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Teen Dating Violence is a scourge that is as epidemic, harmful, and potentially lethal as
adult domestic violence. Unchecked, teen dating violence can entrench a lifetime
pattern of perpetration by abusers and acceptance of abuse by victims.
The rapidly growing awareness of teen dating violence presents an opportunity for
judges, courts, and court-related professionals to protect victims, intervene with
perpetrators, and educate the communities they serve on their role in prevention. The
teen years are a period of peak learning capacity and potential for change.
These Information Sheets provide an introduction to many of the issues involved in teen
dating violence and its intersections with other areas of the law, as well as Resources
for courts and communities.

Information Sheets

The Dynamics and Consequences of Teen Dating Violence
The Teenage Brain: New Knowledge from Neuroscience
Use of Social Media in Teen Dating Violence
Use of Social Media in Teen Dating Violence: Glossary
Use of Social Media in Teen Dating Violence: Technology “How-Tos” for Judges
LGBTQ Issues in Teen Dating Violence
LGBTQ Issues in Teen Dating Violence: Glossary
Orders of Protection for Victims of Teen Dating Violence
Holding Teen Dating Violence Offenders Accountable
Teen Dating Violence: The Need for Judicial Leadership
Teen Dating Violence: Resources for Judicial Leadership (Resources for the
Courts, Schools, Parents, Teens, and the Community)

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