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Resolution Honoring Kathryn Aranda

WE THE CITIZENS OF NELSON COUNTY: Do hereby honor Kathryn Aranda for her contributions to her country, to the States in which she lived, to Nelson County, the Nelson County Republican Committee and to the Nellysford Precinct. WHEREAS: Before she blessed Rockfish Valley by relocating here, Kathryn Aranda was elected and served as a three time Representative in the New Hampshire House of Representatives; and WHEREAS: The New Hampshire House of Representatives issued a Declaration memorializing Representative M. Kathryn Aranda for providing the leadership to make common cause of the interests that unite us, and WHEREAS: Kathryn Aranda served as a member of the California Republican Party Central Committee and was a founding member and President of Coastside Republican Women; and WHEREAS: Kathryn Aranda served Nelson County Republican Committee as Committee Member, Parliamentarian and as a Precinct Leader who always got the job done with thoroughness, kindness and humor; and WHEREAS: Kathryn Aranda was a cheerful friend to all who knew her; THEREFORE: The citizens of Nelson County owe a great deal of appreciation and sympathy to the family of Kathryn Aranda for her service. BE IT NOW RESOLVED: That Nelson County Republicans recognize M. Kathryn Aranda as an outstanding citizen of this country, of Nelson County; and of this organization and we honor her with a moment of silence at this mass Meeting. Nelson County Republican Committee Lovingston, Virginia April 12, 2010