How to Access TumbleBooks from the Taunton Public Library

By Mrs. Fernbach

Logging on
‡ First login to your public library account as if you are trying to access databases. Instead of clicking on ³Online Magazines and Databases´ click on ³TumbleBooks EBooks for Kids´ instead. ‡ Go to the ³How to Access ± Taunton Public Library Databases´ presentation and follow the steps on slides 2-4

Next if you would like to use TumbleBooks (E-Books for Kids)- go to the ³TumbleBooks E-Books for Kids´

This is the next screen that will appear. You may be permitted to click on any Massachusetts library here but if not you must use the scroll bar to scroll down to locate ³Taunton Public Library´.

Here is where ³Taunton Public Library´ is located, click on it to access Tumblebooks.

This is the screen you should reach once you have entered Tumblebooks. Click ³Story Books´ to see the viewable online books that are read aloud.

TumbleBooks are books that are able to be viewed online and that are read aloud. Use the scroll bar to look through the many stories available. Click ³View Online´ when you would like to see one.

The book will begin as soon as it finishes loading.

The words will be highlighted in red as they are being read aloud.

The buttons on the sides of the screen allow you to control what happens. To pause click on this button.

To resume the read aloud click on the button again.

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