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Kenneth P. Thompson, Esq. 9 February 2016 Kings County District Attomey 350 Jay St. Via Fax: 718-250-2210 Brooklyn, NY 11201 Also by registered U. S. Mail Dear Mr. Thompson, contacted you by letter and fax in June of 2014 about criminal actions by Kyle Taylor Esq, of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP. The case was assigned to an ADA who interviewed me and to whom I gave documents that were either submitted to the court by Mr. Tayor or signed by Mr. Taylor, which included indisputable proof that Mr. ‘Taylor had, by attempting to mislead the court, violated Judiciary Law 487. I called to follow up just before Christmas of 2015. I was told that, after a “full” investigation, that the DA's office did not think there was enough evidence to convict. This is wrong. ‘Mr. Taylor submitted a false fraudulent document and a misleading sworn statement to the New York Supreme Court, as the sole evidence to a lawsuit he brought against my wife and me to dispossess us of our home. He swore to the court that his edited copy of a proprietary lease, with a page missing, represented the lease he signed. The lease he actually signed contained the page he removed, fully contradicting his position and claims in his action against me. My attomey obtained, by subpoena from his mortgage bank, his true lease including the missing page. Whether Mr. Taylor knew his submitted sworn statement and document were false is irrelevant as per Amalfitano v. Rosenberg, No. 01069, slip op. (N.Y. Feb. 12, 2009). In fact, whether he succeeded in deceiving the court is irrelevant. The only possible saving grace for Mr. Taylor was to, when confronted with the falsehood of his actions, IMMEDIATELY REPUDIATE the false swom statement and false lease document. As J informed your ADA, this he did not do. ‘The single lie this man made to the court has caused me considerable financial loss for legal fees, as well as untold waste within the justice system itself. By swearing the evidence submitted represents the lease he signed, when itis not, that attomey is guilty of a violation of JDL~487. With Kyle Taylor’ affidavit, the evidence he submitted, and the lease he filed with his lender; you have enough to convict. ‘These crimes may seem small to you, but they can have a tremendous impact upon the people of the county whom you represent in the criminal trial process. That you ran for office on a platform of eliminating this very type of malfeasance and seem deaf to the problem in my case, makes one wonder whether prior support was wasted and whether future support is warranted. Trequest a meeting with you, not an ADA, to discuss this matter. I also reserve the right to contact the foreman of the currently sitting Kings County Grand Jury, that he may be made aware of and have the opportunity to investigate the crime. Sincerely, - "hy pH Brett Wyrkoop 622A President Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 917-642-6925 4