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Water on the Moon

A science presentation
Completed on the 9th of April, 2010
The moon
is a satellite of
the Earth, the
only one in fact.
It’s diameter is
approximately ! Last year,
2159 miles (the
Earth is just the NASA space ship
under 8000 m. at
the equator).
LCROSS discovered
Many that the moon has
fables have been
told, such as that water on it! Recently,
the moon is the Mini-SAR has
made of cheese,
or there is a man discovered that there
living inside of it.
Neither of these are three types of
are true. The water; pure water,
surface of the
moon is dirty water and a
composed of
oxygen, silicon, thin layer that covers
magnesium, the moon.
iron, calcium,
and aluminum.

Did you know...

Mini-SAR has
you can only see found more than
one side of the 600 million tons of
lunar ice so far! Water
moon at all times is found in the craters
from the Earth! on the moon, with at
least 6.6 feet of ice in
more than forty
All of the information found about the water on
the moon has been discovered in the last year,
some even in the last month. This means that the
information is ever changing, and being updated.

By: Caihlan S. and Abby V.