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Chapters 9-11


Why is fire Brians friend? Use the RACE strategy

How has Brian learned so much about turtles?
How does Brian solve the problem of not having the tools to cook the eggs?
How does Brian see and hear differently from when he first crashed into the lake? This
should be a compare and contrast paragraph
5. Where does Brian put a signal fire, and why does he choose this place?

Hatchet Ch 12-14
For each of the questions below, think about the trait that Brian is demonstrating or developing.
How will that trait help or hinder him as he tries to survive?
1. Why, according to Brian, does he keep missing the fish?
2. What does it mean when Brian says, discoveries happened because they needed to
3. What is it that blows up and away in a flurry of leaves and thunder?
4. What kind of effect does not being rescued have on Brian? How does Brian react?
5. Explain Brians first bow. What kind of trait does this demonstrate?
6. Why is Brian unable to hit the fish with his arrows?
7. What does Brian learn is the most important thing that drives all creatures in the forest?
8. What does Brian decide his shelter should provide in addition to keeping out the wind and
9. Brian needs a ladder so he can safely store his food. From what and how does he make the

Hatchet Ch 15-17
1. Minutes and hours are meaningless to Brian as a measure of time. How does he measure
2. What does Brian learn he is doing wrong when it comes to foolbirds?
3. What animal attacks Brian at the lake that nearly kills him?
4. How does Brian react to being attacked and facing a natural disaster? How is this different
from when the plane doesnt see him in Ch. 12?
5. Why does Brian want to go out to the plane?
6. What does Brian build so he can get things from the plane to the shore?

Hatchet Ch18-Epilogue
1. How does Brian manage to get into the plane since there are no doors above the water?
2. Explain what Brian means when he says that the loss of the hatchet means he has
3. How does Brian figure that the lake is not as deep as the plane is long?
4. What does Brian fear the plane might do while he is inside?
5. List the items that Brian finds on the plane.
6. Brian says that the rifle and the matches change him. What does he mean? How does it
change him?
7. What does Brian accidentally do that results in being rescued?
8. How has Brians character changed from the beginning of the story until now?