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The following guidelines will apply to the individual or business that is joining and

placing their items for sale in the Crooked River Co-Op:

All artisan items that are put into the co-op need to be upscale hand-crafted
items made by the artisan. The co-op owner will approve or deny any items that
are being placed in the co-op.
A yearly co-op membership fee of $75.00 is due at the time of signing and will
need to be renewed the first of each year.
If your new agreement and space payment are over 30 days late we will give you
15 days to remove your items with an additional $20.00 fee to be paid at the time
of removal.

How it works: Just pay $75 annual membership fee, then:

If can work 16 hrs (two shifts) / month:
You get 70% of your s ales payable a t the end
of ea ch month. (The Co-op pays sales ta x.)
You pa y NO rental space fee!

If you cant work:

You get 60% of your s ales payable a t the
end of each month. (The Co-op pays
s a les tax.)
You pa y NO rental space fee!

REFERRAL INCENTIVE: If you refer a new artisan or antique vendor, your

commission for the month in which they join the co-op will be upgraded by 5%.
Artisan sales commission checks will be processed and mailed the first week of
each month for the prior months sales.
You are contracted to keep your items in the co-op for 3 months after signing this
agreement. Any prepaid space lease fees will not be refunded.
The individual or business needs to provide their own display unit that is
approved by the owner of the co-op.
When setting up new items at the co-op you will need to provide an inventory list
for us to keep on file along with a copy to keep for your own records. The co-op
owner will sign off on this list of items brought into the co-op that are new
(restock), exchanging or being removed.
Although the Co-Op is located in a secure, alarm and passcode protected
building, the co-op is not responsible for loss or theft from the co-op.
Your display unit will be accompanied by a printed name and description or your
business to be displayed in an 8x10 black frame. You will also provide an artisan
biography to be uploaded to the Crooked River webpage.
Changes or alterations to the co-op agreement are upon the discretion of the coop owner.

Contract agreement:
Payment: Cash / Check #_________ Amount: ____________
Artisan - Print Name:________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________
Artisan Signature:___________________________ Date:_______________
Co-Op Signature:____________________________ Date:_______________