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Architectural Review and One and One Half Story

House Design Project
Directions: Please answer the questions and fill in the blanks. Use all of the rules of architectural design
below to create this house on ArchiCAD. Set up the floor plan and front elevation on A-size landscape
title block and print (2 drawings)
1. Design a one and one half story house with one bedroom. The bedroom should be on the 2

level. Make to lower level 800 sq. ft. List 2 sets of dimensions that will make equal 800 sq. ft.
___________ x ____________ and ________________ x ______________
2. Use a gable roof. Add 2 dormers to the upper level. What is the purpose of a dormer?
3. Use a spiral staircase. What is the material most commonly used for spiral staircases?
4. Add a straight line kitchen. What are the other 5 types of kitchens?
5. What is the work triangle?
6. The work triangle should be at least _____ but not more than ____________.
7. What is the height and depth of a base cabinet? ________________________
8. What is the depth of the upper kitchen cabinet? _______________________
9. If the dining area is open to another area, it may be as small as ____ft. x ____ft. Make your
dining area at least this size and open to the kitchen.
10. What is the standard width of an entry door? ______ What is the standard height of a door?
_____ Make your entry door this height by width.
11. What size is a bathroom door? ________
12. The living room is usually placed near the ________________.
13. Add a half bath downstairs. What fixtures are required for a half bath?
14. Add a 3/4 bath upstairs. What fixtures are required for a ¾ bath?
15. What is the min. depth of a clothes closet? __________
16. What are 4 considerations for good traffic circulation?
17. What scale are residential floor plans drawn to? _____________
18. T/F The floor plan represents a section view of a residence which has had an imaginary cut made
approximately 4͛ above the floor line.

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