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Questions for Books One through Four The


Instructions: These questions are designed to help you learn the details of the work by Homer.
Please answer them in the evenings and then be ready to discuss your answers in your
discussion group tomorrow.

1.)Book One begins with Homer asking the Muse to sing. What is a muse? (research)

2.) Book One explains that Odysseus, alone of the Greek Heroes, has been waylaid from his
journey home from Troy. He "provoked the wrath of the god of earthquakes." What did he do to
provoke the wrath of the god and who is the god? (recall)

3.) Name and describe the major players in the first part of the Odyssey:

a.)_________________ the hero of the tale

b.)_________________ the Queen of Ithaca

c.)_________________ the hero's son

d.)_________________ the nymph who detains the hero on her island.

e.)_________________ the goddess who helps the hero and his son

f.)_________________ ringleader of the suitors of the Queen

g.)_________________ the aged nursemaid of the King

h.)_________________ King of Pylos

i.)_________________ Leader of the Greeks at Troy

j.)_________________ King of Sparta, husband of Helen

k.)_________________ the son who avenges Agamemnon

4.) How do the Greeks finally defeat the Trojans at Troy? (expository writing - constructed

5.) Why does Telemachus voyage to the kingdoms of Pylos and Sparta? (brief constructed

6.) HUBRIS is the greatest sin of the ancient Greek world. Research the term and briefly descrive
it. Then, explain why it was such a reviled thing in the ancient world. (Exposition and Opinion -
constructed response)

7.) In Book Four of the Odyssey, King Menelaus describes his journey home from Troy. In one
hundred words (or less) summarize the events that occured on his journey home.

8.) You have read enough of the book to begin to have a grasp of the author, Homer. Research
Homer and write a brief "biography" of him (200 words). (Research and exposition).
9.) Keep track of the Odyssey's structure - make a diagram or chart of some kind that illustrates
the main episodes and their relation to one another. To get you started, the epic is divided into
three main parts or plot: 1) The growth of the young prince Telemachus; 2) The wanderings of
Odysseus - mostly recounted as past events; and 3) Odysseus' return to Ithaca and re-
establishment of his authority as king. Consider also that although the poem's action takes place
over the course of forty days, the text refers when necessary to events spanning twenty years -
i.e. from the beginning of the Trojan War on through the ten-year wanderings of Odysseus after
the ten-year war. (Inspiration document). (This piece will continue in the second set of discussion

10.) What first impression does this book give us of the gods? How much of a role do they play in
human affairs? What seems to motivate their actions?

Instructions: Please be responsible for knowing the meaing of each of the following terms. I
would suggest a thorough set of definitions and a sentence using each.

minstrel bard Inspiration wily waylaid provoke languish herald vow plague(verb)
hospitality guzzle counsel tidings brazen suitor barley oath patron dissention sacrifice
forsaken reminiscences relent becalm ambrosia promontory trident maroon