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Oriana Sandoval, Center for Civic Policy
Re: 2016 Landscape Results: Food Tax
The Center for Civic Policy (CCP) commissioned Third Eye Strategies to
conduct a statewide poll in early December of 2015 for the purpose of getting
a reading of public opinion regarding some key public policy issues facing
New Mexico.

The Food Tax is very unpopular

While New Mexicans are divided on many issues, they come together in
opposition to imposing a sales tax on food. Four-fifths (80%) oppose it and
just 15% support it. When couched as part of a broader effort to lower the
sales tax on all goods, opposition stays strong (62%) while support comes in
at just 29%. Voters in all income groups oppose it similarly.

Food Tax

This report is based on findings from a poll of 602 active registered voters who voted in the
2012 general election or recently registered. Interviews were conducted by live callers on the
nights of December 4th through 7th and has a margin of error of 4.28 percent. Both cell
phones (310 interviews) and landline numbers (292 interviews) were called. Each phone

number had an equal chance of being called and random selection was made in households
with multiple eligible voters.