Basic Exam Format Date: May 7, 2010 Total Time: 185 Minutes (3 Hours, 5 Minutes) Part I: Multiple Choice: 80 Questions, 55 Minutes [50%]
A. Questions gradually become harder from start to finish B. Questions are NOT in chronological order. C. There is a guessing penalty for incorrectly answered questions. Part II: Free Response Essays: Three Questions, 130 Minutes (2 Hours, 10 Minutes) [50%] A. Document Based Essay Question 1. 15 minute reading/planning period 2. 45 minutes to write 3. Value: 45% of 50% allotted for essays. B. Free Response (Thematic) Essays 1. Write one essay of two choices provided. Topic will be pre-1865. 2. Write one essay of two choices provided. Topic will be post-1865 3. 5 minutes to plan and 30 minutes to write each essay. 4. Value: Each essays is 27.5% of 50% allotted for essays.

AP Scores
5 4 3 2 1 Well Qualified for Placement or Credit Possibly Well Qualified Qualified Possibly Qualified No recommendation

What does the AP score mean?
At most colleges, the AP score (not your course grade) will determine whether or not you will receive credit. Most colleges and universities award credit for AP scores of 3 or higher. Some universities award as many as 8 credits (the equivalent of two introductory courses), however all credit decisions are the prerogative of each individual institution.

Exam Breakdown by Area 35% Political History 35% Social History 15% Diplomatic History 10% Economic History 5% Cultural and Intellectual History

Multiple Choice Breakdown by Period 20% 1492-1789 45% 1790-1914 35% 1915-present *No essay will deal exclusively with the period after 1980.

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