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WE, Bona Fide Members of AFC Leopards SC, endorse the following:
Pursuant to a meeting of the Members at Nyayo Stadium on Sunday 7th
February 2016, we wish to unequivocally express great displeasure with
respect to the current situation prevailing at our club.
The Interim Management Council (IMC) installed by the Sports Disputes
Tribunal (SDT) has so far proven to be inept and incapable of working jointly
for the benefit of AFC Leopards SC. Particularly disconcerting to Members of
the club are the following developments:
a. The IMC has been unable to forge a working partnership as evidenced
by each faction fronting different sponsors a situation that will likely
damage the AFC Brand and hurt future corporate sponsorship
b. There have been unsanctioned withdrawals of the clubs funds by IMC
officials, specifically, Kshs. 1.2 Million from KCB Bank, A/C 1178 000
834, and USD 18,000 from KCB Bank A/C 1178 273 741. These
withdrawals are alleged to have been without the knowledge of the rest
of the IMC as directed by the SDT.
c. The IMC has unilaterally and unconstitutionally revised the annual
membership rates of the club, from 1200 Kshs to 500 Kshs without
endorsement of the membership as outlined in the AFC Leopards SC

d. The core business of AFC Leopards SC, football, seems to have been
abandoned with a sub-par technical bench which does not instil
confidence in members.
e. One faction of the IMC is led by Mr Matthews Opwora, who was in fact
expelled as a member in a Special General Meeting of fans in 2014.

In light of the redoubtable evidence that the IMC installed by the SDT will not
serve to move our club forward, Members have today commenced procedures
to correct the course of the club, including demanding the immediate
dissolution of the IMC, and the formation of a Transition Council to
expediently hand the reins of the club back to an Executive Committee elected
by Members.
Moreover, Members urgently demand the immediate long term ban from
football activities of any parties proven to have fraudulently accessed or
misappropriated club funds
Attached are the signatures of Members endorsing this statement.