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1) They ____________ write a test.

2) She ___________clean her desk.

3) Ken and Liz _____________learn English words.
4) Andy___________ help his brother.
5) We __________do our homework.
6) He ____________write with a pencil.
7) I ___________feed the hamster.
8) You ___________take photos.
9) Victoria ____________read the newspaper.
10) The teacher __________send a text message.
We get up early on Mondays Child in bed with the alarm clock going off
Mary go to school on Saturdays
She wear glasses because she cant see very well Person with glasses anime avatar
John tidy his bedroom before going to bed.
I lay the table before having lunch

Young boy setting dinner table

You take your math book to school today, you dont have math class View details
He wear uniform in his school. Everybody can wear what they like.
My father is a policeman. He wear a uniform. View details