Even though you're here Im still alone in my head.

Still surrounded by those icy cliffs Giant walls so high Impossible to escape. A question has arisen Why is the ice black? I look around And thats all I see A black nothingness I scream & it echoes, But still no one hears me. The vibrations from the sound Collide into me, And I fall to the ice-covered ground. Knocked unconscious my mind swirls I see bodies swimming everywhere They look at me, With the greatest sadness in their eyes, We're sorry but you are trapped like us. I join in the mass, But still it seems That Im the one left swimming alone. Whats happening?! I scream. We're sorry but you are trapped like us. They repeat. Stop saying that, I want to leave. You cannot. But why? I ask so desperately. coz, like us, you are another lost soul,

Forever to be trapped, in this thing called oblivion.

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