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[Title] Lessons Learned from a Broken Bow
[Kicker] When Nephi breaks his bow in the Book of Mormon, he teaches us by example how to 
deal with adversity.
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The first part of the Book of Mormon follows the journey of Lehi and his family out of
Jerusalem, through the wilderness, and across the ocean to the promised land. While in the
wilderness, his son Nephi’s steel bow breaks, [,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,30,31,32?lang=eng#13] leaving the family without a
way to feed themselves. While we don’t usually depend on a bow and arrow for our survival
today, we still face adversity and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In a devotional address
given at BYU called “When Your Bow Breaks,” [] Jennifer Paustenbaugh shares six principles from this
Book of Mormon story that can help us in our own trials.

Throughout the story of Lehi and his family, Nephi prays often and earnestly to God.
When hardship struck, his prayer was not “Bless me to find a bow” but rather, “What can
I do to make a bow that will allow me to hunt the game my family needs to survive?”
This humble prayer, focused outward, gave Nephi the answers and the help he needed.
 Do
Praying alone is not enough; we must go and do what we are inspired to do after
receiving an answer in prayer. Nephi could have learned what he needed to do in order to make a
bow, but without acting on that inspiration, his family still would have starved in the wilderness.
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In addition to these two fundamental principles, Sister Paustenbaugh also suggests that we turn
to our leaders, read the scriptures, be grateful in all circumstances, and expect miracles. All of
these things will help us face our trials and make what may at first seem impossible possible with
God’s help.
[Link to the source article] Read the rest of Sister Paustenbaugh’s entire talk, “When Your
Bow Breaks” [] to
learn about the other four principles that can help us overcome adversity.
Source: BYU Speeches []
—Tiana Cole, Mormon Insights
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Sister Paustenbaugh quotes from Richard G. Scott’s talk, “Trust in the Lord.” Read his whole
talk here. []

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Read this contest-winning article “Trusting the Lord Through Anxiety and Depression”
[] and learn
about how one young woman found purpose in her trials.
Even President Thomas S. Monson struggles with adversity. Read his powerful talk “I Will Not
Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee.” []
Watch the video “Come What May, and Love It”
to learn what we can do to overcome adversity and find joy, even through hard experiences.
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[Title] 5 Tips to Avoid Pornography
[Kicker] Steering clear of pornography requires more than filters on the Internet; it requires that
we change our habits and desires too.
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With the Internet, smart phones, and other technology, pornography can seem nearly impossible
to avoid. If we want to steer clear of it and replace this counterfeit with true love,
[] we need to turn to Jesus Christ for help
to replace our natural-man desires with spiritual strength. (See Mosiah 3:19.)
In “My Battle with Pornography,” [] an article on, one recovering porn addict shares practical tips that
can help you repent, heal, and avoid future encounters with pornography:

Seek the Lord’s help to control your thoughts and desires.
The Savior suffered “temptations of every kind” so that he could “succor his people
according to their infirmities” (Alma 7:11–12).
[] Seek his help to replace unworthy

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thoughts with inspiring ones, including uplifting music or scriptures you have memorized.

Change your routines.
Recognize the times you view pornography and change the habit by doing something else.
Go exercise, talk to a friend, read in a public area, or work on a new hobby.

Eliminate the opportunity.
Separate yourself from temptation. No person, material, or circumstance is worth falling into
or remaining in a pornography addiction. Internet filters can help.

Pray for hope to replace your despair.
You may feel like you will never be able to fully repent. Pray for hope and healing, believing
that the Lord means it when he says he can heal you.

Seek professional assistance.
Don’t feel embarrassed about seeking professional counseling. Talking openly about your
problem can help you confront it and find solutions.

Never give up. The grace of Christ’s Atonement [] provides hope, strength, and clarity of mind to
overcome the darkness that lurks around every corner.
Read “My Battle with Pornography” [] to hear about one person’s struggle with and eventual triumph over
Source: []
—Allen Warner, Mormon Insights
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Take a look at “Watch Your Step,” [] a Mormon Message video that highlights the dangers of giving in to
the temptation of pornography.
Read more advice from LDS young adults about practical ways to resist pornography.

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Watch or read Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk “Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul.”
Read Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s article “Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts Unceasingly.”
Read this short Church publication: Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts.
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