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CFN # 110224782, OR BK 48126 Page 1274, Page 1 of 2, Recorded 08/19/2011 at 01:57 PM, Broward County Commission, Doc. D $1045.00 Deputy Clerk ERECORD ‘This instrument prepared by, or under the supervision of and after recording, tum to: Howard J. Voge, £39, Berman Rennert Vogel & Mandler, PA. 100 SE 2” Street, Suite 2900 Miomi, FL33131 ‘Tax Parcel No: 514224-CE-0360 Grontee’s Tax 1D.No(s) | ‘SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED THIS SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED is made and entered into as of the 16 day of August, 2011 by ORANGE BOWL EASTERN Ill, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company, Grantor, whose office address is 65 East 86th Street, 30th Floor, New York, NY 10022, to Carlos Alberto Cadena Ortiz de Montellano, a married man, Grantee, whose mailing address is Presidente Masaryk 188, Polarco, Mexico D.F. 11560, Mexico. Wherever used herein, the terms "Grantor" and “Grantee” shall include, as to each party, to this instrument, its heirs, legal representatives and assigns. WITNESSET GRANTOR, for and in consideration of Ten and No/100 Dollars ($10.00) and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents does hereby grant, bargain and sell to Grantee, the following described land situated and being in Broward County, Florida (the "Property’): Unit 1003 of 2711 Hollywood Beach Condominium, according to the Declaration of Condominium thereof, as recorded August 19, 2009, in Official Records Book 46464, at Page 4888 of the Public Records of Broward County, Florida, as amended from time to time, together with an undivided interest in the common elements appurtenant thereto. TOGETHER WITH all the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaining thereto. THIS CONVEYANCE is subject to: taxes and assessments for the current calendar year and all subsequent years; zoning ordinances, restrictions, prohibitions and other requirements imposed by governmental authority; conditions, restrictions, reservations, limitations and easements of record, f any, but this reference shall not operate to reimpose same; all standard printed exceptions contained in an ALTA Quner’s tile insurance policy issued in Broward County, Florida; all matters for which title insurance coverage is provided to Grantee; restrictions, conditions, easements, covenants, assessments, liens, terms ‘and limitations set forth in the Declaration of Condominium referenced above, and all exhibits thereto, all as ‘amended and/or modified from time to time (the “Dectaration’) GRANTOR hereby warrants the title to the Property and will defend the same against the lawful claims of all persons claiming by, through or under Grantor, other than those matters described above. Grantee, by acceptance and recordation of this deed, expressly and specifically approves, accepts, covenants and agrees to be bound by, and to assume performance of, all of the applicable provisions and requirements set forth in the Declaration, CFN # 110224782, OR BK 48126 PG 1275, Page 2 of 2 Reseed Oa of Cot IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has hereunto set its hand and seal as of the day and year first above written, ‘Witnessed by. ORANGE BOWL EASTERN Ill, L.L.C., a Detaware limited Hiability company iman, Authorized Signatory STATE OF FLORIDA ) )ss: COUNTY OF MIAMLDADE —) ‘Te foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me ths (0. cay of AASSt2011, by Gregory Freedman as Aatozed Signatory of Grange Sout Easter IIUUC. a Detucte Wrtedibliy Somer, ‘on behalf of the company. He is personally known to me or prosluced identification, Notary Public, State of Florida My commission expires: ‘Commission No. D2103I4 S| rene rtasnt AID! “po arpa tt VES Boomer AANA

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