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The Titan'S Curse. Book 3 Percy Jackson Series

The Titan'S Curse. Book 3 Percy Jackson Series

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Published by Maureen Mendoza
the complete article is in my blog . www.mauiescorner.blogspot.com
the complete article is in my blog . www.mauiescorner.blogspot.com

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Published by: Maureen Mendoza on Apr 13, 2010
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The Titan's Curse.

Book 3 Percy Jackson Series Plot summary Annabeth Chase and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, go missing. Percy and his friends must look for Artemis before the winter solstice, when her influence on the Olympian Council could change an important vote on the war with the Titans. Thalia, Zoë Nightshade, Bianca Di Angelo, and Grover go on this dangerous quest. They also are searching for a rare monster that Artemis was trying to hunt down when she went missing; it is so strong that it can obliterate Olympus. Percy is called by a hippocampus (mythological sea-horse) to rescue a marine cow-like creature called the Ophiotaurus, whom Percy names Bessie, not knowing it is a male. With help from Apollo, they reach Cloudcroft, a small town in New Mexico. Grover senses the presence of Pan, the Greek god of nature, and a wild gift from him, the giant Erymanthian Boar, comes to carry them further on to San Francisco. It takes them to the junkyard of the gods, and Percy meets Ares and talks to Aphrodite, at which point it is hinted that Annabeth and Percy will most likely have a romantic future. Eventually, the group enters the junkyard, where Bianca tries to steal an action figure for her younger brother. She accidentally awakens a prototype of Talos, a giant man of bronze, and dies after successfully destroying it. While being attacked by skeletal warriors at the Hoover Dam, Percy meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare, a girl who can see through the Mist. She saves Percy by confusing the skeletons, allowing Percy and his friends to escape. In San Francisco, they learn that Bessie the Ophiotaurus is the monster they seek, because sacrificing it and burning its entrails will give them power to destroy Olympus. They go to seek the help of Annabeth's father; he gives them a car. They travel to the Garden of Hesperides, where Zoë meets her sisters and is poisoned by the dragon Ladon. They continue to the Mountain of Despair on California's Mount Tamalpais, where Mt. Othrys, the Titan capital, now resides. From the top of the mountain where Atlas held up the sky, they see Artemis taking on his burden. Annabeth is held captive by Luke. Realizing that the prophecy made by the Oracle involves him, Percy takes the burden—the Titan's curse—from Artemis. In the ensuing fight, Atlas (the General of the Titans) kills his daughter Zoë by throwing her against rocks. Artemis tricks Atlas into taking his burden from Percy. During a battle between Thalia and Luke, Luke falls off a cliff and Percy assumes that Luke is dead. Later, Percy is told by Annabeth, and confirmed by Poseidon, that Luke has survived

Complete article is available in my blog : www.mauiescorner.blogspot.com also available books from Dan Brown (Lost Symbol), Cornelia Funke (InkWorld Trilogy), Rick Riordan ( Percy Jackson Series) .


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