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Submitted by: Nirav Patel Mitesh Shah Hiren Darji Punit Laheru Bhupendra Zala Keyur Savalia

Submitted to: Dr. Himani Joshi Academic Coordinator, Stevens Business School

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It is indeed an opportunity to prepare a report on new business plan which does not exists in India. Preparation of such type of report calls for intellectual nourishment, professional help and encouragement from many areas.

We would like to thank Stevens Business School for the compulsion of this most wonderful aspect of our MBA curriculum without which knowledge of management studies is incomplete and futile.

We would like to thank and express my gratitude to Dr. Himani Joshi for providing us her guidance and co- operation.

Further, we are thankful to all the respondents of our questionnaire who spared there time from their busy schedule and obliged us by giving their co-operation and the information we needed

Lastly, we would like to thank to all those who had helped us directly or indirectly in completing this project successfully.

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The development of the new business plan which does not exist in India was challenging task for our group. We were in dilemma to make a business plan on new product of the service which does not exist in market. Lastly we decided to go for consumer service plan. We are going to launch a social service website “Medical Planate”.

Before we decide the features of the website we did a consumer survey to find out consumers need and also referred the other journal and magazine which is providing related information.

The idea sparked as a result of various observations and cases in difference parts of our country where different doctors and paramedical associations try to take an undue advantage of unawareness of our masses related to type of diseases and its operational cost and the underlying treatment. Charity begins from home and the rule applies here as we are trying to help our society by providing these information related to different medical services along with free of cost or token cost to poor people. Although it is a business plan here the motive of the idea is not to earn money but is rather to add efforts in order to have uplift of needy sections of society.

This Project gave us a great learning experience and at the same time it gave us enough scope to implement us analytical ability. The analysis and advice presented in this Project Report is based on market research on the consumer’s attitude towards getting information about the health services in India.

The Project consists of data and its analysis collected through survey done on 100 people. For the collection of Primary data we made a questionnaire and surveyed of 100 people.

On the bases of the survey we have include many features like hospitals and blood bank in city, list of doctors and emergency services, ratting of hospital, medical stores providing home delivery services and many more.
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Sl. No. 1 2 3 3.1 4 5 6 7 7.1 7.1 7.3 8 9 Particular Acknowledgement Executive summary Introduction Mission and Vision Services objective: Marketing plan Market research Data collection and Analysis Awareness about medical services Medical information required by people People who like to know more about the specialist doctors available in their city Service: Features of our business 1) Rating to hospital 2) Rating to doctors 3) Rating to doctors 4) Services and special facilities of hospital 5) Foreign doctors visit in India 6) Various type of insurance for medical treatment 7) Post discharge transportation services 8) Consultancy for treatment and suggest doctors and treatment 10  Organizational structure 10.1 Information technology team for maintaining website Page No. 2 3 7 9 10 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 16 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 19 20 21
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10.2 Team to develop web site  10.3  Costing for maintaining website for one month:

11 12 13 14

Marketing plan for our website How to make profit from this project Appendix-1 Appendix-2

23 24 25 26

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The basic idea of the business is to act as a source of providing information. We might have observed or experienced at various times that us or our family members or someone we know might be facing a health problem which they are not aware of or are avoiding a treatment because of very high operational cost. Even though Government has provided civil hospitals they are at many instance proving inefficient in order to serve people in timely manner and in quality aspects.

If our effort can help even a single person in an entire year we can see our efforts fruitful. Recently we have came across various instances where the doctors of civil hospital refuses to treat HIV patients, various patients dies due to unavailability of blood, various rackets exposed of poor people losing their kidneys, pregnant women facing miscarriage due to unavailability of doctors in a timely manner, people losing their eyes due to carelessness of doctors, spreading of various communicable diseases due to lack of treatment or very high treatment costs and above all the attitude of various doctors to earn more and more money rather then to help people by serving them properly.

The main structure of the business is to form a collaborative network with various doctors and hospitals in the city and display information regarding the treatment duration, cost and various aspects like cost charged by different doctors and different hospitals on the site in different languages like English, Hindi and Gujarati to make the system transparent.

It will also include a special section wherein the free of cost operation facility will be made available by various doctors to the below poverty line people with prior appointments. In order to ease the entire task on the site we will mention the doctors name and the patient’s contact name
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so that the donor can directly approach the doctor and needy one and thus to prevent malicious activities.

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To act as a responsible citizens by providing information and services regarding every type of medical y facilities available to each and every section of the society in order to visualize the system transparency to society.

To work collaboratively with the medical industry and pharma industry in order to serve the society by availing various facilities available at various hospital and stores which can act as a platform for general masses as well as poor and people from rural areas.

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Services objective:

   

To provide information about the medical services Do a better collaboration between the doctors, hospital and society Special section to help poor people- donation of money, blood, organ transplantation To create awareness about medical facilities available in society

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Marketing plan

Market research
To know what kind of information about medical services the consumer requires, we did a consumer survey in Ahmadabad at various places. We have taken a sample size of 100 people. According to our questionnaire we went to consumer and ask about their mind set and what they wants more from our side.

Data collection had done by two methods

1. Data collection from market physically 2. Crawl data from existing sites

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Data collection and Analysis

1. Awareness about medical services

From our consumer survey we are able to conclude that still 37% of the people are not aware about medical services which are available for them and 63% people are aware about medical services which are available for them. In these 63%, we are able to know that which service is highly known by people. From this survey we are also able to conclude that around 60% of the people are aware about 108 ambulance service which has maximum awareness among all other available services. While 49% people are aware about mediclaim service, 42% people are aware about 24 hours emergency service and only 34% people are aware about home delivery medicine services.
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2. Medical information required by people

From our consumer survey we are able to conclude that which type of information people want in detail related to medical services. Here we are able to know that people want more information related to medical insurance, foreign doctor visit in city, services by hospital, consultancy for treatment and suggested doctors, charges taken by hospital and technology used by hospital. From our survey, we know that around 74% of the people like to get more information for medical insurance information which one is the highest. While other services are like 37% people like to get information for foreign doctor visit in city, 31% people like to get information for services provided by hospitals, 27% people like to get information for consultancy for treatment and suggested doctors, 23% people like to get information for charges taken by hospital. While very less number of people is interested to get more information related to technology used by hospital which is around only 19%.
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3. People who like to know more about the specialist doctors available in their city

From our consumer survey, we are able to know that how many people are interested for getting more information for specialist doctors and for which kind of specialist doctors’ information is highly require among people. In our consumer survey, we are able to know that around 78% people are interested to get more and detail information for specialist doctors while only 22% are not interested for getting more and detail information for specialist doctors. From our consumer survey, we have also concluded that 45 % people want detail information for orthopedic doctors which has high requirement among people. While 37% people like to get more detail information for heart specialist, 32% people like to get more information for skin specialist, 29% people like to get more information for surgeon, 19% people like to get more information for cancer specialist. While only 12% people like to get more information for neurologist.

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Main objective of our service is to provide information related to medical facilities available in our country and especially for those costumers which are looking to go out of station for treatment or to get the medical services.

Here we are develop
1) Website 2) Toll free number 3) Consultancy for suggestions for medical treatments

Features of our business
1. Rating of hospital  On our website, we are going to rate hospitals according to its infrastructure facilities, doctor’s availability and quality of doctors, services provided by hospitals, technology for treatments and all factors are to bee considerate for rating hospital.

2. Rating to doctors  Our penal of specialist doctors and other skilled member give rating to doctors on the basis of their qualification, achievements, past experience, specialization.

3. Doctors and hospital service  On our website, we will provide complete list of available hospitals and we also plan to give detail of each treatments which are provided by particular hospitals. As a detail for these treatments we give costing for treatments, which kind of treatment particular hospital providing and which physician team they providing for treatment and many more detail for it.

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4. Services and special facilities of hospital  Our website gives complete details for hospitals services and which hospital is specialized in which kind of treatments.

5. Foreign doctors visit in India  Our website also keeps record of foreign doctors who visit our country and on which date they will visit our country and at which place. So by providing this kind of information, people are able to know about foreign doctors and they can fix their appointment with them.

6. Various type of insurance for medical treatment  Our website provides detail for available medical insurances and which are the schemes and which are the companies available for it. So people can get help for making decision for their medical insurance.

7. Post discharge transportation services  Post discharge transportation services are one kind of transportation services for patient and their relatives after discharge from hospitals. Here we will plan to tie with some private transport agencies which provide these kinds of transportation services.

8. Consultancy for treatment and suggest doctors and treatment  Our penal of specialist doctors gives suggestion to patient for their disease and which kinds of treatment are beneficially for them. It is pre medical check up and cross medical check up type services which we are going to provide to people.

9. Food facility to patient relative at hospital on just one call  Our website provides some contact detail of those who are in food business and provide food services on phone call.

10. Drug availability, combination, price guide line

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Our website provide complete details of drugs with their market price, company name, dosage form, dosage quantity, component and availability in market of those drugs which are available in market.

11. Transparency regarding treatment, cost of the treatment and comparison 12. 24X7 service  Our website is available for 24X7 and our services to patients are also for 24X7.

13. Donation section:  In our website, we plan to keep one donation option in which we plan to design this section in such a way that it will provide the list of all persons who actually require donation for any kind of medical treatment. Here we provide contact details of such persons on our website so if any one wants to help those people they can directly contact them and help them for medical treatment by supporting in any way like finance or other help.

14. Doctor panel list of hospital with specialization  Our website gives complete list of doctors of hospital with complete detail of doctors. We also try to make some design in such a way that we can provide information of doctors like which doctor is available at which time.

15. Medico legal support  We provide guideline for Medico legal support and also provide list of all lawyers which are dealing which these kinds of cases.

16. Free service provided to consumer  Our website provides all the information in free of cost.

17. Free home delivery of medicines  We provide free home delivery of medicines to consumer on just dial facility.

16 | P a g e

18. We give rating to medical stores and look for preventing duplicate medicines and some duplicate medical surgical apparatuses 19. Portfolio creation and management  Our website provide facility of creating portfolio and people can update their medical reports and store medical reports on their personal portfolio and they can operate it from anywhere with their user ID and password.

20. Accommodation facility for patient’s relative 21. Medical updates for diseases treatments, medicines, hospitals, medical technology. 22. Disease specific diet  Our website provides guideline fro diseases specific diet.

23. Medical tourism facilities 24. TPA and Hospital tie up 25. Map for hospitals and pharmacy 26. Blood bank contact details 27. Sperm bank contact details 28. Organ bank contact details 29. Embryonic blood cells availability in market and its detail and who are the players available in market. 30. Gene bank contact details 31. Traditional Ayurveda and homeopathic details regarding their drug stores, doctors’ availability, treatments and costing and many more. 32. Telephonic service for knowing which drug is available at which place and at which prize.
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 Organizational structure

Information technology team for maintaining website


SDE (Software Development Engineers): crawling data, Develop & Design our site Web Designer: Designing our website Data team: for format data coming from SDE & Market Analyzer Catalog Manager : for uploading data to our site Content Writer: for creating content of our site SEO team: for link building and Search Engine Optimization News team: for creating Pharmacy related news in order to take traffic to our site Customer Service Team: for help desk and to attend toll free call

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 Team to develop web site
1) SDE Team: SDE stands for Software Development Engineering. They programmatically develop website. The role of software developer is to build a site on specified technology, tools and environment. In general term we can say that software engineer transfer the business ideas into language which is understandable by computer system. As a name suggests data team is required to collect data. In terms of IT solution, Data team collects data from web i.e. from existing site manually. Again this team also formats the data that gives big help to SDE team. For generating catalog on the site this team is required. Catalog manager gives unique identifier to each and every item or catalog on the site. The scope of these identifies is based on the site to be developed. In general term they abstract the entire catalog. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a big term working as marketing platform on the web. They find the popular keywords and Meta for our sites so that increases ranking of our site in search engines. They pump the site in upward side using different technique like crawling and leeching etc. As a name suggests news team provides the news related to our site. This is again in order to increase the traffic of our site. By this way people can use our site and use our functionality. Basically news is a part of SEO team CS stands for Customer Service. The only team that connect directly with people (user of our site). In term of general user customer service executive drive the whole site. So the CS team should be polite and confident. There are many branches of this team. It is tale caller executive, online chatting, responding through emails etc.


Data Team:


Catalog Team:


SEO Team:


News Team:


CS Team:

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 Costing for maintaining website for one month:

1. SDE : 6 Persons: Rs 60000 2. Web Designer: Rs 15000 3. Data Team: Rs 4000-6000 4. Catalog Manager: Rs 35000 5. Content Writer: Rs 8000-10000 6. SEO: 5000-Rs 10000 7. News Team: Rs 7000-8000 8. CS: 5000-Rs 10000 Total cost for maintaining website in one month is around Rs 150000 may fluctuate between Rs 100000 to Rs 200000 per month.

20 | P a g e

State from which we can start our site…..
Mumbai Pune Bangalore Metro city Web using city

Marketing plan for our website

Website needs to address multiple targets Audiences, such as:
      Physicians Patients Care givers Investors Collaborators Clinical trials prospects etc.

Marketing strategies:
Television: It will help us to advertise our service sector easily. As time pass people will be aware about our services. We will get most number of people as we will advertise our website on television. Radio: Now a days most number of people listen radio. Some programs related to health come on radio. So it will be useful to advertise our website in those programs. Newspapers: It will be good to advertise our website in newspaper because now a day it is common stage to advertise any type of product. Search Engines: We will advertise our website in well known search engines like GOOGLE. It will be good stage to advertise our website because most number of people visit all these search engines.
21 | P a g e

Banking Website:

We will put our advertisement on Banking website that provides Health Insurance and Mediclaim and many more. It will help us to give awareness of our services to people. Here banking website are also frequently prefer by foreign countries and due to we are able to adversities our website out of the India also and it will be more helpful to those people who are looking for medical tourism.

Other websites:

Now a day’s number of social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter are come in the market and very large number of internet user are the part of those websites. So it will be more beneficial to us when we give advertisement of our website on these kinds of websites. Our website on which we plan for advertisement are websites of medical insurance companies, yahoomail.com and many more.

Hospitals & Medical Stores: We will take help of Hospitals and Medical stores where we will take help of Hoardings, Hanging door advertisement and many more to advertise our website. People who visit all these places are getting aware about our website and they can take advantage of our website. Pharma events: We will take help of such events of Pharma industry to advertise our website. We will provide all information of our purpose to launch this website. It will help us a lot because here also we will get our customer of interested area. Advertising of our website through Pamphlets of detail information of our website at railway station, airports, outsides of famous hospitals and at those place where more traffic is available is very helpful to create awareness of our website in domestic market. Now a day’s most of the people have mobile phones. So by sending messages related to our website, we can able to advertise our website. By putting posters on cross road or center areas of city we can do advertisement. We also plan to adversities our product among medical and pharmacy colleges and also other colleges. According to us, our website will do its marketing itself as people will visit it gradually.
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How to make profit from this project


This project is to give transparency in medical treatment and here no charges should be taken from any customers Here profit is only generated from our websites on which we allow advertisement to various o Pharma companies o Hospitals o Medical insurance companies o Medical colleges o Transportation agencies o Food providers o Hotels o Pharmaceutical instrument making companies o Medical journals and pharma journal o TPA o Spencer link for putting in rank in search

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1. What is the medical information you prefer to get? ____________________________________________ 2. Are you aware about medical services available in your city? Yes No a. If yes, Please name some, 3. Would you like to know more about medical services available in your city? Yes No

a. If yes, please specify which information you would like to get

4. Do you know about the emergency services available near to your home? Yes No

5. Do you have information about the hospitals and its services? Yes No

6. Would you like to know about the specialist doctors available in your city? Yes No Specify the treatment name for which require specialist doctors

24 | P a g e

7. Do you know which hospital is best in providing a medical series and doctors available over there? Yes No 8. Would you like to concern with foreign doctors available to your city? Yes No

9. Would you like to get information about the medical insurance for you? Yes No

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Image of our website

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