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‘Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Public Library Construction Grant Information 216 PHASE #1 —"PLANNING & DESIGN 1 Educate all members of the community about the need for a renovated/expandesd Jones Library bullding, including the Tow Manager, Select Board, Fiance Committe, Town Meeting Members, Library Patrons, Hon-Lbrary Patrons, and Legislators. ONGOING 2. Apply fora “Planing & Design Grant” from the Massachusets Board of Library Commisioners (04Bic) ~ announced in Fall 2013; applications were due 1-16-14. COMPLETED 2) Somewhat competitive grant. b). Must be certified to be eligible, 16} There sno waits fortis grant pogram. ifthe Library doesnot receive this State fant, the Ubrary would return this $25,000 tothe Town of Amherst. 4). The grant awardees will be announced bythe MBLC on June 6, 2014. COMPLETED ©) When The Jones ecevesit's grant, the $50,000 from the State andthe $25,000 from the Town are combined and used to pay fr: |. Finaization of the Library's Building Progrom (taking nto consideration the ‘needs ofthe Library forthe next 20-40 years). COMPLETED ii An Owners Project Manager who: COMPLETED Helps with Architect selection. COMPLETED Helps with ste selection. COMPLETED Helps with schematle designs. February October 2016 Performs a geotechnical survey. September-October 2016 Provides us with an independent cost estimate. September-October 2016 v > > > > 3. “Planning & Design” Timeline (a two-year process which would begin this October) 2). Forma "Building Feasibility Committee." Summer 2014 COMPLETED ')_ Begin fundeaising; form a Capital Campaign Committee. Summer 2014 ONGOING ©) Hine the Owner's Project Manager. Fal20%4 COMPLETED Finalize Builing Program. Winter 2014/2015 COMPLETED €} Select the Architect. Soring 2015 COMPLETED 4) Finalize schematics, Fall2036 February-October 2016 Site plan; soil analysis; map of ste; pctures of se, Fall2016 September-October 2016 1) Get an independent cost estimate/project budget. Fall 2036 September-October 2016, age 1012 PHASE # 2~ CONSTRUCTION/RENOVATION 1 Apply fora Massachusetts Publc Library Construction/Renovation grant —to be announced in Fall 2016, FY27}. » a a 2. Tentative Cans a) » a a 2 High compettive grant. Traditionally, the top 8-10 applications are funded; everyone ‘se sade toa wails. Waitlist projects are funded as State money becomes aallable “Green” buildings receive aditional financial help ie. an addtional 23.5% of grant award, “The State grant vl fund approximately 50% and the Town/Lbrary/Friends wil fund 50% of the constucton/renovation proect costs ‘he State grant funds wil be used for: |. Dasign development and construction/renovation ofthe building |. “Eligible costs (eg. purehase of land; architectural fes; construction costs; fixed equipment i, “Ineligible costs” are landscaping, paring lots and furnishings (Town pproprated/fundralsed money would be use for these purposes) ction Timeline (depending on an FY27 Grant program announcement) An uptodate Long Range Pon must be on ile with MBLC by October 2016, ‘The “Letter of intent” wil be du in Qcrober 2016. ‘An Acton Plan must be on le with MBLC by December 2016, {tend an application workshop. ‘The grant application wll be due in January 2017. The Library will need to provide: | Town-wie pln for library services. lina Building Program. Proposed plan for obtaining acl funding, iv, Proposed project schedule, ¥. Statement of nee. Vi Letters of support. ‘Town Meeting approval of preliminary design and permission to apply for and accept ‘rant fonds, Spring 2017 Grants awarded in june/tuly 2017 ‘Town Meeting approval of Town's share of project cost, all2017. ‘Once given the grant, we have 12 months to begin construction (Fall 2018 a the ces Page 20f2 | T | 84 oto lo] eo ~ (basn puepuers) sspessén ad yeas {(@iOw) ait SIL Iv GaiVINUSS WO (GAUDv) SWI StH 1 G31VNLIS3 W101 et} |.0| 000] [one | st0z/2/e :porepdn 9TOZAd SARuOUd 193g ABjoUYDaL