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Strengthening and Improving Medicare

Brief overview on the global challenge/trend

Resource efficiency and optimization is the global trend faced by Olympia Electronics.
The product Emergent Luminary GR-423/6L manufactured by the organization is utilized in case
of emergency and should be highly reliable. During the operations, the resources it takes should
be optimized to make it world for long period of time.
Resource efficiency and optimization is heavily dependent on followings-

Effective inventory management system

Operational efficiency

There is need to thoroughly review of performance indicator which make the organization
capable of measuring and evaluating success and effectiveness of particular activities if they
are focusing on goals of organization.

How can Olympia Electronics benefit from this challenge/trend (with specific focus on
the product that you previously investigated)

Each business grow with the help of its resources which are being used efficiently and in optimized way.
Olympia Electronics can benefit from resource efficiency optimization in the following ways Increased revenue
 Improved product delivery
 Reduction of administrative costs
If the resources are being optimized then ultimately company will be able to increase the
revenue. The product in this case is Emergent Luminary which needs to be highly
reliable. This product is to be used when power supply does not work. Customer will like
to buy such product only if it is of good quality. Product delivery will be enhanced
automatically if the product quality full. More benefit means reduced administrative

Slide 4 – What Olympia Electronics needs to b
e careful of – in case they would implement that challenge/trend (with specific focus
on the product that you previously investigated)


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