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78 SPINNAKER RUN CT. MONETA, VA 24121 (540) 309-4081

Passionate educator and natural leader focused on learning environment research, design, and implementation. Experienced with
all facets of program development, implementation, management and evaluation in K-12, Higher Ed, and corporate settings.
Extensive knowledge in the areas of instructional design principles (ADDIE, learner analysis, needs analysis, evaluation), principles
of learning, instructional technology, technology training and consulting, curriculum design, design-based learning, critical and
creative thinking, collaborative learning, assessment, educational reform.
September 2009 May 2014
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA
Ph.D., Learning Sciences and Technology, May 2014
Dissertation: Its hard, but its worth it: Students and teachers perceptions of design-based learning in an 8th grade classroom
Committee Chair: Katherine Cennamo, Ph.D.
M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, December 2010
Capstone Project: Professional ePortfolio
Committee Chair: Ken Potter, Ph.D.
September 1988 May 1993
Roanoke College
B.S. in Psychology, minor in Education

Cum Laude honors

Norman D. Fintel Senior Scholar

Kappa Delta Pi - Education Honor Society and Psi Chi - Psychology Honor Society

Salem, VA

July 2015 Present

Springlake Auto Sales

Moneta, VA

President of Family Business

Implemented standardized operational procedures, modified corporate brand, initiated marketing and advertising
Increased average monthly profit margins by 27 percent.
Added a classic car segment to the company brand to expand our market and potential customer base.
Initiated community involvement through corporate sponsorships and donations

August 2013 June 2015

Botetourt County Schools

Botetourt, VA

IST Strand Instructor, STEM-H Academy

Design, develop, and implement seven dual-enrolled (college credit) courses for high school students:
1. Introduction to Information Systems Technology
2. Web Page Design (using HTML, CSS, and simple JavaScript)
3. Software Design (Python programming language)
4. Internet and Networking (100% pass rate for students on 98-366 Networking Fundamentals certification exam)
5. Database Fundamentals (using MySQL) (83% pass rate for students on 98-364 Database Fundamentals certification exam)
6. Managing Web Sites (using WordPress)
7. Multimedia Design (using Camtasia Studio)
Collaborate with local community college professors and administrators to ensure course content is rigorous and
meets colleges expectations
Facilitate asynchronous courses through Virginia Western Community College using Blackboard LMS
Develop and implement service learning projects in collaboration with Botetourt County Historical Society,
Dillman Family Association, and Botetourt Kiwanis Club

Teri Wagner
August 2009 July 2013

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Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

Research Assistant, Integrated Design + Education + Art Studio (IDEA Studio)

Designed and implemented semester-long design-based learning environment with 50 eighth grade students and
their teachers, culminating with a one-day Design Faire at the Science Museum of Western Virginia.
Co-taught transdisciplinary college course entitled Bridging the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities through Creative
Technologies. Utilized Scholar LMS to facilitate course.
Collaborated to plan and implement college-level and professional development courses on critical and creative
thinking, transdisciplinary learning, and design-based learning
Co-conducted teacher workshops across the state to disseminate and evaluate products of IDEAS studio kits
Designed and developed booklet on the relationship between critical and creative thinking and design thinking
Designed travelling educational kits for products of IDEA Studio collaborations
Developed educational/marketing brochures for travelling exhibit kits
Developed and maintained IDEA Studio web site
Conducted comprehensive literature reviews on design thinking, transdisciplinary collaboration, and creativity

Independent Contractor for VT School of Education

Utilized Articulate Storyline to design and develop a mandatory Ethics and Integrity training module for all students
in the School of Education. Published module for use in university LMS, Scholar

April 2005 June 2008

TSS Software Corporation

Annapolis, MD

Document Specialist

Developed and maintained automated electronic forms required for real estate settlements in each of the 50 states
(approximately 1000 forms) using expert skills in Microsoft Word and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Assumed leadership of vendor integration project; developed and implemented standardized requirements for all
vendors (e.g. title insurance companies whose products integrated with our software) .
Designed custom forms for individual customers based on their needs and requests.
Designed and delivered training sessions for participants at the 2006 and 2008 TSS User Seminars.
Developed and implemented web-based training sessions (webinars) for end-users.
Provided Tier 3 technical support for the TSS suite of software products

July 1999 April 2005


Salem, VA

Software Consultant and Trainer

Developed and implemented customized technology solutions for small businesses using Microsoft Access, Crystal
Reports, QuickBooks, Excel, Visio, and FrontPage
Conducted professional training courses for beginning to advanced users on the use of Word, Excel, Outlook,
Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, HTML, Crystal Reports, Visio, QuickBooks, and other legacy software
Trained and transitioned several businesses through company-wide software conversions
Developed technical users manual for Trigon (Now Anthem BC/BS) Health Insurance Broker software and
provided tier 3 technical support for users
Created workflow diagram in collaboration with other Trigon employees for implementation of processes to ensure
compliance with newly enacted HIPAA regulations.

September 1994 June 1999

Roanoke County Schools

Roanoke, VA


Designed, developed, and implemented the curriculum for a new 8 th grade course titled Communications Workshop
Served as a member of Roanoke County Schools Academy for Technology Integration, which developed a web based database of cross-curricular lesson plans incorporating technology into the curriculum
Served as Computer Coordinator and Science Coordinator for the school and Technology Instructor across the school system
Taught first grade, fifth grade language arts and science, and eighth grade communications workshop

Teri Wagner

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Windows, Macintosh
Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint; Visio
Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Connect
Articulate, Camtasia, Moodle, Blackboard, Scholar, Crystal Reports, QuickBooks, Prezi, Google Docs,
SmartBoard, Promethean Board, Geocaching


HTML, XML, Python, SQL, Visual Basic


Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA): Networking Essentials, Database Fundamentals

CompTIA: A+
Microsoft Office Specialist
Microsoft Train the Trainer Certified


AECT Information Age Publishers (IAP) 2013 Distance Education Best Practices Award Second Place

August 2013

Submitted by Gentry, W.A., Fowling, J., Li, W., Wu, R., Chen, X., Soares, E.H., Wagner , T., deAlvarez, M.S., Calixte, M.E.,
Malapile, S., Inge, E., Cox, L.A., & Cennamo, K.S.
This service learning project was completed at a distance for the Last Mile Lear ning program (,
which provides instructional resources to assist over 80 international non-profit member organizations in the
development and relief sector build staff capacity. The client partnered with graduate students enrolled in Virginia Tech to
design and develop e-learning modules to prepare learners for the Project Management in Development (PMD Pro) Level
1 Certification examination. To date, the seven modules have been released in four languages, for a total delivery of 28
modules to 80 of the clients member organizations with 200,000 registered learners in 150 countries.
Global Giveback Award Finalist
March 2014
Learning Solutions Conference and Expo
Project Management in the Development Sector. Recognized at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo in Orlando,
Florida and in Learning Solutions Magazine.
Submitted by Cennamo, K. S., Gentry, W. A., Fowlin, J., Li, W., Wu, R., Chen, X., Soares, E. H., Wagner , T., de Alvarez, M. S.,
Calixte, M. E., Malapile, S., Inge, E., Cox, L. A., Ryan, S., Hunter, D., Muller, J., and Okoth, D.
HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) Scholar
Nominated and sponsored by Virginia Tech School of Education Faculty for the HASTAC Schol ars fellowship program, a
community of graduate and undergraduate students interested in the intersection of technology and the arts, humanities
and sciences.
Wagner, T. & Cennamo, K. (2015, November 3-7). Its hard, but worth it: The benefits and challenges of design-based learning. Presented at
the 2015 AECT International Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Gentry, W. A., Fowlin, J., Li, W., Wu, R., Chen, X., Soares, E. H., Wagner, T., de Alvarez, M., Calixte, M. E., Malapile, S., Inge,
E., Cox, L. A., & Cennamo, K. S. (2013, November). Ut prosim (that I may serve): The development of an international team of
novice instructional designers through a service-learning cognitive apprenticeship. Invited presentation at the Association for
Educational Communications & Technology Division of Distance Learning's Annual Luncheon.
Wagner, T., Baum, L., & Newbill, P. (2013, March 25-29). Design-based learning in an eighth grade classroom. Roundtable presented at
the 24th annual conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Wagner, T., Newbill, P., & Baum, L. (2013, March 25-29). Building critical thinkers through design-based learning environments.
Roundtable presented at the 24th annual conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education,
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Teri Wagner

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Finn, T., Cennamo, K., Baum, L., & Newbill, P. (2012, March 5-9). Creative collaboration: Trans-disciplinary methods to enhance critical
and creative thinking. Poster presented at the 23rd annual conference of the Society for Information Technology &
Teacher Education, Austin, TX.
Cennamo, K., Baum, L., Newbill, P., & Finn, T. (2012, March 5-9). Teaching to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Roundtable
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Newbill, P., Baum, L., & Finn, T. (2011, November 17-19). Arts, technology, and SOLs: Free kits for your classroom. Paper presented at
the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Roanoke, VA.
Newbill, P., Baum, L., & Finn. T. (2011, November 3-5). Instructional kits combine creative technologies and tested standards. Paper
presented at the Virginia Art Education Association 49th Professional Development Conference, Roanoke, VA.
Baum, L., Newbill, P.L., & Finn, T. (2011, October 13-15). Silo jumping for critical and creative thinking: Fostering interdisciplinary
collaboration. Presentation at the 41st annual conference of the International Society for Exploring Teaching and
Learning, San Diego, CA.
Baum, L., Newbill, P.L., Finn, T., & Cennamo, K. (2011, February 3-4). Critical and creative thinking defined and applied. Poster
presented at the Third Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Blacksburg, VA.
Finn, T., Baum, L., & Newbill, P. L. (2010, November 18-20). Creative Technologies for the 21st Century Science Classroom. Paper
presented at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Hampton Roads, VA.
Newbill, P., Baum, L., & Finn, T. (2010, October 22-24). Using Movement, MUsic, and Visual Art (MMUVA) to enhance critical
thinking in the classroom. Paper presented at the Virginia Association of Teachers of English, Virginia Beach, VA.
Wagner, T. (2015). Its hard, but its worth it: Teachers and students perceptions of the benefits and challenges of design-based
learning in a middle school classroom. Dissertation.
Wagner, T., Baum, L., and Newbill, P. (2013). From rhetoric to real world: Fostering higher-order thinking through
transdisciplinary collaboration. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, DOI:10.1080/14703297.2013.796726