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22016 Magnalx White Light Motor BE RRS TL View Cart b ‘Magna Standard Man Ke > BLACKCLIGHIS > Mannafux Lian Meters > Magnafux Oital White Light Magnaflux Digital White Light Meter - Certified — 27. Suan ~F> once 500.00 porate Kes i uinty fereron ‘one nd cote Ship weight She PENETRANT aay Instock eoaeon DD SHOIGHECR abe ain (Questions? Send Us an Email Materate Biers ror Broduct Description ‘ULTRAS a INSPECTION. | Magnaflux Digital White Light Meter ‘General Purpose Govplants Accurately measures visible light by footcandles and lux Environmental Includes meter and white light metar sensor (permanently affxee to meter by colled cord) Econ Galbratea/Cerated Yor NOT use Wig rrmpeatars Silcon potodiodes Specihy Ao Range fr Lax: 200, 2000, 20000 tux curse Nome Range for Fe. 20, 200, 2000 Fe Accuracy 47-10% of feading or 0.5 Fe, whichever is greater Meter comes with oatery an cerying case 9 100% Ws Secured cHeckour ‘ma SS Eon 2a [on] OE. ALL FORMS OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED ‘itys! eS Iitpuhwwa:nsuppies.coms822538 ml ”