lifestyle

Blogs can be used

as online platform
for teachers to:

An ESL E-portfolio:
Is a collection of student
writing that demonstrate ESL
ability, achievement and
progress, often used for
assessment purpose.
While hardcopy portfolios are
collected and stored on paper
and manually shared with
teachers and students, all
work in e-Portfolios is done

Portfolio might include

the following pages:
1) Welcome
2) About me
3) Educational Goals
4) My best coursework
5) My certificates
6) Evidence of my
language proficiency
7) My extra-curricular

Post instructions for

Project Based
Publish useful
resources for EFL
students, such as
online dictionaries,
links to online
grammar quizzes
Give students
Connect the
classroom to the
outside world
Share authentic

Blogs as platform for EFL e-Portfolios

Blogs can serve as wonderful online

platform to create e-Portfolios for language
As method of assessment, portfolios
provide ways for teachers to continuously
collect and assess student work.
Electronic portfolios allow the portfolio
developer to collect and organize artifacts
in many formats (audio, video, graphic, and
A standardsbased electronic

portfolio uses
hypertext links
to organize the
material to
connect artifacts
to appropriate
platform to
goals or

use are:
Weebly and

Blogs as platform for online lesson planning

Blogs can be used as online
platform for teachers to:

Create online lesson

Share useful online
resources integrated
in the lesson plan
Plan their step by step
online instruction
Bring the world into
their classroom
Turn paper lesson
plans into online,

Online lesson plan generators


Blogs as platform for Flipped


Is a form of
learning in
which students
learn content
online by
watching video
usually at
home, and
homework is
done in class
with teachers
and students
discussing and
Allows teacher
interaction with

The flipped classroom describes a reversal of

traditional teaching where students gain first
exposure to new material outside of class, usually
via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is
used to do the harder work of assimilating that
knowledge through strategies such as problemsolving, discussion or debates. Blogs can be used
as platform to deliver EFL flipped instructions:

EFL teachers can post key content for students to

access at their own convenience and to suit their
pace of learning (e.g. lecture material, readings,
interactive multimedia)
Blogs allow teachers to present learning materials
in a variety of formats to suit different learner styles
and multimodal learning (e.g. text, videos, audio,
Blogs empower EFL teachers to provide immediate
and anonymous feedback (e.g. quizzes, polls) to
signal revision points
Blogs capture data about students to analyze their
progress and identify areas for recommended

Benefits of the Flipped classroom model:

-teacher can propose a variety of learning materials (text, videos, audio)
-the interaction between teacher and student is more personalized and
less didactic;
-engage students more in the content;
-it offers highly differentiated instructions;
-the main actor is the student-the didactic process is centered on the
- teacher is the guide of the learning process
-the main work is done at home, in familiar conditions
-it develops students potential and increases their implication during the

Online tools to develop students speaking skills

Movenote is an online platform
connected to the Gmail account
presentations using the files in our
Drive and share them on Gmail or
Drive. Movenote lets us record a
video of ourselves talking about a
presentation via webcam, and it
syncs it to the slides we are talking

Vocaroo allows users to record

voice messages, these messages
can then be attached to email-files
or posted on the internet. Users
must have a microphone in order
to record.

Voicethread is a totally webbased application that allows you

to place collections of media like
images, videos, documents, and
presentations at the center of an
VoiceThread allows people to have

Voki is an educational tool that allows

users to create their very own talking
character. Voki characters can be
customized to look like historical figures,
cartoons, animals, and even yourself.
Give your Voki a voice by recording with
a microphone or uploading an audio file.
Voki characters can be emailed, shared
on social media, and embedded on


allows you to quickly

animate any image to make it talk, by
simply adding audio and specifying the
bottom lip or jaw section. It is free and it
only requires a PC with internet access.
The website will record your message
and attach it to the image of your choise.

Narrable is a storytelling platform for

students to use their voices to share
what theyre learning in class and
experiencing in life. When finished, share

Blogs as a platform to post digital posters

Key features of
digital posters
Engaging and
interactive tools
that students can
use to present
material to the
class in a unique
As opposite to
standard piece of
poster board, with
digital posters,
students can add
video clips, sound,
and stimulating

Glogster is a Web 2.0 tool

Listly- Discover and

that allows users to create

virtual posters combining
text, audio, video, images,
and hyperlinks and to share
them with other users. Using
Glogster , teachers can
establish class lists and
monitor student activity
while protecting privacy and

create great lists.

Share your interests.
Engage your
audience. Collaborate
with friends. The
simplest way to
create, curate and

ThinkLink is the leading

platform for creating
interactive images and
videos for web, social,
advertising and educational
channels. Make your images

Padlet is a virtual
wall that allows
people to express
their thoughts on a
common topic easily.
It works like an online

Online tools to develop students vocabulary

Other useful tools for EFL students and