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In the Activities window, select the activity whose comments you want to
view. These comments are added in the Timesheets module by the primary
resource for the activity. Click the Feedback tab in Activity Details.
Review the notes in the Feedback from Primary Resource area.

In the Notes to Resources area, type any comments to the resources who
are working on the activity. The notes are then posted with the activity in
the Timesheets module for the resources to read.

Assign notes to activities In the Activities window, select the
activity to which you want to assign a note. Click the Notebook tab in
Activity Details.

Click Add. Select the notebook topics you want to assign. These topics are
predefined in the Notebook Topics tab of the Admin Categories dialog
box. To make the topics accessible for assignment to projects, EPS nodes,
WBS elements, and/or activities, mark the appropriate checkboxes in the
Admin Categories dialog box. To assign multiple topics, hold down the
Ctrl key, then click each notebook topic you want to assign. Click the
Assign button.

Working with Activities 233

Primavera - Project Management

In the Description section of the Notebook tab, type a brief description for
the selected notebook topic. You can use HTML editing features, which
include formatting text, inserting pictures, copying and pasting
information from other information fields (while retaining formatting),
and adding hyperlinks.

234 Part 3: Implementing the Schedule

Primavera - Project Management

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