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usject_ wd FE MISUSE OF PUBLIC MONES NORTH YORKSHIE POLE From: Nie! mate) To: Ney om ate: Twooey 9 Febuary 2016, 250 Date Tue 9 Feb 201606257 700 rom: ggg gk: ki nis nan or. Ba QU OF PUBLIC MONTES NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE Dear Si Amos tine jain gg te ponds Nah ee in yee. ag nyenue40-2 ‘i ou ples cnfin tht you wil investing his ey sion ms? “Yours sincerely Jean James ramyes moree" Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 6:41:59 AM Subject: IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST - MISUSE OF PUBLIC MONIES Dear Me. Morse ‘NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE, the Public Accounts Commie have asked me o contact you rgaing th bur of pbc monies by North ‘Yorkshire Police. “the North Yorkshire Police civ ation predominanly involves pains who are private izes | store PSN seven private citizens bringing Tae Not air citzen journalists These pivae clint hae allegedly Dez sing police resures 1 see their own ends, Up until September 2015, some Teak pounds have been spont in this action and itis still ongoing {tis illegal to use public monies fr private purposes. tn the public interest, am requesting tha you peas cxamine the information provided nd PO farther frivolous use of public finds. As you will se 1 a a dom ta toes plains who donot work and never have worked the Pee force. ow com it bo that they are plaintsin this aton by Police nd thr Police and Crime Commissioner? Many is ens siphoned off to privat lawyers. eiamy understanding hat itis fide by lw that pb menos spent by public eran @ SS themselves aginst riticism, and those exerising Tiny a sot ow wha the expend sof January 2016, bt there ns been a out Rearing nee ‘September 2015, which will surely have ‘ost plenty and the eases not yet finalised, ook forward t hearing from you ‘Yours sincerely, Jean James ‘From: "Public Accounts Committee" ‘To: "Jean James" ‘Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 4:18:26 AM Subject: RE: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE CIVIL ACTION USING PUBLIC MONIES Dear Jean James, “Thank you for your recent emailto the Public Accounts Commitee. | have been asked to respond on the Gommitiee's behal, I note your conosene about North Yorkshire Poll Force and alagations of corupton, The Commitee’ powers of scrutiny are limited to considering soney spent by Government on behall ofthe taxpayers to deliver public services. The Commitee does not investigate allegations of criminal activ. The Mlegations of eFiminalactivty which you detaied In your letter cannot, therefore, be investigated by the Committee. We would advise that such matters Should be reported to the independent Police Complaints Commissioner. {nope that this reply © helptul, and thank you again for witing to the Public Accounts Commitee. Kind regards, Fuby Radley From: jeanjames [mailto jjamest] Sent: 08 January 2016 19:15 ‘Tor Pubic Accounts Commitee; Home Affairs Committee; FOSTER, Kevin; JACKSON, Stewart; MOWAT, David; MILLS, Nigel; PHILLIPS, Stephen; about blank Page 2 ofS PHILLIPSON, Bridget; PUGH, John; SMYTH, Karin; TREVELVAN, Anne-Marie; FLINT, Carolin; HILLIER, Meg: BACON. Richard; BALDWIN, Harriet BROCK, Dekdre: EVANS, Chris; SMYTH, Karn: VAZ, Keith; ATKINS, Victoria; BURROWES, David; GHANI, Nusrat; JAYAWARDENA, Ranil; LOUGHTON, ‘Timothy: BERRY, James: MCDONALD, Stuart; SHAM, Naz; UMUNNA, Chuka, WINNICK, David Ger inspector @taxpayersaliance org; amyas moree; MAY, Theresa; Policing Minister, STARMER, Keir; BUCKLAND, Robert; Robert barrington; dominic avakeb; Rachel davioe Subject: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE CIVIL ACTION USING PUBLIC MONIES Dear Public Accounts Committes NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE EXPENDITURES CIVIL ACTION COSTS TO SEPTEMBER 2015 http: Itis my understanding, confirmed in part by police as shown in their responses inthe links below, that the majority ofthe plaints in this civil action case are persons who are not employed by either North Yorkshire Police or the Police and Crime Commissioners’ office, Le. private ‘members ofthe publ. 'As you will see, as of September 2015, approx. 124K pounds have already been handed over to Weightman's Solicitors in this action, with an ‘dalton 40K expended on other things, and the action is nowhere near completa, 111s also my understanding thatthe three three civilian journalists have simply exposed information readily available from public records, and voiced an opinion, as they have a right to do because freedom of speech and thought is SUPPOSED to exist in the UK. Corruption has been alleged, not only by these three people, but also by Lord Maginnis. It seems that, inorder to silence those whistleblowers, "North Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, are using public funds unlawfully and frivolousiy. | also understand that public figures are not allowed to use public funds in matters of this nature, and this is therefore totally unlawful ‘Some links to a woman's FO! requests, and answers received are provided below, and | am bringing this to the attention of both the Public ‘Accounts Committee and the Home Affairs Committee, as | believe its in the public interest for both committees to conduct an investigation into ‘the matter. lam requesting this quite aside from the fact that it also wel llusrates how whistleblowers are persecuted | am requesting an investigation(s) because its widely believed that (a) public tunds are being misused, and (b) North Yorkshire Police and ‘other plaints (mostly civilan) are deeply involved in corruption and wish to conceal it hiipe:iwww whatdotheyknow commequest/292340 tesponse/752542/attachmtml/34547.2015%20 16%20Rasponse pal ht Here isthe admission thatthe plaints also include civilians https. whatdothe know, comMequest/285928\response/752525/attachyhtml/3/461.2015%20 16%20Response pat hint Previous correspondence with Mazaars, their auditors, resulted in them refusing to confirm whether or not the alleged 400,000 pounds Justification for commencing civil action was a true and fair statament ofthe amount spent. n short, they would not put their name behind the ‘Chief Constable's statement that police have spent some 400,000 pounds prior to commencing civil action to attempt to stop people from ‘exercising freedom of speech and exposing matters inthe public records. hitps:hwww swhatdotheyknow.comMaquest/26863S/response/752505/attachmtml/S/159.2015%42016%20Internal%i20Reviewsk20Rasponse pat html ‘Something is very wrong withthe way that North Yorkshire Police conducts themselves and spend taxpayers’ money. hitp:ww.theyworktoryou.comisearch’¢q=hotschroer Areview of the site wivw will reveal that many requests have been asked of North Yorkshire Police on this subject, and ‘approx. 26 complaints about North Yorkshire Police not answering them and not responding to requests for internal reviews were sent to the Information Commissioner. Considering that police are whining about cutbacks, and that Julla Mulligan, Police Commissioner, has recently threatened to sue the {government over lack of police funding, I do believe that monies are being misused, that external private legal fms are profiting, and that the whole picture is clearly wrong, \With the utmost respect, and inthe public interest, | therefore request thatthe two committees investigate, Yours sincerely, Jean James UK Parliament Disclaimer: This e-mail is confidential tothe intended recipient. you have received itn error, please notify the sender and delete Itfrom your system. Any unauthorised use, disciosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viuses, but no liability is ‘accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail, This e-mail address is not secure, is not encrypted and should not be Used for sensitive data, about:blank Page 3of3