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Reilly Gordon

EDC 354
Video Lesson Plan
Drawing Photo Realism
Grade Level: 11-12
Objective: The students will be choosing a photo from a magazine, online, book
cover exc. to draw. They will cut pieces from the photo and attach them to the
paper. They will also have a photo copy, and will be drawing and measuring grid
lines on both. They will draw the other parts of the photo that they did not cut and
paste onto the paper.
Measuring and using grid lines, makes the process of copying a photo much easier
and simplified. The student focuses on that one square and the next to finish a
realistic, proportional, cohesive drawing with photo collage.
Students can only use two cut pieces from the photo and they cannot be more that
the photo each. Students cannot only draw the background, or only half the
Goals: they will master and practice the technique of using grid lines, how to
measure and properly use proportion and line to draw a photo realistic piece that is
cohesive to the original photo.
Materials: Paper, Pencil, ruler, Scissors, erasers, white color pencils. Computer and
printer to print out the photos.
Enrichment: The student can use smaller pieces of the photo, they can also have
the challenge of drawing it in color instead of black and white.
Modifications: For students who might struggle with drawing dark grid lines that
cant be erased well or are deep creases in the paper, they can use clear plastic
sheets that have grid lines on them and put it on top of their piece and flip it back
and forth to see where they are.
Standard: ART.VA.I.HS.4 Demonstrate understanding of organizational principles and
methods to solve specific visual art problems. (Learning how to measure, divide the
photo into grid lines to help them draw it teaches how to organize and simplify the
problem of warping the drawing or having it look inconsistent to the photo they are
trying to copy.
Decide which parts you want to be drawn and which parts you want to be photo.
Measure your photo, divide evenly into a square unit and draw your grid lines on
both photo copy and photo/ drawing piece.

1.My Photo example.

2.Parts of the Photo that I will

use, and parts that I will draw

3.What it will look like with grid lines.

copy with grid lines

4.You will also need a photo