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Monster Final Project

Choose THREE of the following projects to complete for your final assessment for Monster.

















Monster Final Project

Choose THREE of the following projects to complete for your final assessment for Monster.

1.) Letters Write at least three letters to and from different characters in Monster (ex:
from Steve to his parents, from Steve to King & Bobo, from Jerry to Steve, etc.). Your
letters must be at least one page long (typed-including a heading, greeting, body, and
closing). Please include envelopes addressed to each person with a return address (you
can make up the addresses-remember some of the characters are in jail so their address
should be a fake jail).
2.) PowerPoint Create a PowerPoint presentation that entices readers to want to read the
novel. Include at least 10 slides using information from the book. Your Powerpoint must
explain the main events of the book, conflicts in the book (character vs.______), point of
view in the book (1st person, etc.-there is more than one point of view in this book),
main characters, tone of the book, parts you enjoyed the most, parts you disliked, etc.
Please save your Powerpoint to a flash drive or email it to me BEFORE it is due.
3.) Brochure Create a brochure that outlines the book. You may create it on the computer
or by hand, but it must be legible and include color and pictures. The brochure needs to
include the main events of the book, main characters, conflict (see above), point of
views, tone, parts you enjoyed, parts you disliked, etc.
4.) Mug Shot Poster Design a poster that includes detailed mug shots of Steve, Bobo, and
King. Your poster must be POSTERBOARD size. It must be legible and clearly show that
you spent time on it. You MAY create the images on the computer, but must put them
all on a posterboard when done.
5.) CD Soundtrack Compile a CD with at least 10 songs that you can relate to the book.
Include a few sentences about each song and why you chose to include it on the CD and
how it relates to the book. You must include a CD case and a CD cover with an image
that goes with the book. All songs must be listed on a track list for the disc on the back
of the case or within the case.
6.) Book Cover Create a book cover for Monster that you feel is appropriate and relates to
the book. Make sure to include a summary of the book that is at least one paragraph of
no LESS THAN SEVEN SENTENCES LONG. You must also include an author biography
flap where you research information about the author, Walter Dean Myers, and create a
ONE paragraph summary of the author. IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!!

7.) Letter to the Editor Write a detailed letter to the editor letting them know whether or
not you feel Steve got a fair trial. You must include Why or Why not!!! Your letter
needs to be at least one page long (typed including a heading, greeting, body, signature,
and closing). You will need to include evidence as to your feelings about why you feel
Steve did or did not receive a fair trial.
8.) Alternate Ending Did you not like the ending to Monster? Write at least a
TYPED ending changing the way you would have liked the book to end.


9.) Choose Your Own Do you have a project in mind that is not on this list?
Run your idea by your teacher to see if it is acceptable.

RAP/SONG: Rap artists like Eminem and 50 Cent use their life experiences when they
are writing and performing their music. Write your own rap, a minimum of four verses
with a chorus. The final project will be typed, with a cover page and a 1-page
description of the topic you are writing on and why you chose to write about it. You
will perform at least one verse and the chorus for the class on exhibition day.


SERIES OF POEMS: Poets like Emily Dickinson and Sandra Cisneros often use their
poetry to tell about their life experiences. You may write a series of poems, no fewer
than 5 no more than 7 to tell your story. The final project will be typed with a cover
page and a
1-page description of the topic you are writing on and why you chose to write about it.
You will recite at least one poem for the class on exhibition day.


SHORT STORY: Write your experience as a story. You can choose to tell it in the first
or third person. Remember this is a short story, not a novel, so you will have to choose
one stage in your lifenot the whole thing! Your final story should be a minimum of
4-5 typed double-spaced pages with a cover page. You will turn in a rough draft with
the final copy. You will choose 1-2 pages to read to the class on exhibition day.


PAINTING/DRAWING: This week we will be looking at the work of Frida Kahlo, a

Mexican painter who focused on creating self portraits to represent different changes
and stages of her life. You will notice that every detail of Fridas work is specifically
chosen to portray a specific emotion or thought. Create a painting, chalk, or charcoal
drawing of your story. Along with your artwork you will turn in a 4-5 paragraph typed
description of the story and the ways that you depict it through color, shapes, etc. You
will present your work to the class on exhibition day.


SCREENPLAY: Be like Steve! Following the screenplay format in Monster, write your
story as a movie. OK, we dont have a lot of time so a whole movie would be too
much to tackle, but what you could do is write an outline for your movie. Write a 2-4
paragraph plot summary and make character descriptions for your three main
characters (1 page each). Write 3 scenes, one of which you will perform for the class
(with the help of friends if needed) on class exhibition day.


COLLAGE: A collage is a collection of artifacts that, when put together, represent a

larger theme. Make a collage of your story. You can use photographs, fabrics,
drawings, words, magazine clippings, or anything else you can think of. Be creative!
Mount your collage on a piece of poster board. Write a 3-4 paragraph description of
the pieces of your collage and how they connect and tell your story. This will be type
written, double spaced, and handed in with your final project. You will present your
collage to the class on class exhibition day.