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s q uas h has h with k ale and bak e d e g g s

Autumn colors and flavors wake up a favorite hearty breakfast.

Choose any squashwhatever you toss in will stand in nicely for the usual meat

(namely corned beef). We used butternut and roasted it with carrots,
an onion, and garlic. Then we stirred in some kale and a lemon-cilantro dressing.
To finish, we dropped in a few eggs and popped it all in the oven. Good morning, indeed.

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r o a s t e d s q u a s h w i t h s e s a m e SEEDS a n d c u m i n
Roasted acorn squash sidles up cozily to almost any main course.
Tossed with whole cumin and ground coriander (plus sesame seeds for a subtle crunch,
as shown here), it sways Middle Eastern. Swap the add-ins for orange zest and sage,

and youve spun it into a bright Mediterranean-style side.

Switch it up with bacon and maple syrup, and youve got an
all-American match for nearly anything roasted or grilled.

s q u a s h,


Few foods celebrate autumn better than

squashes. Tough on the outside but sweet and
tender on the inside, they herald the arrival
of shorter, chillier days. Whats more, they
are wonderfully versatile, adding deep flavor
and hardy texture to an eclectic mix
of dishes, and pair perfectly with a range of
ingredients from all over the world. Here are
six options, focused on three of our
favorite varieties: butternut, acorn, and
kabocha. Experiment by swapping out one
type for another. Or try them all at once
and taste the many nuances of the season.
photographs by

david princ e

C h i c k e n-and-s q uas h c u r ry
Cooked in a Dutch oven, kabocha takes on
a creamy texture; a homemade curry with chicken
thighs releases its savory side full-on.

Served over basmati rice, the entire stew turns into a rich,

filling dish that comforts as it warms.


s q u a s h LASAGNA w i t h s p i n a c h
In step with sweater weather, the comfort-food classic dresses up in layers
of spinach and kabocha. Thick roasted slices of the exceptionally sweet,
meaty Japanese variety stand up deliciously to the richness of a

Gruyre-ricotta filling and bchamel sauce.


s pi cy s q uas h sa l ad with g i n g e r- li m E d r e s s i n g
Consider this fall foliage of the edible sort. Red and green lettuces
are tossed with steamed acorn and denser butternut squashes.

Splashed with a Thai-chile-spiked dressing,
its a dish thats simultaneously light and satisfying.

Created by Sarah Carey, Ayesha Patel, and Jaspal Riyait Text by Joanne Chen

S q ua s h-and-r a ja s t o s ta da s
Squash can certainly take the heat. Strips of poblano
(the rajas) warm up this tasty kabocha dish.
We pan-fried both with onions and oregano, then piled it atop tostadas.

The quick-pickled radishes are more than just a garnish
they balance each earthy bite with a hit of tart.


e x t r a i m ag e s

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