Mister Presededt Basescu is culpable? A suspension of Romanian President is a premiere for our country. Mr.

Iliescu brought mineworker of some times, with deathes and wounds, destroy of more institutions choosed the hope of the people and not has been impended. No,more he had 3 mandates. Mr. Vadim ballyrags of all what is can in this this country, no an institution droped ,no a personality droped,and don't were impended Mr. Constantinescu don't holded only promise, no still stated without uneasiness were conquerable impended by system. Don't the maul speak of big corrupt who not by a long shot as the were suspended. Results that the errors of Mr. President are very big. A judges from Timisoara which former member of Constitutional Curtea said as a president, as per the constitution, suspended just for shares of betrayal.of contry, civic right stranglehold, or is against of the pluriparties. No such error. Results as his guilt is elder. To see did from what is can presupposed guilt: 1.He gained the pool and, choices to PNL, Aliance,and also Mr. Tariceanu as organs composed of the cabinet; 2. Solemn doomed the communism and who do assisted actually to TV to that sitting saw former his action, after reaction of such as wagons now suspend it; 3. Mr.Basescu organized a judicial real sitem which brought one corrupted in bring forth the justice; 4. Mr.Basescu criticized all the institutions of the state, cabinet, justice, agriculture etc for his slowness the lack of political will; 5. Mr.Basescu has a big popularity grace of his facts confided as here have a real which chief is bent about country needs; 6. Mr.Basescu opened the Securitatea folders and hundreds of politicians appeared in the true light of secret police opening with Mr. Felix and all team and he who shall follow. For all these Mr. President is guilty and he must be demited because he wherethrough doomed the communism, coruption and for accelerating the institutions of the state. PNL( Liberal Nationalnl Party) props up this thing, Basescu must resigned. What is shall happen? Mr. Vacaroiu shall become temporary president, PSD (Democrat Socialist party) hopes up the cabinet Tariceanu becouse this does the very big errors and therethrough PSD expects as shall fall-back on in power. Alike and PRM shall get rid of he who doomed the communism opened the folders of securitatea.


After his suspension or resignation of Mr. Basescu a bulk shade is shall stretched across Roumanian politics, game of folders shall cease, corruptions from politics desire stand quiet, the criptocomunism don't shall else have no obstacle. If the politicians whichever utter theirsels democrats don't shall stop the suspension of Mr. Basescu, if the people don't shall reject meanly try sacrificed alone which did a little for the country democratization, therefore he means as as a matter of fact we deserve all this thing and Mr. Basescu can be impended or resigned.


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