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School Closing Information

School Closing Procedures
The South Portland School Department system uses a variety of sources of information to determine
whether to close schools, or dismiss school early. These sources include actual physical inspection of the
roads and school conditions by transportation officials and other staff at spots throughout the district,
and an analysis of independent reports from the South Portland Public Works Department and the
National Weather Service.
Consistent procedures are maintained in order to respond quickly to emergency weather conditions and
protect the safety and well-being of students. All public schools within the South Portland School
Department adhere to the same procedures concerning emergency weather conditions. The decision to
change school operations is made by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee and will affect
all schools within the school system.
Public Announcements
Information about school operations is announced publicly as soon as possible on local radio, television
stations, and on twitter at (South Portland Maine @spsdme).
Television Stations Radio Stations
Channel 6

WBLM 102.9 FM


Channel 8

WPOR 101.9 FM

WYNZ 100.9 FM

Channel 13


If schools are closed or delayed, the announcement is usually made by 5:30 am. If schools are closing
early, the announcements are made in a timely manner.
The South Portland School Department uses the SchoolMessenger notification system to send email and
text alerts directly to parents and staff. See the attached guide to help you get started.
Early Dismissal
Schools may be closed early, and all operations affecting dismissal of students including Bus
Transportation will be activated earlier than the regular school closing time. The Superintendent of
Schools will decide if school and community activities for the afternoon and evening are cancelled.
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