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Virginia Evans - Jenny Dooley

Barbara Czarnecka-Cicha



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Podstawowe informacje o egzaminie maturalnym od 2015 r. Część pisemna



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Rozumienie ze słuchu
Zadanie 1. (0-5)

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę dwóch osób, Keitha i Veroniki, będących na wakacjach.

Odpowiedz na pytania 1-5 zgodnie z treścią nagrania. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli
(K - Keith, V - Veronica).

W hich person:



used the Internet to research attractions?


suggests d ifferent things instead o f staying together?


w ould prefer to avoid busy retail centres?


agrees to docum ent his/her experiences?


is keen on doing a w in te r sport?


Zadanie 2. (0-4)

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi, które łączy temat sportu. Do każdej wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj

odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli.
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.
The speaker:

is looking forw ard to an event.

B explains w h a t protective equipm ent you need for a sport.
C encourages people to w atch something.
D w ants to improve his/her speed.
E reviews his/her performance.





Zadanie 3. (0-6)
' Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.
Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.

Recording 1

Recording 2

The speaker is trying to

W hat o f the fo llo w in g things has happened to Gary?


recommend a com puter course.


He lost a pet.

B enable people to use a service.


He g o t a job.

C show people how to pay fo r som ething online.


He saw som ething sad on TV.

Recording 3

Recording 4

W h a t is TRUE about the treasure?

You m ig ht hear this in


A storm separated it from Its owners.

B The family w ho found it also discovered the remains
o f ships.


a TV advertisement.

B a radio show.

a shop.

C The fam ily w ho found it w ill receive at least
R ecording 6
Recording 5
Tom thinks

Faye is w rong about German people.


he is likely to go to Germany w ith his company.


Faye doesn't enjoy learning languages as much
as he does.

The speaker thinks

the personal flying machines w ill be used fo r
professional reasons first.

B the personal flying machines w ill get faster over
tim e.
C the personal flying machines are more dangerous than


On som e beaches. and people pay quite a lot of cash for them because they believe that eating them helps people to have children. people reported that they had seen egg collectors fill enorm ous sacks with eggs. R odrigo M orera Avila. it doesn’t just attract w ildlife lovers . So the a uthorities there have taken the decision to allow people to help them selves to a lim ited am ount of eggs. one of the m ost im portant of all their nesting sites. 6 . W hen the beach is full of turtles. and som e sell them illegally.that of attracts people hoping to m ake m oney too. 2 A lthough international trade in tu rtle products is illegal. CO NTRO VERSIA L CONSERVATION The lora turtle is a sea tu rtle th a t’s in danger .IT Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. head biologist at the O stional C onservation Project. Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. It w ould be disastrous for the tu rtle s if the problem got that bad at O stional. (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o ochronie zagrożonego gatunku.” Som e people are not convinced. and the social project. that the schem e will reduce the num ber of eggs that are taken by people from the beach. The project has tw o sides .and one of the reasons is that people steal its eggs. however. said: “T he com m un ity gets an incom e w hile bringing about social change. Turtle eggs are quite a popular food. more than 80% of lora turtle nests don’t survive because of people. 1 The beach at O stional in C osta Rica is one of only eight beaches that the lora tu rtle uses to build nests for its young. people can supply them to restaurants. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). W hen the project began in S eptem ber 2013. T he idea is that allow ing people to take som e of the eggs for part of the tim e will benefit both the turtles and needy unem ployed people. A surprising solution is now being tried. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę.


C a kind o f vegetable. Tekst 2. “ It looks like mice. w here Josie was helping the cook.” Mrs Sheridan held the envelope away from her. Blend a can of ce le ry soup w ith four tablespoons of m ilk and 75g of grated C heddar cheese. looking over her shoulder.” “ Egg and . zgodną z treścią tekstu. Have you done that?” “Yes. METHO D D iscard the bones and any skin from the salm on and lay it in an ovenproof dish. B a piece o f meat. or until the top is well browned. “ I have never seen such exquisite sandw iches. “com e with me into the living room. 8 . W hat a horrible com bination it sounds. Lay som e chopped cauliflow er on top of the salm on. B albo C. You'll have to w rite them out for me. 2 W h a t do Laura and her m other do? A They prepare som ething fo r th eir guests to read. they took the labels to the kitchen.” said her m other. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane z jedzeniem.” said Josie. then pour the m ixture over the salm on. C ream cheese and lem on-curd.. “Yes.Zadanie 5. then bake at 18°C for 25 m inutes. Tekst 1. C They find o u t w h a t sandwich ingredients they have. I’ve got the types of sandw ich som ew here on the back of an envelope.. B They make a list o f things they need to buy. It can’t be mice. can it?” “Olive.” said Laura. “ . Zakreśl literę A. dear. 1 This dish includes A a portion o f fruit. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.” The envelope was found behind the dining room clock. olive. THE G ARDEN PARTY “ Laura...” W hen they w ere finished. of course.

As for their taste. It w ould be possible to eat chia seeds and nothing else and remain healthy. who also used them in religious cerem onies and as a m edicine.with good reason. but now they are being discovered all over the w orld . B describe his/her experiences o f chia seeds. only people in sm all villages in M exico and G uatem ala ate the seeds. AN A N C IE N T G IVER OF HEALTH The seeds of a plant called chia were one of the main foods of the Aztecs. For hundreds of years.K Tekst 3. C recommend chia seeds fo r people w h o exercise. 9 . if you like nuts you’ll love chia seeds! 3 One o f the reasons the author w ro te the te xt was to A explain how chia seeds became popular. They are p articularly useful as energy for runners and other athletes. T hey are an excellent source of protein and also provide fibre and a good am ount of vitam ins.

Zadanie 6.” It w asn’t the first tim e Ade had com e into conflict w ith his parents over the direction he chose to take. however. travelling all over east London like a crew. “The disabled kids were c o o le r. not w orsening disability. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. W e all had the sam e problem s. To him. Perhaps it’s not surprising how m uch Ade’s father tried to control his life when you consider the disappointm ents in his own life. To Ade. in particular.” So w hat does Ade think w ould m ost Improve w he elch air users’ lives today? His answ er to that is a disabled a dvisor to the governm ent on public transport. playing basketball. zgodną z treścią tekstu. T hat should not be the way. His father. Full parental acceptance of Ade’s life choices finally cam e after Ade m ade it to the Sydney Paralym pics as a m em ber of the British basketball team and his m other and father saw him in broadcasts of the opening cerem ony and com petition. “W hen I cam e back Dad w as crying and he gave me a big hug and he realised this is w hat I w anted to do.and I’m fit and strong and have good w heelchair e y got up to crazy things. HOW ADE ADEPITAN FINALLY MADE HIS PARENTS PROUD Ade Adepitan is one of Britain’s best-know n Paralym pic athletes. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. He and his m other took Ade to London from N igeria w hen he was three because they thought a boy with polio w ould have a better life there. They had to leave Ade’s sister behind for several years and the Adepitans w ere unable to continue th eir teaching careers in the UK. People w ould see a chair flying past them and me falling on the floor to get on. S om etim es I threw my chair onto the train. W e'd be out in the streets racing our chairs. thought there was no future in d isability sport back in the 1980s. however. Zakreśl literę A.” 10 . C albo D. “My parents thought me getting into a w he elch air w as like me giving up on walking.. Ade retrieved it and hid it in the garden so that he could continue using it outside the house instead of the leg supports he’d had to use since getting the disease polio as a young child.” says Ade. Mr Adepitan found him self doing cleaning jobs. The move didn’t com e w ithout sacrifices. B. the w heelchair represented a new freedom .. W e were frien ds again. “ I used to get the train to w ork and it was a nightm are . To get anyw here in sport.” Ade’s father disliked the idea of his son using a w he elch air so m uch that he threw it out. It felt like I belonged. T hey didn’t even w ant the teenage Ade to begin using a w heelchair. Ade recalls: “He was convinced I w as ruining my life. academ ic success w as the key to a better life for Ade. he had to ignore his parents’ advice.

the author A describes the obstacles Ade Adepitan faces every day. 4 Ade says there should be A more people available on public transport to help the disabled. C an expert w ith a disability to help politicians make public transport decisions. 11 . D Ade was to o disabled to live independently o f them . B lost th e ir daughter forever. C Ade kept his wheelchair after th eir disagreement. 5 In the article.1 The young Ade Adepitan's parents believed A a career in sport was an unrealistic goal fo r Ade. C using a wheelchair w ou ld lead to people treating Ade badly. B more spaces fo r wheelchairs on public transport. M r and Mrs Adepitan A co u ld n 't do th e ir preferred w ork. 3 Because they moved to the UK. 2 Ade's father d id n 't know th a t A Ade preferred his wheelchair to his old equipm ent. D training fo r disabled people on how to get on and o ff trains. D Ade d id n 't just play in the family's garden. B Ade co u ld n 't ever overcome his disability. D compares Ade Adepitan's past a ttitudes w ith his parents'. B explains h ow Ade Adepitan found success. B Ade spent tim e w ith lots o f disabled people. D no longer had servants. C had to change th eir nationality. C calls for b etter understanding o f disabled people.

którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E). B It w a sn 't a social visit. E They just d id n 't w a n t to seem to o keen on the idea. N atasha and the girls arrived soon after I got back. o f course. N atasha w anted to use our com puter and phone to find out w hat deals were available. They had cancelled th eir cable TV package and now they didn’t have an Internet connection. I needed all my energy to stop the tw o darlings from w alking off in different directions. FAMILY BUSINESS Jonathan. Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. A I wish they w o u ld n 't tell such lies. C They just d o n 't w a n t to leave each other's company. N atasha asked Jonathan. It's up to you. “W hat do you th ink? ” He said. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. D I'll never know how people w ho have tw ins cope. I w ouldn’t offer to look after both tw o-year-olds if I didn’t enjoy it. “ I don't know.Zadanie 7. I 3 [ W hen we w ent to the park today. z którego usunięto trzy zdania. After that. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. but it’s hard work. I th ink they had both known that she would stay the m om ent I suggested it. a phone line or all the T V channels they w anted. they stayed a little longer. By then Em ily w as enjoying playing w ith Lucy and didn't w ant to go. I said that she could stay. W hen she started to cry. It’s especially tough when neither of them has a daytim e sleep.” They then both said that th ey’d leave her. 1 They always w ant som ething. 12 . then said they were going home.

Soon Brad and Sarah Cross.. England.” Am azingly. saw the posting . tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie tekst..24 hours. she w anted to do everything in her pow er to find the toy’s 1 ) .. the parents of the rabbit’s owner..even 4 ) they didn’t know Deborah and lived 100 m iles away from her... She took a picture of the toy and posted it on a social netw orking site w ith the m essage: “Please share this photo and help him get back to the little person w ho loves and cuddles him. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. D eborah H itchens understood that w hen she found a soft pink rabbit on a beach in Devon.. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą...Znajomość środków językowych Zadanie 8......... the photo w as shared 30.000 tim es 3 ) . T hanks to D eborah’s kindness and efforts to find her.. She turned to the Internet to reach as m any people 2 ) possible. A lthough Deborah w as only in the area on holiday with her family... the C rosses’ daughter M addie was 5) with her beloved toy.. LOST AND FOUND ONLINE Losing a favourite toy can be ve ry upsetting for a young child. 1 A supporter B ow ner C partner 2 A as B C than 3 A inside B between c w ith in 4 A if B though c so 5 A remained B c restored in reunited . Zakreśl literę A. B albo C...

W e've had no com plaints from c u sto m e rs A 2 along I a little money by selling my old clothes online.. you s h o u ld A 3 B dow n last I saw one th a t I liked. który poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obydwu zdaniach. C up To get the cheapest plane tickets. then my friends all a rriv e d A 14 C make B fair Dogs have an e xc e lle n t A 5 your travel arrangem ents soon. I'm doing all the w o rk w hile you just w atch. B use I had seen 25 flats. 1 There's no need to take the train from the airport. B on C at once. take B get Is your sister the girl w ith t h e full It m a ke s C clear to drive the car a little before you buy it. (0-5) W zadaniach 1-5 wybierz wyraz....... It's n o t A 4 to now...Zadanie 9. .. t h e n fo r I hair? C w o rth I was alone fo r 20 minutes. B albo C. I'll pick y o u .. Zakreśl literę A.. sense o f smell.

pamiętając. które miało miejsce w czasie podóży. opisz niecodzienne wydarzenie. A N EW ENTRY T itle : Incredible journey! Entry: Last month I had an amazing experience. Napisz wiadomość do zamieszczenia na Twojej stronie internetowej. Maybe you’d like to join me next year! 15 . Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów. bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty). napisz o zaletach i wadach środka transportu. że je j długość powinna wynosić od 80 d o i 30 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach. napisz. którym podróżowałeś/-aś.Odbyłeś/-aś ostatnio ciekawą podróż. Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty). spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty). które są podane). W • • • • tekście: podaj powód podróży. dlaczego chciał(a)byś powtórzyć tą podróż.

The speaker: A changed his/her habits in a new environm ent. B m entions a m oney-making side o f a cultural venue. które łączy temat kultury. (0-5) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę Tony ego i Eve na temat przestępczości. T . E exhibits his/her w ork. Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli.Rozumienie ze słuchu Zadanie 1. Do każdej wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E). C addresses a theatre audience. Odpowiedz na pytania 1-5 zgodnie z treścią nagrania. W hich person: E 1 became the victim o f a street thief? 2 used a crime prevention technique successfully? 3 sometimes has to w ork close to strangers? 4 m et the person w ho com m itted a crime against him/her? 5 changes his/her mind about a suggestion? T Zadanie 2. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli (E . Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.Eve.Tony). (0-4) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi. 1 2 3 4 . D tells the story o f how he/she discovered a talent.

B albo C. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. times. put suggestions fo r improving the café in an C They are in the dark. (0-6) O Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. 17 . B the game designers w ill return to this idea. Recording 1 Recording 2 The speaker asks the listeners to W hat is one o f the problems the speakers are having? A B let people know about the cafe's new opening A They can't contact a house guest. C only tw o improvements to th e game have been made. zgodną z treścią nagrania. Recording 6 Recording 5 The speaker thinks A the latest game is n ot w o rth buying. B giving safety advice.Zadanie 3. email. W h a t is the speaker NOT offering? A A product th a t helps control pets. Zakreśl literę A. C a bank. B A free item in some circumstances. C th in k about changing their w orking hours. A a shop. C An object th a t lasts a long tim e. B a ticke t office. Recording 4 The conversation takes place at Recording 3 This speaker is A reporting an incident. C explaining animal behaviour. B They d o n 't understand some instructions.

It is hoped that exoskeletons that can m ake physical w ork easier. This type of w ork often involves lifting som e very heavy pieces. HALF ROBOT. exoskeletons w ouldn’t take away all w ork-related aches and pains. so can put workers in danger of developing health problem s or having quite serious accidents. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę. and a lot of w ork rem ains to be done to m ake sure they can respond im m ediately to th eir w earers’ w ishes and don’t cause collisions. Now researchers are designing sim ilar suits. but require no com puter skills from the user will be in use w ithin decades. S im pler exoskeletons could be useful for people w ho don’t have to lift anything heavy. but have to use th eir bodies in unnatural ways. Even holding or using a tool above your head for a few m inutes can put stress on your heart. The European Union is paying for the R obo-m ate project. 18 . for exam ple. need hum an w orkers w ho can recognise w hich parts need to be separated from w hich. exoskeleton designs often include a cam era on the chest to help m onitor q uality of w ork. car m anufacturers and car recycling businesses in seven countries. w hich involves researchers. 2 So could robotic suits be the answ er? H um an-shaped m achines that people can step into have already been developed to help elderly people w alk in Japan and for A m erican soldiers w ho have to carry big loads.Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. 3 As well as a see-through helm et and leg and arm pieces. (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o zautomatyzowanych ubraniach roboczych.but they cannot do everything. HALF HUM AN All factories in the industrialised w orld now use m achines . known as ‘exoskeletons’. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). 4 O f course. B usinesses that take old products apart. Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. for industry.


he had a look in his eye and a m anner that suggested som e deep terror of the m ind. •T e n se your stom ach m uscles and cross your arm s on your chest. “he is a doctor. and yet that w as w hat Utterson w as tem pted to suspect. he w as visibly balder. and. Uterson was shocked at the change in his appearance. Here is an exam ple of an exercise that develops core strength. If you do this regularly. B albo C. bend your legs at a 90-degree angle and put your feet on a wall. he m ust know his own state and that his days are num bered. C suffer back pain. thinner and older. B He deserves to be so ill. zgodną z treścią tekstu. • Lie on your back. 2 W hat does Lanyon believe about his health? A No medicine w ill w o rk for him. The rosy man had grown pale. it will becom e easier for you to do any physical activity. It was unlikely that the doctor should fear death. Lanyon adm itted with acceptance that he w as suffering from som ething nothing could cure. “Yes. 1 This activity is suitable fo r people w ho A find exercise difficult. and the know ledge is more than he can bear. • Raise your head and shoulders off the floor and hold them there for three deep breaths.” he thought. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze zdrowiem. THE REM A R K A B LE IN C ID EN T OF DR LANYON W hen Dr Lanyon cam e in.Zadanie 5. Zakreśl literę A. C He needs to spend more tim e outdoors an air of .” And yet when Utterson rem arked on his appearance. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. more than this. B have a sport injury.

but now I know these can m ake them worse at that stage. Dear M iss Everett. In the past. . My tw o-year-old was recently badly scalded by w ater from a kettle. I knew it w as im portant to rem ove all his clothing except clothes sticking to the burn. I w anted to let you know how m uch I appreciated the first aid course you led at the Evesham C linic in April. C apologises for m aking mistakes. W ith gratitude. Fortunately. B explains how her know ledge has grown. Helen Frobisher 3 The auth or o f the text A thanks a medic w h o treated her son. I’m pleased to say m y little boy is recovering as well as possible. The know ledge I gained on it has already been useful. I put skin cream or ice on burns straight away. to apply cold running w ater to the affected area for 20 m inutes and to w arm the room.Tekst 3.

22 . A nna Freud trained as a teacher before setting up her own nursery school in London during the Second W orld War. A nna and her colleagues noticed that Bertie finally stopped re-creating the incident in w hich his father died w hen he got the chance to talk about it. It’s even possible that he used her as a patient for practising his techniques. There w as one boy at the school. A nna realised that a lot of these children needed particular attention because th eir m others were busy doing jobs norm ally filled by men w ho w ere serving in the arm ed forces. w hose father had been killed by a bom b dropped from a plane. known as psychoanalysis. By putting the children into groups of five or six and providing a teacher especially for each group. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. No doubt influenced by her fa th e r’s ideas. for exam ple. follow ed closely in S igm und’s footsteps . O nly one Freud. he didn’t enjoy it. zgodną z treścią tekstu. called Bertie. In this gam e. A nna had regularly taken p art in discussions with her father on the type of therapy he developed. She understood the im portance of healthy relationships in early life for good m ental health in later childhood and adulthood. Zakreśl literę A.Zadanie 6. Bertie built houses from paper and dropped toys on them again and again. the people in the houses always escaped unharm ed. ANN A FREUD M any of the descendants of Sigm und Freud - perhaps the m ost fam ous psychologist in history . A nna Freud’s w ork had strongly influenced the way m any im portant institutions treat children. Em m a. has ensured the Freud nam e rem ains in the public eye through her w ork as a TV and radio presenter. was a respected painter. C albo D.have also found fam e through th eir w ork in Britain. She w anted to research norm al and abnorm al behaviour in children and also to study the effects of the w ar on them . H er w ork show ed how children’s play can reveal th eir em otional troubles. C lem en t’s daughter. By the tim e she died in 1982. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. A lthough Bertie m ade him self do this repeatedly. The school w as as m uch a social service as a place of education . for exam ple. a m em ber of parliam ent and a chef. A nna created alternative fam ilies for her provided a hom e for children w ho had been m ade hom eless in the bom bing of London.his daughter Anna. and Lucian’s m ulti-talented brother C lem ent had successful careers as an author. however. A nna believed in observing and docum enting every aspect of her pupils’ behaviour. His grandson Lucian. From the age of 13. H ospitals had extended visiting hours for children’s w ards in response to the kind of research she had done and co urts had begun to use screens and video cam eras to allow children to give evidence in a less frightening environm ent than a crim inal courtroom . B.

D The legal system introduced new ways o f treating child witnesses. C had lost th e ir parents. D d id n 't have anywhere to live. B explains how famous Anna Freud became. C She to ld them about her father's w ork. B actors. 4 W h a t changed because o f Anna Freud? A Schools held more discussion sessions. D sick people. 2 Anna Freud's school was created fo r children w ho A needed trea tm en t fo r psychological problems. D She w atched them closely and made notes. B She designed games fo r them to play.1 One o f Freud's w ell-know n descendants w orked w ith A animals. C Psychologists began to supervise criminal trials. B Hospitals created areas especially fo r children. 23 . D describes relationships between Anna Freud and children. B were recovering from physical injuries. 5 In the article. C considers the achievements o f Anna Freud. C politicians. 3 W hat's TRUE about Anna's efforts to understand children better? A She placed them in d iffic u lt situations. the author A compares Anna Freud and Sigmund Freud.

A LITTLE PRINCESS She leaned against her father and stared out of the taxi w indow at the passing people with a seriousness in her big eyes. 2 | How odd it seem ed to her that at one tim e one w as in India under the blazing sun. she was reflecting on the change in her circumstances. 24 . 1 It w ould be strange to see a child of tw elve w ith such an expression on her face and Sara Crewe was only seven. however. They hugged each other as the car rolled into the big.Zadanie 7. then in the m iddle of the sea. z którego usunięto trzy zdania. A She also missed the sound o f the waves w hen everything else was quiet. dull square in which stood the house which was th eir destination. D Above all. On this occasion she w as rem em bering the voyage from Bom bay with her father. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. that she was always thinking about grow n-up people and the w orld they belonged to. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. B She was such a little girl th a t one did n ot expect to see such a look on her small face. the children w ho played on the deck and the w om en who used to laugh at the things she said. The fact was. Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery. E She tried to imagine th a t her m other was still w ith them . She was thinking about the big ship. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. C She found this so puzzling th a t she moved closer to her father. C aptain Crewe. Now instead she inhabited streets w here the day was as d ark as the night. którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E).

. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.. w hile those w ho struggle with M aths can spend m ore tim e on the basics. The N etherlands has several ‘digital schools’ w here all the pupils’ learning takes 1) .. 3 ) m eans the m ost talented pupils in...Znajomość środków językowych Zadanie 8... One com puters of the for main advantages of the system is that it allows the pupils to w ork at th eir own speed in various subjects.. M aths... th eir role is a support one and they are more focused on developing children’s social skills than their know ledge.. Not 4 ) teachers are pleased about the move to digital education.. They also 2 ) .. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Zakreśl literę A... say... that com puters can never replace hum an beings com pletely because they can’t respond to children on an em otional level..... (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. on tablet com puters supplied by the school... Som e have pointed 5 ) .... an eye on the children to m ake sure e ntertainm ent they or are not personal using th eir reasons. SCHOOL OF TABLETS Textbooks and exercise books are perhaps becom ing things of the past.... however. they already are at som e Dutch state schools. B albo C. In fact.. 1 A part B place C charge 2 A put B lend C keep 3 A That B It's c There 4 A every B all c most . A lthough there are teachers in every classroom . can quickly move on to advanced work.

... Y: ..... C There's no need. C Nether does she... X: Fine..... Zakreśl literę A. B I promise I w o n 't. C It's th e w orst th ing th a t could happen....Zadanie 9..... B I ca n't find my passport.. (0-5) Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (1-5). X: You'd b etter n ot be late.. wybierając brakującą wypowiedź jednej z osób.. B albo C. C W ill you promise? X: Do you like Darren? Y: We d o n 't really get on. 2 X: W h a t are you looking for? Y: . A W ould you? B So do I. X: . A That's B That's C That's 26 . X: D on 't worry. It m ust be here somewhere... to be honest....... Y: .... X: So w e're agreed on th a t.... A Are you sure you can? B That's right. A I can't stop w atching it... 3 X: I th in k it w ou ld be a good idea to invite Carol...... 1 X: Shall I help you? Y: .. X: W e'll see. A Promise me...... if you're sure..

XYZ 27 . pamiętając. Dear Chris. spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty). w którym: • wyjaśnisz powód spotkania. które są podane). Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów. • zadasz przyjacielowi dwa pytania na temat podobnych uroczystości w jego kraju. Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty). Napisz list. że je j długość powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach.Uczestniczyłeś/-aś ostatnio w uroczystości rodzinnej i chcesz opowiedzieć o tym anglojęzycznemu przyjacielowi. który Ty zorganizowałabyś inaczej. bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty). I had an enjoyable day yesterday. • wspomnisz element uroczystości. • opiszesz jego najciekawszy moment. I look forw ard to hearing from you.

D says advertisers' effect on him is the opposite o f w h a t they w ant. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli (J . G . (0-4) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie G cztery wypowiedzi. (0-5) O Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę znajomych z pracy. J W hich person: 1 gets the chance to return a favour? 2 is in charge o f o the r people? 3 makes a criticism o f himself/herself? 4 learns som ething a bo ut the library service from the other? 5 admits making a mistake? Zadanie 2. Odpowiedz na pytania 1-5 zgodnie z treścią nagrania. 1 28 2 3 4 . które łączy temat reklamy. Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. E is a presenter o f a consumer show on radio or TV. The speaker: A believes advertising adds to his/her environm ent.v' Rozumienie ze słuchu Zadanie 1. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.Grace). Do każdej wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E). B advertises a product.John. Johna i Grace. C reveals som ething a bo ut his/her cultural tastes.

(0-6) O Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. C The bad w eather is going to move A north. C John's sister has made a mistake. zgodną z treścią nagrania. C west. B John can avoid punishm ent. A John has ignored rules. B albo C. B office. B a change In opening times. C Some o f its prices are going up. C haircut preferences. B It publishes a num ber o f titles.Zadanie 3. library. a service fo r people w ith luggage. 29 . B how to prepare a meal. Recording 6 Recording 5 Kelly thinks th a t W h a t sentence is NOT true a bo ut JCM Media? A M r Frobisher w orks fo r it. B south. Recording 1 Recording 2 The speaker talks about a tim e when the room was The speakers are discussing used as a(n) A plans for a garden. Recording 4 Recording 3 The announcem ent lets people kn ow about A discounts available In a store. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Zakreśl literę A. A C artist's studio.

involves trust. known as “C ookistas” registered on the site to sell th eir specialities. but also a sense of com m unity. W ithin a few m onths. (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o usłudze dostarczania żywności. 12. The unusual thing about it is that the providers of the food are ordinary people. C ookisto is less im personal than som e online services.000 interested cooks. people w ho need som e extra m oney or people w ho cook as a hobby. One C ookista. Becoming a Cookisto customer. m aps are available to show users w hat is available locally and custom ers can decide w hich C ookista to use by looking at reviews w ritten by o the r users. And the best reward I can get is when people tell me how much they like my food. whether Cookisto can work in places with very strict laws on the sale of food.Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. where it is likely to be popular with the city’s large student population. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). THE BUSINESS STUDENT W H O CO O KED UP SO M ETHING NEW W hen M ichalis G kontas had to develop a business idea on his university course. or w hat ingredients they use. 30 . though. The person w ho cooked your dish usually delivers it in person (and m ay include a free dessert!) It’s therefore not only business relationships that develop through it. highquality hom em ade m eals. he cam e up w ith a w ebsite for people w ho w ant to buy low-cost. then. The website administrators do not check cleanliness standards in its cooks’ kitchens. It’s not clear. Even so. Cookisto has already expanded beyond its home city of Athens to London. of course. w ho began cooking for cash after losing her job. 2 C ookisto is now m uch more than a student project. Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę. said: “ Every day I feel proud helping others. T hey m ay be people w ho co ok too m uch for their fam ilies and don’t w ant to w aste any food. M any of them say it’s not just about money.” As with m any other online services.


Zakreśl literę A. 1 Bookings are n ot confirm ed until A a day a fte r the custom er makes one. and the ship w as heading for Liverpool. Please note a 1. You will receive confirm ation by post w ithin seven days. zgodną z treścią tekstu.Zadanie 5. If your departure date is w ithin eight w eeks. B full paym ent is made. C By persuading the captain to disappear. 32 . w ho had never got on well with the captain. 2 How does Phileas Fogg take control? A By buying people's support. or call you back within 24 hours. half the total cost is due at this stage. W e will hold your booking for five days to allow you to fill out a booking form and pay a deposit (15%). PHILEAS FOGG SHOW S HIM SELF EQUAL TO THE O CCASION W hat had happened w as sim ple enough. HOW TO BOOK W hen you have selected yo ur trip and preferred departure date. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. C at least some o f the holiday is paid for. he had handled bank notes w ith such skill and effect that the w hole crew. and the captain would not take him there. call the num ber above or visit our w ebsite to tell us your requirem ents.5% charge applies to all paym ents by credit card. B albo C. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane z podróżowaniem i turystyką. W e’ll check availability and give you a provisional booking straight away if possible. So Phileas Fogg had agreed to go to Bordeaux. Phileas Fogg w anted to go to Liverpool. but. during the th irty hours he had been on board. B By showing his superior skills as a leader. Now Phileas Fogg was in com m and instead of C aptain Speedy. were devoted to him. It was clear from Mr Fogg’s confidence that he had been a sailor. w ho w as locked up in his cabin.

but you should keep a close eye on your personal belongings in public places in the large population centres.Tekst 3. . C gives particular advice fo r city breaks. w hich can cause disruption to public tran spo rt in and out of the co un try (including air travel and ports). 3 The a uth or o f the te xt A reports a severe w eather event. SUM M ARY There are regular nationw ide strikes. T he next m ajor stirke is scheduled for 30th Septem ber. There are currently forest fires in the m ountains in the far north of the country. M ost visits are trouble-free. Travel by road in this region is not advisable until the situation improves. M onitor local m edia and the local a uth orities’ advice for travellers. and m ay take place with little w arning. Further strikes are likely this autum n. B predicts th e end o f a problem.

It w as again M aria’s father w ho got her interested in squash - but only because som ebody suggested she w ould grow fat and fail to get taller if she continued w eightlifting.s o she presented herself as one.. M aria’s father decided to encourage her to use her energy in a positive way through sport. the beautiful racquets and balls. “ My hands were swollen. elbows. she knew she had to change her situation. In fact.” M aria won several cham pionships for squash juniors and turned professional in 2006. Since 2011 she has been training in C anada with a fo rm e r w orld num ber one player and is now herself one of the w o rld ’s top 50 players. zgodną z treścią tekstu. It didn’t affect M aria’s determ ination to succeed. the truth w as discovered . Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.” she says. The reason? A girl playing sp ort w ent against the cultural traditions of her area. her growing fam e also attracted the attention of traditionalists w ho don’t believe Pakistani girls should com pete as sportspeople. M aria’s father enrolled her at a squash academ y run by the Pakistani A ir Force and once m ore they both pretended she w as m ale. At one point som eone put a note on M aria’s father car ordering him to stop her playing squash or face unpleasant ‘consequences’. she regularly got into fights as a little girl. B. bruised and bleeding.but caused herself so m any painful injuries that her concerned father decided the solution w as to move. Of course. however.. MARIA’S RISE TO THE TOP W hen M aria Toorpakai W azir found herself playing squash on a co urt surrounded by gunm en to protect her. and the kit. I locked m yself away. w ho gave her a special award. knees w ere always bleeding. trying to create my own shots. M aria em ailed squash academ ies all over the w orld asking for th eir help. M aria had always enjoyed physical pursuits. W hen she was 12. Fortunately. W ithin a few m onths. w hich had also set up a security base next to her house. Soon. 34 . She burned her fem inine clothes and began w earing her bro the r’s instead. The gunm en had been provided by the Pakistani Squash Federation. “ I liked how the kids had so much determ ination. To stay as safe as possible. People expected boys. Her success was noticed by the president of Pakistan. w here it w as unusual for a girl even to w ear sports clothes. but I still kept playing. “ My hands. She cut her hair. C albo D. My eyebrows and face w ere always swollen. however.” says the 22-year-old. she had won her first tournam ent. to behave the way M aria d id . telling the coaches and other participants that she was a boy to avoid any em barrassm ent. He arranged for her to train as a weightlifter. and she often practised alone from m orning until evening. Zakreśl literę A. Again. M aria w as just as happy hitting balls as lifting w eights.Zadanie 6. not girls. no m atter how m uch she suffered because of them . her determ ination paid off.and the result was terrible verbal bullying. M aria began to practise in her room . (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst.

Maria was someone w ho A never complained about anything. B began to lift weights. B was often aggressive tow ards others. D copied her brother's behaviour. D Maria could be am ong the best In the w orld. C always w anted to play games. B som ething bad w ou ld happen if Maria continued. people treated her badly because o f A her size. C Maria's squash-playing was unhealthy. C her sex. 2 To change the way people saw her. C spent all her tim e w ith boys. B her appearance. C describes Maria Toorpakai Wazir's squash techniques. Maria A stopped dressing like a girl. D experienced a lot o f sickness. the author A compares Pakistani and other attitudes tow ards girls in sport. 4 Maria's father was told th a t A they should get o u t o f Pakistan. B criticises people w ho are against girls In sport. 35 .1 As a child. 5 In the article. 3 A t Maria's first squash academy. D her equipm ent. D considers the obstacles Maria Toorpakai W azir has faced.

z którego usunięto trzy zdania. E Everyone has been so kind. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E). so it saves her a job. It’s also useful. Even if he doesn’t eat it. A p art from that. 36 . I soon realised that d espair is just a w aste of energy. I think. 3 A In recent years I've been guilty o f making only very brief visits. 2 I’m sure he will. I’ve been spending as m uch tim e as possible w ith Dad since I found out about his illness. A NEW TO G ETH ER NESS S om etim es it seem s that it’s only in the m ost difficult tim es that we truly appreciate the people we care for. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. At the m om ent he’s in shock. I can hand him the things he needs and put them away afterwards. Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery. C It means I can be at my parents' house a lot o f the tim e w hen M um is o u t at w ork. 1 A lthough I got upset the first couple of tim es I saw him looking so tired. and it’s been nice to do som ething as a family. Mum will. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst.Zadanie 7. B I need to show him th a t I believe he can get stronger. I think. I’ve realised that one way to be helpful is to cook extra food w henever I m ake a meal and take it round. We haven’t w atched so m uch TV together for years. D That's som ething I tell him a lot. ju st to provide com pany to take his m ind off things. My flexible w o rk schedule is som ething to be very glad about in this situation.

. having done a m arathon each day! Tom flew betw een five continents and wore 3 ) . (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst.. “ I th ink I ju st 5) used to it... Australian Tom D enniss set off from the Sydney O pera House on New Year’s Eve 2011 and arrived back there on S eptem ber 13. 1 A w hy B how C where 2 A B one C th a t 3 A thin B through c out 4 A result B product c goal 5 A got B became c put it . B albo C.. Asked how he felt physically at the end of the 622 days. Tom said the w orld seem ed sm aller to him as a 4 ) of his adventure. 1 ) about trying to beat the record for running around the w orld? You’ll probably need to set more than a year aside for it. On his last day. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst.” he said.. though! The current holder of the record m ade 2 ) around the globe in 622 days.v Znajomość środków językowych Zadanie 8. Tom said he actually felt stronger than before. AROUND THE WORLD IN 622 DAYS If you’re super-fit and looking for a challenge.. 2013. Zakreśl literę A.. which raised m oney for the ch arity Oxfam . Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.. His highlights included the G rand Canyon and the Andes..17 pairs of running shoes to com plete his journey.

Zadanie 9. (0-5)
W zadaniach 1-5 spośród podanych opcji (A -C ) wybierz tę, która może najlepiej zastąpić zaznaczony fragment.
Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.

I o u g h t to take the dog fo r a walk.


fo r the future

B fo r fun

C fo r a long tim e

be to o late fo r

B fo rg e t about


fail to stop


B ended


Invited people to

I'm sorry it upset you, b ut I had no choice.



I've called o f f the game.



D o n 't miss the bus - the next one isn't until tom orrow .


B should

I've been studying cookery fo r ages.



it's n ot my problem.

B I d id n 't realise.

C it was the only possible action.

Wypowiedź pisemna
Zadanie 10. (0-10)
Wczoraj przystąpiłeś/-aś do szkolnego testu. Napisz e-mail do przyjaciela z Irlandii, w którym:
• podasz, z jakiego przedmiotu był test i jaki był jego cel,
• wspomnisz, co Ci się podobało w teście, a co nie,
• opiszesz swoje odczucia ogólnie związane z testowaniem ,
• zadasz przyjacielowi dwa pytania na temat jego szkolnych testów.
Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów, pamiętając, że je j długość powinna wynosić
od 80 do 130 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach, które są podane). Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego
przekazania informacji (4 punkty), spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty), bogactwo językowe (2 punkty)
oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty).

From: X Y Z
To: Darren
Subject: School test
Dear Darren,
I had an im portant day yesterday.

W rite to me soon.

Rozumienie ze słuchu
Zadanie 1. (0-5)

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę Ruth i Freda na temat wspólnego mieszkania.

Odpowiedz na pytania 1-5 zgodnie z treścią nagrania. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli
(R - Ruth, F-Fred).

W hich person:

lives w ith more than one person?


raises a financial issue?


says som ething positive about the other person?


suggests a tem porary solution?


accepts an invitation?

Zadanie 2. (0-4)
Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi,

które łączy temat restauracji i jedzenia poza domem. Do każdej

wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli.
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.
The speaker:

explains w hy he/she finds eating o u t tiring.


has a business plan.

C w orks in a hotel.
D avoids eating out.
E enjoys only one kind o f restaurant.






Zadanie 3. (0-6)
Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. Z

podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.

Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.
Recording 1

Recording 2

Where is everybody going?

W hat is Beth concerned about?


To an airport.


The security o f the house.

B To a shop.

B The way the house smells.

C To a coast.


Her brother's situation.

Recording 3

Recording 4

This speaker is

W hich sentence is TRUE about this situation?


encouraging people to give some money.

B trying to persuade people to change their


The custom er is unable to buy something.

B The w orker Is taking a break.

Normally there are more people w orking in the

C explaining w hy a species is endangered.

Recording 5

Recording 6

The speaker thinks

This announcem ent is made


the situation isn't his fault.


on a vehicle.

B everyone should stay together.

B on a construction site.



the best solution is to w a it a little.

at a station.


. Elephants in T hailand have been living closely w ith people for a long tim e. One even becam e able to play three drum s at the sam e tim e and keep rhythm! . Just as with people. T hey were playing w ithin a few m inutes. He said: “ I thought. As a result. a num ber of elephant sanctuaries have opened in Thailand. one of the co nservationists becam e convinced that elephants enjoy listening to m usic and he began to w onder if they w ould enjoy playing m usic too.Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. super-strong m usical instrum ents especially for them . hand an elephant the stick and m aybe point. he asked a New York-based scientist and m usician called David S oldier to create giant. It w as nothing like th a t at all. how m uch elephants like m usic varies from individual to individual. Som e elephants focus on particular instrum ents. David m anaged to m ake large m etal versions of traditional Thai instrum ents for the elephants . Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o muzycznie uzdolnionych słoniach. Now w e’ve discovered a nother surprising skill that they possess . W orking elephants are m uch less com m on in the 21st century .but that m eans few er people are taking responsibility for them . T h a t’s because Thai elephants used to be a key part of industries that involved transporting resources. THE ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA They say elephants never forget..m usical ability. Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę. T h a t’s it. Those that like playing m usic seem to p articularly enjoy doing it in a group.’.but he didn’t th ink it w ould be easy to get elephants to produce music. ‘W e’re going to have to give them a banana every tim e they play a n o te . At one of the sanctuaries. To answ er th a t question. A nother w ay they resem ble us is that they are highly social. I w ould play the instrum ent.” 4 No elephant is m ade to play music.


w ho appeared to run his business by keeping his eye on the coach-m aker. 2 The author describes the High Street as A full o f busy workers. 1 This te xt tells readers A how to prepare answers to interview questions. Zakreśl literę A. 44 . No m atter how well you speak at a job interview. C lacking in customers. ask friends or relatives to ‘interview ’ you and m ake notes about any distracting m ovem ents you make. lean forward slightly to show you are interested. B popular as a m eeting place. Here’s som e advice for creating the right im pression. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. you’ll look bored. w ho stood at his door and yawned at the chem ist. • A t tim es w hen you have to listen to the interviewer. keep to the sam e pace as him /her. • Before the real thing. w ho appeared to get on in life by putting his hands in his pockets and contem plating the baker. C how fast to w alk in interview situations. shy or uninterested. always bent over a little desk with a m agnifying glass at his eye. zgodną z treścią tekstu. B albo C. B how to avoid talking to o much.Zadanie 5. and always inspected by a group of people at his shop window. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze środowiskiem pracy. The watchm aker. GREAT EXPECTATIONS M r Pum blechook appeared to conduct his business by looking across the street at the saddler. seem ed to be about the only person in the High Street w hose trade held his attention. it w on’t count for anything if your body language is negative. w ho in his turn folded his arm s and stared at the grocer. If you fall behind. • W hen an interview er takes you on a tour or show s you to or from the interview room.

3 A t this company. We ask each other questions to m ake sure everyone is doing som ething w orthw hile. Everyone is equal and everyone w orks on w hatever project they th ink Is the m ost im portant or interesting at the time. we have no traditional ‘m anagers’. . At Electronic Arena. it's normal fo r workers to A judge how well th e ir colleagues are w orking. C give their colleagues instructions. technical know ledge and team -w orking skills and these scores decide w hat paym ent you receive for your work. These discussions allow people w orking on the sam e project to give each other scores for w ork rate.T ekst 3. B do their w o rk from home. T h a t’s w hy all our w ork stations have wheels. You can w ork anyw here in the building that is convenient or feels suitable for you.

” The big man spoke quite calmly. There’s som ething we need to discuss. you're going to do the right thing w ith Davia. Now w e’ve got the stuff. They all enjoy being with her and aren’t likely to suspect w ho ’s got the stuff w hile she’s around. It’s nearly three years since you and Davia w ent into business together. with an unpleasant laugh. He w as sitting by the fire holding his hands out to the w arm th. He knew Davia w ould serve him well. “ Davia is now as sick of your gam e as me. “ Davia reckoned it w asn’t safe to just disappear in case those guys discover th ey’ve been robbed of th eir goods. so w hen are you going to m ake her your w ife?” “You're pretty rude. but to please you. His w ide shoulders were broadened so much by the fur that he looked a giant. “ I w anted her to stay. he w as incredibly tall and w earing grey w olfskin from head to foot. C albo D. ignoring the last part of the o th e r’s words. T h a t’s w hat you said.” answ ered Jean. “That's w hat I said.” said Victor. Victor w as looking down at a w ooden container w hich stood at the big m an's feet. o r . (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. You said it didn’t w ant m arried traders on its books. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.” w ent on the giant. She didn’t go into it for an adventure. W e need to talk in private. T hings are different now.” V ictor nodded and began to look less angry. zgodną z treścią tekstu. B. The bed stood at one end and the blankets on it looked as though they had not been straightened for w eeks. “C leverer indeed!” said Victor. You said you’d m arry her w hen you were independent of the company. “W e speak our m inds in these parts. w ho w as sm all and quick-thinking. A nd you had no money. I’ve been w atching you to m ake sure you treat her well. and had an expression on his dark face indicating anger. “O r you w on’t get one ce n t’s w orth of w h a t’s in this chest. IN THE BROODING WILD Two m en occupied the back room of V ictor G agnon’s store. And th a t’s w hy I’ve done all your d irty w ork in this latest schem e. V ictor G agnon. Zakreśl literę A. She’s staying around to put them off the trail.” “O r w ha t? ” interrupted Victor. ‘And w hy didn't she com e along with you?” “M aybe because she’s cleverer than any of us.” the big m an continued. O ne w as the owner. M aybe because I didn’t w ant her to. The room was untidy. The other man w as beside the window.” 46 . N am ed Jean.-J Zadanie 6. Below his long black hair. Victor. “But that isn’t the only reason. his face w as as som bre and strong as the w orld to w hich he belonged. but his calm ness had a dark quality.

B One o f them h ad n't slept. B keep the contents o f the container from Victor. 47 . C Jean ordered her to stay behind. D Both o f them w orked at the store. 2 W hy was Davia not w ith V ictor and Jean? A She fe lt like being sociable. C failing to keep to his w ord. B reveals how V ictor feels about Davia. B using Davia to make money. the author A describes a tense m eeting between V ictor and Jean.1 W hich sentence is TRUE a bo ut V ictor and Jean? A One was much bigger than the other. D She needed to find a hiding place fo r som ething. 5 In the extract. D stop helping Victor. 4 Jean threatens to A tell people about Victor's crimes. C explains w hy Jean w ants Davia to be happy. D shows w hy Davia w ants to marry Victor. 3 Jean accuses V ictor o f A lying about h ow rich he is. C Both o f them were wearing clothes made from animals. C use violence against Victor. D having a bad memory. B She w anted to look innocent.

z którego usunięto trzy zdania. there doesn't seem to be any kind o f problem. she’s about seven years old and am azingly sweet. My daughter Suzie asked to adopt her quite a w hile ago. 2 | in fact he hugs her m ore than anyone! I just hope they don’t leave her alone in the house for too long. 1 The cat and dog shelter looked after her for a few m onths and then let us adopt her. Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery. and is ve ry affectionate. C A t first she was a little anxious in her new surroundings. 3 A I d o n 't know w hy he insists th a t the house should be neat and tid y 24 hours a day. W e don’t know w hat breed she is. E In the end they had to use some drugged food. którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E). except w hen she has a nightm are. My son-in-law was a little concerned about his allergies. S he’s called Layla. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. but she has beautiful brown curly hair and is full of energy.Zadanie 7. D I hope he understands my decision. I w ould offer to look after her on days w hen th ey’re both w orking if Jim would only agree to it. B Fortunately. INTRODUCING LAYLA The m ain news is that there’s a new pet in the family. She had been running wild near the a irp o rt for som e tim e because nobody could catch her. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. She doesn't bark. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. 48 .

. Zakreśl literę A. A lthough superstitious thinking may be the main reason people throw cash into the fountains..” 5 ) them . it’s charities that benefit. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.V Znajomość środków językowych Zadanie 8.000 w as thrown into the centre’s 14 fountains betw een its 2) day in 1998 and 2013. Around £360.. The Trafford Centre has set up the Fountain Fund to distribute the cash am ong good causes such 3 ) .... FLOW OF MONEY People do all kinds of crazy things to raise m oney for charity.. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. the air am bulance service and a service that gives disabled children days out. the tradition of throw ing a coin into a fountain and w ishing for som ething is alive and well. Judging from the am ount of m oney 1 ) from one at the Trafford C entre shopping mall in M anchester.. B albo C.. Trafford Centre m anager Gordon M cKinnon said: “W e put the fountains in because we thought som ething we 4 ) people liked out to do. This w asn’t seem s that any architects w ho w ant th eir buildings to do som e good in the w orld should think about installing som e w ater features! 1 A created B collected C caused 2 A introduction B beginning C opening 3 A as B w ith c at 4 A set B g ot c pulled 5 A B There c It So . England.. but one of the m ost straightforw ard ways of persuading people to give away th eir m oney is to give them a fountain to throw it in.

. (0-5) W zadaniach (1 -5 ) spośród podanych opcji (A -C ) w yb ie rz tę. A w ent B are going C have been going 5 That's an amazing piece o f w ork! (Jak w p a d łe ś /-a ś na te n p o m y s ł? ) A How did you th in k o f the Idea? B W h a t were you th inking about? C How did you choose it? 50 ? . B you d id n 't have to help them . C you sh ouldn't help them .. B albo C........ then (u s ły s z a łe m /-a m m u z y k ę ) . C I heard music. 4 We stopped going to th e Wednesday class. B I listened to music. A you w e re n 't really helpful to them . Zakreśl lite rę A.. b ut (z b y tn io im nie p o m o g łe ś /... We ( p o s z liś m y ) to the M onday one instead. 3 It was very kind o f you....Zadanie 9.. 1 Have you always been good at basketball? (U m ia łe ś /~ a ś d o b rz e g r a ć ) as a child? A Were you playing well B Could you play well C Can you play well 2 I th o u g h t nobody was at home. A music was played fo r me...a ś ) .. k tó ra jest tłum aczeniem fragm entu podanego w nawiasie...... popraw nie uzupełniającym lukę.

Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty).ZastanawiałeśAaś się nad Twoją przyszłą karierą zawodową i chcesz omówić ten temat z anglojęzycznym przyjacielem. • poinformujesz. XYZ 51 . I look forw ard to hearing from you. jaki zawód (jakie zawody) chciał(a)byś wykonywać i dlaczego. w którym: • określisz. jaką radę dotyczącą kariery zawodowej otrzymałeś/-aś od przyjaciela lub krewnego. • wspomnisz o negatywnych stronach takiego wyboru. • zadasz przyjacielowi dwa pytania o jego nadzieje związane z karierą zawodową. Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów. które są podane). Dear Mark. I’ve been thinking a lo t about what job I’d like to do in the future. spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty). Napisz do niego list. że je j długość powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach. pamiętając. bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty).

Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę z tabeli (A .Amanda. E describes a successful home extension. 1 2 3 4 . Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. (0-5) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę Amandy i Eda na temat DVD. D imagines a better home than his/her own.Rozumienie ze słuchu Zadanie 1. E . Do każdej wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E). Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi. Odpowiedz na pytania (1-5) zgodnie z treścią nagrania. C gives advice on how to make your home attractive to people looking fo r somewhere to live. The speaker: A w orks in a departm ent store. B explains design decisions they made fo r th eir home. które łączy temat domu. (0-4) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi.Ed). A W hich person: 1 examines a disc? 2 owns a digital music device? 3 borrows films from a business? 4 never throw s away p ro o f o f a purchase? 5 is a gardener? E Zadanie 2.

Recording 5 Recording 6 W h a t is TRUE about the organisation? The speaker thinks A Its courses last 12 months. A Mark Fullerton knows a lot. (0-6) CJ Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. C a fu rn iture store. A makes a complaint. Recording 3 R ecording 4 The speaker is at The w om an finds o u t A a gym. Zakreśl literę A.Zadanie 3. 53 . B how to find the man's shop. B albo C. B Anybody can enrol on a course. zgodną z treścią nagrania. A how expensive som ething is. C w here she can buy pet products. C C use th e ir tickets on another service. B w ants to change a reservation. C C Kate Ash is a popular performer. accepts the option offered. Recording 1 R ecording 2 People are told by the speaker they can't The customer A receive British currency. It has a w ebsite fo r applications. B buy a full meal. B a workplace. B Mark Fullerton w ill enjoy Hollywood. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.

Even his headteacher failed to see his potential. (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o niepełnosprawnym pianiście. m usic schools failed to take him seriously. He becam e the first one-handed pianist to graduate from that prestigious school in all its 130 years. focusing on pieces w ritten for one hand by com posers such as M aurice Ravel.until he saw a friend playing som e Beethoven when he w as 14. W pisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę.but N icholas M cC arthy needed som e extra determ ination to succeed there. T hat way. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). Even after he show ed such com m itm ent to the instrum ent. As som eone w ho w as born with only one arm .Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. and then the Royal C ollege of M usic. He bought a cheap electronic keyboard and taught him self the basics with it before beginning actual piano lessons. he could be judged on the q uality of his perform ance alone w hen invited to an audition. Eventually he stopped telling the schools about his d isability in his applications. N icholas says nobody believed in him as much as he did. N icholas becam e more determ ined to prove people wrong. A GROUNDBREAKING MUSICIAN G raduating from the Royal C ollege of M usic in London is an achievem ent for anyone . The beauty of the piece m ade such an im pression on him that he decided he w anted to becom e a pianist him self. T he talented teenager w on a place at the G uildhall School of Music. Benjam in Britten and Sergei Prokofiev. Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. N icholas M cC arthy never saw him self as a piano player . Rather than taking his w ords to heart. telling him his d isability w ould always hold him back. 54 . 2 However. 4 His strategy paid off.


A m eeting w ill be held w ith the parents of any students w ho break any of the above rules m ore than three tim es in a school term . Always: • pay attention when the teacher is speaking.” 2 The extract shows th a t th e Squire believes th a t A schools have g o t better since he was a schoolboy. But never fear. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. You tell the truth. • run from one part of the room to another. If schools are w hat they w ere in my tim e. keep a brave and kind heart.earlier than we should have sent you. you'll see a great m any cruel things done. • raise yo ur voice at anyone. my boy. TOM BROWN’S SCHOOLDAYS ‘And now. C punctuality. zgodną z treścią tekstu. and hear a great deal of foul. CLASSROOM RULES Never: • throw any objects. • use students’ full first nam es. 1 One o f the rules is about A how loudly you can speak.” said the Squire. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze szkołą i edukacją. not nicknam es. bad talk. . “rem em ber you are going. at your own request. B albo C. and we’ll never feel asham ed to see you. perhaps. • ask before borrow ing equipm ent. to be throw n into this great school with m any trials before you . and you'll never feel asham ed to com e home. Tom. B when you can address the class. • stay in your seat w hen the bell rings until the teacher gives you perm ission to leave. Zakreśl literę A. B Tom has the ta le n t to do well at school.Zadanie 5. C attending school can change people for the w orst. and never listen to or say anything you w ouldn't say near your m other and sister. including paper.

skills at a British school. north-w est England are learning som ething new as part of th eir PE lessons . B explains a change to PE classes at a num ber o f C explains the reason behind th e teaching o f new British to save so m eone’s life. Now. the sch oo l’s students learn em ergency treatm ent procedures that can increase som eone’s chances of survival betw een a collapse and the arrival of professional m edics. .Tekst 3. Teenagers at a school in Bolton. every year of th eir studies until the age of 16. 3 The a uth or o f th e te xt A m entions a form er pupil o f Rivington High School. Som e politicians are now calling for schools across the nation to follow the exam ple of Rivington High School. The school changed its curriculum after a m em ber of the town’s football team collapsed because of heart failure and nearly died during a gam e at the age of ju s t 23.

and she honestly did not adm ire her own appearance. of course. and her m oth er’s voice saying: “G ood evening.” “ I had to help mother. tall figure. You'll have to give me a hand to get the luggage upstairs later. “I th ou gh t you w eren't com ing. and Elsie heard the sounds of arrival. “ It’s long after eight. C albo D. She.. from w hich she had been reading the headlines in a new spaper and com m enting on them aloud with: “ Im agine!” and W hatever is the w orld com ing to?” “That'll be the W illiam ses. You m ustn’t m ind me jo k in g ..” he said. Elsie w ent dow nstairs once more. Every now and then a noisy tram m ade its w ay along the broad suburban road.Zadanie 6. pulling her hand through his arm. but Elsie was fit enough to use them .” said young R oberts with a frown. M ost of the buildings on both sides were houses that displayed a sign or a card saying “ Room s available” R ight at the end of the street were the blue-coloured lights of the Palace C inem a.” S he w ent out into the hall. and pushed her gloveless hands deep into her pockets as she hurried along the pavem ent. although she com plained about the num ber of tim es she had to go up and down them . And if you w ant to know.. or possessed in m uch sm aller am ounts. “C om e on in. 15 w as a narrow. but her personal preference w as for dark eyes. a bright hair colour. Elsie. cold autum n evening. B. “O o h!” She turned up the collar of the coat. O nly a few shops w ere lit.” Elsie ran to the back kitchen. In the past tw o years she had gradually discovered that she had a pow er over men that other girls e ither did not possess at all. I'm afraid. She did not know why boys so often w anted to go out w ith her. 58 . You've brought us som e w et weather. high house with very steep stairs. G eraldine and Mrs Palm er all kept num erous toiletries and items of clothing in the kitchen to save them selves from u nnecessary journeys. and a slim. but I'll give them supper first. At first she had th ou gh t that she m ust be growing prettier. and sat at a co rn er of the new spaper-covered kitchen table to drink tea and eat bread and jam . and about tim e too. I ought to be there now. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. “That's the doo rb ell!” Mrs Palm er lifted herself out of her chair. Zakreśl literę A.. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. MESSALINA OFTHE SUBURBS No. put on her w aterproof coat and hat and slipped out through the side door into a wet.” She laughed up at him naughtily. zgodną z treścią tekstu.

59 . B there were fe w street lights. 2 In Mrs Palmer's opinion th e Williamses A arrived a b it late. C brown eyes. D people w ere w alking very fast. B dark hair. C were funny people. 4 The narrator suggests Elsie has A a thin body. C Its kitchen contained things usually found in a bathroom . D reveals w h a t Elsie's job is. 5 In th e extract. D It was close to a church. 15? A Elsie d id n 't m ind using the stairs there. B N ot everyone there had th e ir ow n bedroom. C shows Elsie is a helpful daughter. B had to o many bags. 3 Elsie walked along a street where A there were lots o f homes fo r sale. the author A describes Elsie's regret at leaving home. C public transport was available. D fair hair. B presents Elsie as a popular w om an.1 W hich sentence is TRUE a bo ut No. D were greedy people.

so I didn't bother trying to m ake sure everything was 100% correct. I can’t put my theories into practice until the right boy com es along. |_f_| Fortunately. N evertheless. H I I suppose I could if I just woke up an hour earlier . it w as only w orth 3% of our overall grade. A I much prefer to com plete my assignments on my own. I wish I could do th a t every day. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. I think I’ve grown up a lot and I know better how I should be treated in a relationship. A satisfactory m ark is good enough for me for such an unim portant assessm ent. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. though. 3 | H opefully I'd be mature enough to learn from them . I m anaged to lay undisturbed in bed for about an hour after w aking up.but that w ould be silly! I had a frustrating class tonight. B The others in mine were far better at the tasks than me. but I’m trying hard not to read too much into them . Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery.Zadanie 7. C I th in k I've realised w hy I'm tired so much o f the tim e. 60 . Fie says the sw eetest things. z którego usunięto trzy zdania. I ce rta inly realise now boys can be full of pretty but em pty words. YOU LIVE AND LEARN Today has been a pretty good day. D Though it fe lt lazy. I still don't know w hat Brendan has planned for Friday. W e've been texting tonight. którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E). E Even then I'm sure I'll make millions o f mistakes. W e had a w orkshop and had to w ork in groups.

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. it’s now possible to create a brush th a t’s perfect for every individual. It 3 ) . O nly 15 or so bites are n ecessary to get the teeth clean because it w orks on all the teeth at 4 ) It com es at quite a(n) 5 ) .Znajomość średków Językowych Zadanie 8.. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst.. In fact.. 2 ) to 3D printing. however.. it’s not a brush at all... but a piece of plastic with the brush part inside it. but in the future a m ere six seconds may be enough.. perfectly inside a particular person’s m outh... .. FLOW OF MONEY People are advised to brush th eir teeth for tw o m inutes 1) a tim e.. and w hen he or she bites on it. B albo C.... Zakreśl literę A.. (0-5) Przecz/taj tekst. 1 A by B at C on 2 A Through B Thanks C Relating 3 A B wears c fits 4 A to ge th er B once c pulled 5 A B price c bill matches expense 61 . based on the exact shape of his or her m outh... The personalised brushes have gone on the m arket at 300 euros.... it cleans th eir teeth more efficiently than a traditional brush.

C tells its seafood. B albo C. B for C of lies. (0-5) W zadaniach (1 -5) wybierz wyraz. B in C on I have nowhere to w o rk at home. the tim e in Spanish. so I'm going t o Take a w a te rp ro o f coat . który poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obydwu zdaniach. b u t I th in k th a t w o r d A 4 means It's far to o c o ld A 5 to I try n ot t o Julia can a lre a d y A 62 B carries My home to w n is fa m o u s say my second bedroom into an office. I d o n 't speak French. b u t sometimes its impossible to be honest. 1 George in s is te d I try n ot to w o r k A 2 at paying fo r the meal. my birthday. Zakreśl literę A. 'm useum '. C switch Thanks so much fo r your support . B tell C speak . sw im m ing in the lake.i t a lot to me.Zadanie 9.the w eather c a n A 3 make B tu rn quickly on th a t coast.

U nfortunately I’m not in the best o f health at the moment. czy przyjaciel ma dla Ciebie jakąś radę. pamiętając. jak długo spodziewasz się mieć ten problem. (0-10) Cierpisz z powodu problemu zdrowotnego. bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty). Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty). Dear Steve. • zapytasz. że jej długość powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach. I’d appreciate your advice. spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty). które są podane). Napisz do przyjaciela z Irlandii list. Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów.IB Wypowiedź pisemna Zadanie 10. XYZ . w którym: • objaśnisz problem i jego symptomy. • wspomnisz o dwóch rzeczach. • poinformujesz. które zrobiłeś/-aś w związku z tym problemem.

Rozumienie ze słuchu Zadanie 1. (0-4) Q Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi. Odpowiedz na pytania (1-5) zgodnie z treścią nagrania. E changed his/her mind about his/her career. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.George). B started a business th ro ug h som ething he/she enjoys. C gives th e reasons w hy he/she likes his/her job. (0-5) O Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę Kathy i Georgea na temat wykonywania muzyki. K W hich person: 1 has w atched a regional news program m e lately? 2 recently made a video? 3 has never had a music teacher? 4 w ould like to try som ething the other person does? G thinks it's a good idea to perform fo r people on an underground system? Zadanie 2. D explains w hy he/she needs an extra job. The speaker: A is at a job interview.Kathy G . które łączy temat pracy. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę z tabeli (K . 1 64 2 3 4 . Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Do każdej wypowiedzi (1-4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A-E).

C A something to eat. A Marie is being im polite. B a piece o f technology. some equipm ent. C explains someone's success. B arms. B Joe is good company. B make decisions about prices.Zadanie 3. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Recording 3 Recording 4 This speaker asks people to The speaker A invite people they know to take part. Recording 5 Recording 6 W hich sentence is TRUE a bo ut the room? Jonathan thinks th a t A Im portant politicians have been there. zgodną z treścią nagrania. A reports some good news. 65 . C stay in the same place. Marie should speak to Jonathan. B albo C. Zakreśl literę A. B pays trib u te to a famous person. (0-6) O Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. C C It contains a beautiful painting. B It has a particularly large light. Recording 1 Recording 2 Men and w om en should cover th eir John receives A heads. C feet.

an idea that is finally becom ing a reality. though. FROM SMARTPHONES TO SMARTWATCHES In the 1940s. 2 | Up to now. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę. several com panies have succeeded in creating w atches th a t act as m ini-com puters. w hich have fallen dram atically in popularity since people began using th e ir phones to check the time. 66 . the police detective hero of the com ic strip Dick Tracy wore a w atch that allow ed him to speak to his colleagues . especially am ong young people. Technology m anufacturers believe that ‘w earable’ devices will be the next big thing. 4 | Not only m ight the technology free us to go out more often w itho ut bags and pockets.T h a t m ight not be the case for long.^ Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Zadanie 4. of course. by connecting w irelessly to the u ser’s phone or tablet PC. In a recent U K survey. it m ight also revive interest in watches. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A-F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu (1-4). 3 | Those features may well be useful for a spy or fighter of crim e.a pocket or a bag to keep our phone in . to preview text m essages and em ails sent to them . around a third of people aged 15 to 24 said they saw no need for a watch. but the full Dick Tracy experience. (0-4) Przeczytaj tekst o telefonie. który można nosić jak część garderoby. allow ing the w earer to film videos and take pictures and also. T~ The rise of the m obile phone m eans we need one of tw o things to stay in touch with people as much as m odern life dem ands . Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. requires a device that w orks through voice activation. T he first such ‘sm artw atch ’ finally w en t on sale in autum n 2013 nearly 70 years after the hero’s radio w atch first appeared.


with Lord H enry Wotton. “ Not send it anyw here? My dear fellow. As soon as you have one. B Basil fails to fo llo w an Instruction. • som e of the history of w atercolour painting. “ It is the best thing you have ever done. sat the a rtist him self.” 2 W hy Is Lord Henry surprised? A Basil doesn't w a n t to exhibit the picture. Zakreśl literę A. zgodną z treścią tekstu. You will learn: • techniques for painting skies. B albo C. you seem to w ant to throw it away. paints and brushes. (0-3) Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze sztuką i kulturą. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. why? W hat odd chaps you painters are. Tekst 2. Lord H enry raised his eyebrow s and looked at him in am azem ent. buildings.Zadanie 5. in front of it. Tekst 1 This four-week course is for people with little or no experience of w atercolour painting. C facts a bo ut past painters. B free equipm ent.” “ I don’t think I shall send it anyw here. • how to mix colours. You m ust send it to the G rosvenor next year. You do anything in the w orld to gain a reputation. 68 .” he answered. 1 The course w ill definitely include A o u td o o r painting. Basil Hallward. C Basil w ants to destroy the picture. THE PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY In the centre of the room stood the full-length portrait of a young man of e xtraordinary beauty and.” said Lord Henry. throw ing his head back in that odd way he had. trees and w ater from observation in central London (w eather-perm itting).

every song is a high-energy w orkout. If you don’t w ant to party. It’s obvious that Bergson’s background . C understand W endy Bergson's fans. 3 The auth or o f the te x t tries to A persuade people to go to see W endy Bergson. but Bergson ce rta inly know s how to please a crowd w ith her on-stage gym nastics. B describe W endy Bergson's talents. She m ay not be the strongest of singers.and her passion . .lies in dance. stay away from this tour.T ekst 3. From the m om ent W endy Bergson appeared on the stage. T he show ends w ith a new version of her ve ry first hit. It’s also clear that she hasn’t forgotten her oldest fans. the w hole crowd were on th eir feet cheering and dancing. A p art from a very brief instrum ental section.

w anted to sell th eir m usic the traditional w ay w hen they released their second album . B. To th eir alarm . M usic sales are not the basis of Pop Rees’ success. on top of their m usic careers. again all local. C albo D. The band’s singer. they adm it they w ould have to find w ork outside the m usic industry altogether. In fact four of the five band m em bers w ork there full-tim e. they took over a form er tourist inform ation centre and renam ed it Pop Rees. C oncerts are held at the store regularly. judging by the sto ry of ‘Frankie and the H eartstrings’. Frankie Francis. FRANKIE AND THE RECORD SELLERS W hat future do record shops have now that it’s becom e norm al for people to get their m usic in the form of M P3 dow nloads? M any m usicians w ho are trying to m ake a nam e for them selves don’t even try to sell th eir m usic. Even the m oney from that kept them going for only a year. and the only tim e th eir m usic brought them significant financial rewards w as w hen a pizza com pany used one of their songs in a TV ad. T he ir solution w as to open th eir very own shop. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. that It has becom e perm anent. zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A. however. 70 . W ithout Pop Rees. The band m em bers adm it they earn more m oney from selling coffee and other drinks at the store than music. T he store becam e so popular.Zadanie 6. Even som e established stars occasionally offer free songs to the Internet-using public to raise interest in th e ir work. T he original intention w as to keep the shop open for just tw o w eeks to publicise the release of th e ir album . instead they m ake it available for free dow nloading in the hope that people will pay for fu rth e r music. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Supported by local politicians in th eir hom e town. They lost th eir recording contract after th e ir second album failed to m ake the Top 40. however. they realised there were very few m usic shops left in British high streets. and the w alls are decorated w ith w ork by photographers and other visual artists. or to see them live. This band from S underland in north-east England. Perhaps the record store still has a place in the 21st century. They liked the idea of encouraging younger people to understand the joy of ow ning m usic in a physical form . W hat the shop responds to is a need for a venue w here recording artists and o the r artists from the region can share their w o rk with the public. says young m usicians often ask if they can give a perform ance in the store after buying records there. w ho have had only m inor com m ercial success. and also to draw attention to the disappearance of places w here you can buy m usic on vinyl records or in other physical form s. including appreciating the a rtw o rk on the cover. however.

1 According to the author. D Hardly any shopping streets had record stores. B tells the story o f how 'Frankie and th e Heartstrings' g ot together. 71 . B Powerful people w anted to help them succeed. 5 In the text. D let people decide w he th er to pay fo r it. C find people to play music w ith . 3 Pop Rees has led to w h a t fo r 'Frankie and the Heartstrings'? A A regular income. D discuss modern popular culture. C make people w a n t to attend concerts. B advertise th e ir artistic efforts. B th an k fans fo r th eir support. C explains 'Frankie and the Heartstrings' strategy fo r survival. D A new deal w ith a record company. C Inspiration fo r their music. D shows w hy 'Frankie and the Heartstrings' are grateful tow ards record shops. B Television appearances. 4 People use Pop Rees to A learn about how music was made and sold in th e past. the author A predicts bigger success fo r 'Frankie and th e Heartstrings'. C They had more success w ith records than MP3s. 2 W h a t surprised 'Frankie and th e Heartstrings'? A Very fe w young people were buying music. one reason music makers give music away is to A avoid looking old-fashioned.

I chat to people all day since I started driving fo r a living. passenger” to show them how ridiculous it sounds in the 21st century. I feel like saying “ r 'c Zadanie 7. Som e people see you as th eir servant for the duration of the journey. z którego usunięto trzy zdania. O nce a young w om an w ho w as going hom e after a night out loved one of the songs on a CD I was playing so m uch. E I d o n 't th in k I'll ever fo rg et it. D Some even call you "D river" w hen they give instructions. Wpisz w luki (1-3) litery. A Maybe it's because I'm so very busy. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. (0-3) Przeczytaj tekst. B Anyway. 1 My day m ight sta rt w ith a businessperson going to the a irpo rt w ho w ants to tell me all about how im portant his or her trip is. którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A-E). T ha t’s som ething I’ve always found difficult to explain. It’s not all fun.but inside a taxi th e y’re happy to reveal a lot to som eone they don’t know. . tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. of course. Perhaps it’s because conversations on buses and trains feel more public. She opened the door and started dancing in the street. she asked me to play it again when we arrived at her house. |_f_| W hen that happens. A TAXI DRIVER’S LIFE People don’t say a thing to each other on public tran spo rt . C You see th e w orst o f people in this job. It nearly always ends in the com pany of som eone w ho’s been enjoying them selves.

unable to fly.. B albo C. (0-5) Przeczytaj tekst. Not only did the passenger have no flying experience 4 ) . 1 A in B w ith C out 2 A explained B expressed C expected 3 A right B so C just 4 A wherever B whatsoever C however 5 A That B W hat C It . They kept him calm and 2 ) how to use the controls to bring the plane down as sm oothly as he could.. .. it w as only his second tim e travelling by air..... Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą.... Zakreśl literę A. although the pilot sadly died shortly after the incident as a result of his m edical problem. 5) m akes his achievem ent even more am azing is that the incident happened at night and the plane’s lights w eren’t all sw itched on as it approached the runway. tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst.. it asked tw o instructors from a local flying school to tell the passenger how to land the plane. NIGHTMARE IN THE AIR Im agine you’re the only passenger on a plane and the pilot suddenly falls ill.... Although it landed rather bum pily w ith its nose too low.Znajomość środków językowych Zadanie 8. W hen H um berside A irp o rt received distress m essages from the sm all aircraft.... during a flight over northern England in O ctober 2013. It sounds like a plot from an action film . the passenger and the plane survived 3 ) fine... but th a t’s the situation one m an had to deal 1 ) ..

C I'm sorry...... 74 ............ B I have no idea. X: Quite late.Zadanie 9. A He's n ot here rig ht now.. it's my fault. 1 X: Are people allowed to sit here? Y: . A Haven't you already done it? B W hy should I always do it? C There's no need . B Not until I was 30... C Please. then.. A A fte r I arrived...... just's a holiday tom orrow .... A N ot very.. 3 X: How successful is the business? Y: . X: Let's hope so.. 5 X: You'd better p ut th e rubbish out. Zakreśl literę A. C It's none o f your business... X: How do you get one? A I've b ro ug ht my ow n seat. wybierając brakującą wypowiedź jednej z osób. 2 X: W hen did you first th in k o f joining th e army? Y: ... B it's g ettin g to o busy fo r the tw o o f us. B albo C. (0-5) Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (1-5). C I was much younger then.. X: Then find out. X: I d id n 't realise......... b ut things w ill improve. B Only if they've g o t a ticket... Y: .. 4 X: W ho is responsible fo r this? Y: .

pamiętając.1 Wypowiedź pisemna Zadanie 10. W h a t a wonderful day I had on Saturday! W rite back and tell me. XY Z ( S e nd ) j 75 . • zapytasz przyjaciela o jego ulubione zwierzę i miejsce związane ze środowiskiem naturalnym. Napisz e-mail. • opiszesz zwierzę. że je j długość powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów (nie licząc słów w zdaniach. Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty). dokąd pojechałeś/-aś i dlaczego. From : X Y Z To: Sam Subject: Natural experience Hi Sam. • opiszesz Twój ulubiony element krajobrazu. bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) r oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty). spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty). Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów. które są podane). w którym: • poinformujesz. (0-10) Doświadczyłeś/-aś niedawno przyjemnego wydarzenia związanego ze środowiskiem naturalnym i chcesz się podzielić wrażeniami z przyjacielem z Kanady. które widziałeś/-aś.

I'm determined to be here again next year and go one better for these great fans. teeth and elbows. I'm going to help you to create an account on our system so that you can print your work and use the Internet while you're studying here. I really want to experience that. 4) Speaker 1 Customer announcement. but she was just too strong for me in the end. I'll watch it on video after I've got over the disappointment and think about that I can do better. you need to type your first name and your surname with no capital letters. We apologise for any Inconvenience. I sometimes cycle to the shops now. I didn't see it on the website I used to plan the Itinerary. It's hard to make decisions! Keith: I know what you mean. so if you want to buy souvenirs you can take your time while I'm on the boat. Speaker 2 I started cycling to get fit about a year ago when a friend gave me an old mountain bike he didn't want any more. The family are celebrating because the museum will take only some of the treasure. If you want to play In goal. The interview didn't go well. Including the neck. July and August. By law. Throughout June. put today's date. You can buy gear for every part of the body. and the coins were among the items lost. why not come along and support our talented young swimmers? It's free to be a spectator. Veronica: I didn't even know there was a photography museum. A number of ships sank in a hurricane in the area In 1715. Instead of driving. of course! Veronica: That reminds me. Exercise 2 (p. Veronica: OK. Veronica: Why don't we do the things on the Itinerary together In the mornings. And I can't stand crowded shops. In fact. Under start date. All other pools in the county will be open for swimming as usual. Recording 2 Paula: What's wrong. 5) Recording 1 Everyone sit at a computer. If you need a pair of sunglasses for . Now complete the form and think of a password. but in fact it's great fun. No. I admit that does make sense. Under name. Speaker 4 What can I say? It just wasn't my day. I just got a bit emotional because I got some amazingly good news in a phone call just now. Does everybody see an Icon on their screen that looks like a book? Good. we're not going to want to do exactly the same things 24 hours a day while we're here.000. but I haven't skated for years. you can buy any pair of shorts and get another pair completely free of charge. too. they can keep a lot of It for themselves. Let's be honest. 4) Keith: I found this leaflet about a photography museum in the reception area of the hotel. If you don't want to buy everything that's available. Keith: Well that would give me the chance to do a boat tour of the canals. That's right. Gary? Why are you crying? Gary: Don't worry. please. This is because the pool is hosting the County Schools Swimming Championships. the reason for my tears is that somebody's found my dog! Paula: Ben? I didn't think I'd see him again! Gary: Neither did I! He went missing two years ago. it's still essential to get an Ice hockey helmet and gloves. Alternatively. I know you don't like being on water. Unfortunately I've seen even players wearing masks suffer facial Injuries. but you must reserve a seat at reception. provided you take lots of photos for me of the things you do on your ow n! Keith: No problem! But not while I'm on a bike if I hire one. Exercise 3 (p. Recording 3 Visitors to a museum in Florida will soon be able to see gold coins from 18th-century Spain that were found off the state's coast. I didn't make many mistakes. then go our separate ways in the afternoons If we want to? Then at dinner each night we can enjoy hearing about each other's experiences. Paula: Is It about the job you wanted? Gary: I'm still waiting to hear about that. The coins were discovered by a family who were looking for treasure in the Atlantic Ocean.Test 1 Exercise 1 (p. Click on that. she just played better than me. I didn't expect to enjoy cycling. It's a racing bike and much faster. There's just too much to do in this city. Paula. This is a dangerous sport. Recently I decided to buy a new bike. I hope you'll still join me on the outdoor Ice rink near the big art gallery. I've put it out of my mind. All I can do is try to learn from It. I gave it everything I had. You get a 10% discount if you show It at the ticket desk. you should also get a mask. There will be no public swimming from 6 pm on Friday. Recording 4 Summer is here and if you want to enjoy the sun in style you've come to the right place. We should take turns deciding. which is worth $300. Speaker 3 Like all Ice hockey players. we need to put safety first before we even begin the season. so I may need a hand to hold! Keith: If you insist. I like to try to ride my favourite route in record time.

but it's hard to earn a living that way. Test 2 Speaker 2 When I was younger. which took photos of the man and emailed them to me! Eve: Wow! I must put something similar on my laptop. Tony: I already know that. I'm glad they found the thief. and I couldn't relax fully in my house for months. He's made me frightened to walk through my Exercise 3 (p. I'm now studying History of Art and I give drawing lessons to help pay for the course. although I still get anxious when I'm walking along quiet streets at night. I have an exciting announcement to make. The idea is to make original art easier to own. If necessary. All the art works are by contemporary artists. but I don't see the point of that idea. It was really fast. Telling the burglar how scared and angry he made me feel helped me to get over it. though. own city just for that! Eve: You should tell him so! Maybe then he'll think twice about doing it again. Don't worry . however. Please note that due to illness. Search and rescue teams may have them before long. This summer the café will open on Sundays and we may open on Sundays permanently if it's successful. Recording 6 New Zealand may become the first country where people use personal flying machines. Faye: Surely everyone in Germany speaks English. you're right. How awful. learning languages is good for your brain in lots of ways. but its maximum speed is 56 kilometres an hour. and thanks to that. we will advertise for new staff. I'd love to become a full-time artist. Even if I don't have to use my German much. 16) lucky! Speaker 1 Tom: Not any time soon. I often have to use it in public in my job. I'll email all the details and the deadline for responding to you. To my surprise.those bright days. everyone. Recording 5 Faye: Hi Tom. Tom: You're wrong to say it's not worth doing. ladies and gentlemen. Anyway. perhaps because it runs on petrol. I chose a picture of a mountain waterfall. 16) Eve: Tony. you'll find the largest selection of both men's and women's styles in our basement. Then I had to work abroad for a few months and I experienced life without a TV set.we won't expect anyone to work on Sundays. I can't see people flying themselves to work for many years. Speaker 4 How are you? At school our art teacher asked us to choose one of our favourite photographs then use it to produce a pencil sketch or oil painting. Faye: You're doing another trip through your job! You're so Exercise 2 (p. We also have a gift shop selling posters and smaller pieces of work than the ones on display in the can do other things while you enjoy it. Exercise 1 (p. they're all for sale and all the artists have agreed to allow people to pay for the work they want to buy in instalments. I'm using this book to help me prepare for it. Tony: You know. 17) Recording 1 Hello. I think you're wasting your money. Eve: Well I found it very helpful after my burglary. Your attention. But I wanted to give you all the option to volunteer yourselves first. it was better! I read more. Have you been given the chance to meet him through the victims of crime scheme? Tony: The police offered to arrange a meeting. I've realised that radio has a big advantage over TV . like take a walk or do the housework. Besides. You could ask the mugger why he did it. I hardly saw the man. Tonight's performance begins in 15 minutes. 77 . but because I have to go to Good evening. as you'll need around £175. Barbara Jones will not be performing this evening and the part of Rose Nyman will be played by Jennifer Robinson. Germany so much. What are you reading? Tom: It's a German phrase book. There will be a higher rate of pay and you will get a day off for every Sunday you work. Eve: I know what you mean. He describes his vehicle as a motorbike for the sky. I'll call the victims of crime number the police gave me. Speaker 3 I run a special kind of art gallery. I had installed some anti-theft software on it. An inventor there has won permission to fly a one-person mini-plane for testing. I heard that somebody mugged you. and I discovered I'm pretty good at landscape painting. The case had my laptop in it. I watched TV all night every night. I was burgled once. He wanted money to buy a pair of designer jeans. the police got the criminal. So what exactly happened? Tony: I was in Green Road when I felt somebody grab my briefcase. thanks. it will help to build good relationships. Please finish any drinks before entering the auditorium as glasses and bottles are not allowed in. Tony: Not bad. I've decided to do an evening course in German.000 to buy one. and downloaded radio programmes. please.

78 Test 3 Exercise 1 (p. if your dog manages to destroy a Flexo Ball we will replace it at no cost to you. It's useful to know that. on computers that are used by more than one person. John: Oh. but a Canadian man survived a bear attack thanks to his mobile phone.. But there's one form of advertising that I can't avoid and I hate It. 28) Grace: HI John. this kind of advertising takes away privacy. Has anybody found it? Worker: Just a moment. but I think some of them are quite artistic. Hey. Ian: What do you mean? Julie: We've learned that we need to have a torch In the house at all times and maybe candles and matches too. There's a billboard on my route to work that changes quite regularly.. John: Oh. Oh! Can you believe it? My battery Is dead. Grace: No. That gave him just enough time to escape and run for help. Recording 5 If you enjoyed playing 'City Wars'. the light from the screen caused the bear to take a step back. then you should avoid 'City Wars 2' unless you have a lot of time to spare . Speaker 3 You can choose to Ignore most kinds of advertising. 28) Speaker 1 I'm sure you've noticed that the adverts you see online these days are often personalised. because most of the shows I watch are recorded and I skip the adverts. If you need cash. I hardly ever see TV ads now. I thought that was the right spelling. like perfume or chocolate. If you've been looking at London hotel websites. I'm keeping that question. Recording 3 No man or woman Is strong enough to win a fight with a polar bear. How embarrassing! Well this has been very helpful. don't go away because shortly we're going to find out how to block personalised adverts from an Internet expert. Nobody's handed any lost property to us this morning. Garett Kolsun was walking through the town of Manitoba late one night when the bear chased him into a bakery doorway and hit him with Its paw. John: Let's see. then I need to make It easier. luckily for Garett. We are so sure this is the strongest pet ball you can buy. and I enjoy keeping an eye on It. you can withdraw some here if you bring your passport or driving licence. How can you renew library loans when the library Is closed? Grace: You didn't know you can do that via your online account or the 24-hour phone line? Well. but also to help them get to know what's where on the campus. Your pet will love chewing It. Judging by the quality of 'City Wars 2'. it's high time I did the same for you! What Is It? Grace: It's a quiz I've prepared for new students to do at the end of their first morning. thank you! Exercise 2 (p.but that's a good idea. you'll see adverts for London hotels. John: Sounds good. I think you've made a typing mistake In question 8. Can you check a piece of work for me? John: Sure.Recording 2 Julie: Well one good thing has come out of this power cut. that will be useful. Speaker 2 Advertising's not all bad.because It's even more addictive than the original game. It's my fault that I didn't know that. Can you do that for me? Worker: I'll give you the number you need to report it. Every aspect of the game has been Improved.Well I don't know the answer to number 4. Garett took his phone out of his pocket. You've put only one 's' In the middle of the word accessories.I make too many of them . They fall over the . So you want me to try to complete It? Grace: I'm mainly concerned about spelling and grammar mistakes . we should call Paul to tell him we're going to be late . I think we can definitely expect to see a 'City Wars 3' before long. Julie: It's OK .but I don't have his number in my phone. Customer Oh no.I have it In mine. and. I think billboard posters really brighten up towns and cities. but w on't be able to bite Into it. Grace. Ian: You're right. from the sound effects to the number of options you have at every stage of the game. It's Interesting that often the most visually interesting adverts are for products that appeal to the senses of smell or taste. Recording 6 Does your dog manage to destroy every toy you give It? Then you need the Flexo Ball. There was £150 In It because I wanted to buy presents for all my family today. I subscribe to a magazine and every week it arrives full of loose adverts Inserted by the publisher. You've helped me in that way so many times. Is It to check that they understand the rules of the college? I don't think enough teachers have been doing that since I was made headteacher.. Recording 4 Customer: Can you help me? I've lost my purse and the last time I took it out of my handbag was 20 minutes ago when I was here. If it's too hard for you. sorry. It's made from a special super-strong plastic that feels like rubber. Ian: What bad luck we're having here. I agree with you. If you agree. No.. I don't know anything about art. for example. I hadn't even bought one! I suppose I should cancel my card. Grace: It's partly about that. Many people feel that.

. let the company stop your service until she does. You're welcome to take pictures. here's an idea. Kelly: Well. shared a home with. Ruth: Fred. 29) trousers! Recording 1 John: But Kelly.. Let me see it. and all the furniture is the actual furniture he used. just scissors. Shall I use the electric clippers? Bruce: Oh no. People who behave badly only change when they see the results of their actions. my wife is the only person I've but I much prefer the way it looks that way. One of my flatmates never does any cleaning and is always the last person to pay her share of the bills. but we need to inform you of a 5% rise in our advertising rates from April. Ruth: Thanks! Ask your wife what she thinks about that first. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. Someone needs to say it. Recording 6 Kelly: John. Kelly: Well. Although the room was always known as the study. but please don't touch anything. leave it. Don't leave it too late. He's very kind and understanding. David: And are you keeping the same style. My name's Gary Beckwith and I'm calling from JCM Media about your regular advert. 40) David: No problem. since it's summer. If she doesn't pay a bill. The storm is expected to move into central and northern England in the early hours of tomorrow. we are offering discounts to advertisers who place ads in more than one of our publications. Your sweater is also the wrong colour. John: But my little sister is also wearing green. Go home and change and I'll explain to him why you're late. Here's another idea. If she makes a mess. Recording 5 This is a message for Mr Frobisher. where we have a range of posters. not even for a week. but I want to stay friendly with her. Fred: Hey.floor and it's so annoying. what are you wearing? You can't wear those Exercise 3 (p. so no. Heavy rain and winds of up to 100 miles per hour are expected to cause disruption to roads. But while I was waiting. Recording 2 David: So what can I do for you? Bruce: Well. The annoying thing is that you hear the same ads over and over again. People In our year group have to wear grey. Exercise 1 (p. but I don't know what to do. Ruth: That makes sense.. stationery. Turner didn't work here. We have a spare room in our house and you'd be welcome to stay with us until you get your own place. I'd like it to be shorter than should read the letter about the new uniforms again. calendars. Last week I paid her share of the phone bill and she still hasn't paid me back. but I don't think you can wear denim! I think you We're now in George Turner's study. Test 4 usual. Unfortunately it's the only station I can get that plays my favourite music. visit our gift shop on the first floor. He read a lot. railways and sea journeys. John: Thanks for telling me. We've really appreciated your business over the last few years. then? Bruce: That was my plan. Recording 3 If you've enjoyed your visit today and would like a souvenir. then I might think about that. I would never use a company that advertises that way! They're not getting any of my cash! Speaker 4 There's a radio station in my city that plays exactly my kind of country music. books and more. It would be awful for me. Come to the flat when my lazy flatmate is there and say how dirty it is. though as the shop Is only open till 4 on Sundays. Fred: Maybe you care too much about how your home looks. but it should be much weaker by then. fortunately we have History with Mr Smith first today. If you'd like to shop first and then enjoy the exhibition. and to contact public transport providers if you have a journey planned. we're allowed to wear blue trousers! Kelly: Yes.but I can't relax In a dirty flat. Recording 4 A weather alert has been Issued for Wales and south-west England for the next 12 hours. Those pictures were chosen by Turner. Fred: I think you shouldn't do anything in the flat that she should do. Fred: All right. The room hasn't changed at all since it was decorated in 1902. you can leave your purchases and other bags in our lockers at reception. I saw a style that I liked in one of your magazines. Ruth: Maybe I should try to spend less money and see if I can afford to live alone. Ruth: Maybe you can still give me some advice. but it's a commercial station and you hear four or five adverts after every few songs. Please call me If you'd like to discuss this. and he used this room as a place where he could relax alone with his favourite authors. she's only 8. You're advised not to drive unless strictly necessary. It wouldn't be so bad If there was a variety of ads. please. have you ever had a problem with a flatmate? Fred: Apart from my parents. I think you're wise. However. David: OK. Ruth.

but you're Invited to order three or four different dishes for each course.30 tour In Spanish. We apologise for any inconvenience. I work for a training company that holds courses here for people from all over the country. but even there I can't fully relax and enjoy the food. I've just heard I've won some funding and I'm really excited. It's part of my job to entertain them In the evening. 40) Recording 2 Speaker 1 Roger: Do you smell something. however. as room service remains unaffected. That desk was only open at lunchtime today because a couple of people are off sick. Well can you take the jacket back and give me a refund? Assistant: Sorry. to the South of France. I get to eat beautiful meals that I don't pay for. Assistant: Yes? Customer: I'd like to return this jacket. I feel like I have to behave In a certain way. we can give you a full refund or deliver your meals to your room. We regret to announce that the restaurant will remain closed until Saturday at the earliest because of the flood damage. It tasted good. and I'm never sure what that is. because I don't like eating In front of people. I can direct you to an enormous supermarket. Recording 4 Customer: Excuse me. There is. A replacement bus service will be provided. There's a big queue. So. It's true. Beth? Beth: Oh. brown rice yesterday..30 with lots of availability. But someone on the sales tills will be happy to help you. Assistant: I'm sorry about that. It's almost stressful! Then I always regret my choice when I see other people's meals. I definitely gave the correct number of people to the walking tour company. . It will go away In a day or two. but there's nobody on the customer services counter. Roger. I'm a lot less forgetful about locking doors and closing windows since your brother's house was burgled. you can support Its work In rescuing motherless bears and helping them to become able to live in the wild. I tried a new type of I have to be honest. but don't forget to close It when you leave for work. 14th August there will be no services to West Bristol because of engineering work. Timetables are available from the office on the ground floor. but it can be hard work to keep everyone happy.Exercise 2 (p. By making a donation to the Russian Bear Rescue charity. everyone? You need to make a decision. or take the 11. but smelled terrible while it was cooking. The roads are quiet tonight. You'll have plenty of time to buy anything you need tonight. Speaker 2 People say I'm very lucky because I get to go to all the best restaurants In town. This has happened before and the bags arrived at the accommodation within a couple of days. Help protect the Russian brown bear today. Speaker 4 Whenever I look at menus..I just don't feel comfortable in restaurants. everybody. unfortunately. In the meantime. So I agree to eat out only on special occasions. which means many young bears lose their mothers. On Sunday. Those that survive often become circus or zoo animals. I'm going shopping In five minutes. Quite exhausting. You see. actually! Speaker 3 We would like to thank all our guests who have chosen to stay with us at this difficult time. sorry about that. you can explore the town Independently and get your money back. In a restaurant I'm never sure what to do with my coat or which fork to use when. For those who have already paid for meals. There's always so much choice. Exercise 3 (p. Roger: Don't worry. I'm quite new and I haven't been shown how to use the tills. Let us know your preference at reception. because we'll be at our seaside hotel within an hour. My name is Keith and the first thing I want to say is don't worry If you were on the Manchester flight and your luggage didn't arrive. Customer: I see. I find It hard to make a decision. 80 Recording 3 Hunting for bears Is legal for much of the year in Russia. I can go to a more Informal fast-food restaurant. So that's why I came up with my idea for a restaurant where all the portions are small. but It's done something wrong and there Isn't enough space for us on the 11 am tour. Recording 6 Passenger announcement. Roger: Do you mind If I open a window? Beth: Go ahead. Recording 5 Can I have your attention. I'm just keeping the displays tidy. 41) Recording 1 Welcome. a tour In Spanish at 11.

To help you find the right lighting for your home. Recording 2 Speaker 1 Customer: I'd like to hire a car for the weekend. I keep receipts for everything I buy until I'm sure I'm happy with the item. That's what I'd prefer. Even In wet weather. Ed: No. You should sit with your arms and legs in the same positions as the man In the picture. if possible. but I can't believe It's the player. slightly wet cloth on It. Amanda: Maybe it's your player.Test 5 Exercise 1 (p. You're not missing much.. Amanda: What film Is It. Keep the receipts for when you buy DVDs from the market and as soon as you get home check that they work. lighting Is a key way of creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Assistant: I can assure you we'd never do that sir. It's wonderful to admire the garden and watch the birds. why not benefit from our free interior design consultation service? All you need to do Is bring in a photo of your living space. 53) Recording 1 Ladles and gentlemen. I buy cheap ones there quite a lot and I hardly ever watch them straight away. If you have bright-coloured walls. crisps.. due to the short duration of today's flight. I suggest you hang it on your fruit trees to keep the birds away! Speaker 3 As the nights get darker. viewers want to Imagine a brandnew start for themselves. We accept both euros and pounds sterling. Put pets and children's toys out of sight. Exercise 3 (p. Probably the market. nuts and chocolate bars. I've seen it and It's terrible. so It's vital that every room is tidy. so it's important to pay attention to your body to stay healthy. but I wasn't happy with the way they treated me when I went to pick up the car. remember? We got them both from the same shop. it's perfectly clean. We have the best selection of lamps In town In the home department. because It's a holiday weekend. Why are you staring at that CD? Ed: It's a DVD and it w on't play. If I were rich. Everyone take one of these sheets then pass them on. Table lamps and floor lamps create a soft light that encourages calmness and relaxation. They tried to charge me more than the price we agreed.. Customer: No. it's a nice place to be. I can't get one because I live on the first floor. Once they're Inside. 52) Amanda: Hi Ed. but I would definitely choose to live In a house If possible. though. Let's try another disc In It. anyway? Ed: It's a horror called 'Attack of the Wolves'. It's a mystery to me. you should see this as a lesson. However. You're going to be spending a lot of time sitting at a desk. but we can give change In euros only. but I'd much prefer a garden. music and television. We have a balcony. Customer: No problem. it's worth painting them cream or white. but this was only £3. I like the sound of rain on the roof. Now. On the other side are some exercises that are good for people who sit in one place for long periods of time. Assistant: So.'s fine! Amanda: Where did you get the disc? I've never had any problems after renting them from the shop on Wilson Street. Ed: I only keep receipts for things that cost more than £10. I get fed up of hearing the neighbours' voices. Our dining table Is in the kitchen and there's not much room. we w on't be offering you a full catering haven't made a booking online? I've always lived In flats. We often sit in It together to enjoy spring and summer evenings. Ed: I can't even remember. Amanda: Maybe It's just dirty. I really appreciate them sharing It with me. Make sure your front door and the windows on the front of the house are clean and there are no dead flowers or plants outside the front door. not somebody else's home. Amanda: Well. I'd buy a detached house with maximum privacy. Amanda: Oh. Raise or lower your seat if necessary.. I can't find any scratches on It. because I bought that only a few months ago on the day you bought your MP3 player. Actually I made an online booking with another company. Exercise 2 (p. Turn to page 15 of your In-flight magazine for full details.see . Have you tried It on another machine? Ed: No. Something else I'd like Is a separate dining room and kitchen. Try using a clean. 81 . we will shortly be passing through the cabin with a selection of hot and cold drinks. 52) Speaker 2 Recording 3 A few years ago some neighbours who are good friends of mine built a conservatory on the back of their apartment. we only have small cars left. Speaker 4 First Impressions are very Important.

and when you're waiting for a train you can't escape the music! Exercise 2 (p. so I gave you £2. and set your own hours? Providing you have more than five years' experience as a motorist. I agreed and borrowed a guitar. Oh. When I picked raspberries on the farm last year. because he's off to Hollywood to report on this year's film awards. Go to ¡nstructorcentral. When I worked as a lifeguard at the beach this summer. I suppose. Kathy: Oh. So how much are they? M an: Let me check the shelves. but I want to get one today. I became a trainer of vets at a university. For that to apply. so I was happy to entertain them! Then one of my friends said he would give me £50 If I performed for 15 minutes for people on the street. How can I help you? Woman: HI there. 65) Recording 1 Before tomorrow's trip. Speaker 4 Test 6 Exercise 1 (p. Exercise 3 (p. Kathy: You should try the busy metro stations. Instructor Central runs courses all year round across the country. Men should also wear long sleeves and trousers . it was so funny. but Dog Heaven on Dean Street has a great range of stuff. George: I don't think so. It's still a very special place in the culture of this country. but it doesn't matter. so I learned how to give good customer service. I give violin lessons and that's what I'd like to do full-time.. It seems we've sold our last rubber brush. While I was at college.. and I discovered I'm a terrible singer. don't go anywhere. Kathy: Do you mind If I ask how much money you make? I teach the piano. even though they only broadcast two minutes of the interview I gave. The reason I do this is to brighten people's days.Recording 4 M an: Hello. Recording 5 Are you fed up of working nine to five for someone else? Do you want to have the freedom to work as much or as little as you like. Including a look at this week's new movies with our wonderful film critic Mark Fullerton. 64) Speaker 1 I'm lucky because my hobby is also my job. the lucky thing! And If you're a fan of Kate Ash.but my singing made everyone laugh. I found I always enjoyed the theory more than the practical side of the job. so Instead of becoming a vet. Speaker 3 I trained as a vet. arms and legs. I w on't see him for a while after today. I heard you performing last week. I learned first-aid skills that could be useful at any time. but there just aren't enough people who want to learn to play It. Can you tell me what you have? Man: Certainly. I never watch that. 82 Although I don't have much work experience. Man: Well I shouldn't say this. I made jewellery In my spare time.. There are always new things to learn In my job. So how did you start doing this? George: A friend of mine held a birthday celebration in a Japanese restaurant where you sing during your meal. even though I've never had a music lesson In my life. I'll be asking you what you think. Please remember to take off your hats and sunglasses when you enter the site and to remove your shoes. because we have an Interview with her plus the first play of her new song. I'm looking for a brush for a dog with very short hair. Recording 6 There's much more to come after the news. So I work at least three days a week as a waiter in a museum café. I need to explain how you should dress. because not everyone finds me funny. It's not just a historic site. Speaker 2 I have a job I do for love and a job I do for money. I just had to stop and listen. We could order one for you. I think It deserves to be a big hit. Woman: OK. I never finished college. We sell brushes for dogs with all lengths of coat and for dogs with short hair. People really liked It and encouraged me to sell It at fairs. It's not a bad place to work. both of the summer jobs I have done have taught me valuable skills for working in a busy store. women must cover their shoulders. Paul's Pets. I got Involved in the sale of the berries. we recommend our rubber brushes.. you're out of luck.wearing shorts is very disrespectful. In fact I asked to film you with my phone and you said yes. George: I make about £30 each afternoon I do It. which was very hard work. . Woman: Thanks. because treatment methods and veterinary technology changes all the time. 64) Kathy: Excuse me? Aren't you the guy who plays the guitar and sings really badly in public? George: That's me! It seems I've become a celebrity since I appeared on the local news on TV. I was successful doing that and now I have my own shop and website. but I give It all to charity. and I've considered playing the keyboard on the street to make some extra cash. you can become your own boss as a driving Instructor.

You can also lower your prices towards the end of the day if you still have a lot to sell. 83 . John! Marie: Unbelievable. be pleased you're so popular! And Joe always has great stories to tell. She added that Roberta is determined to make it to 105 . Marie: In a nice way. it's an art set. Marie: But Jonathan. Fiona: Well you got me the perfect gift on my birthday with Jonathan: There's no need to get upset. though. Recording 4 A woman from Kirkham has become the oldest person In the region by reaching her 104th birthday. Rosie said that she thought her mother had lived so long because she's always kept as busy and active as possible. There's also a stunning view of the Japanese gardens from the windows to the left of the fireplace. The fireplace was designed to impress and is still one of the largest mantelpieces In Britain. John: Is It a box of my favourite chocolates? Oh! No. He doesn't respond to invitations until a few days before the event. Let me do a portrait of you to show my appreciation. John: That's great. Joe has asked by email if he can come John: You didn't have to get me a present. I hope. about it to him. but thanks! tonight. so don't miss that. I'll tell him what you've said. Someone should say something Thanks so much for giving up your time for us today. As you can see. four of her grandchildren and two of her great-grandchildren at the Rose Hill Care Home this afternoon. It's annoying. Hopefully you're going to help us to raise a lot of money to help some very sick people. Recording 3 Jonathan: I see your point. If someone is interested in buying a lot of something. so you have to make phone calls to try to re-arrange things. But I've already booked a table for five. Listen. remember to ask your neighbour to look after your table. Roberta Hewitt celebrated with her daughter Rosie Jackson. all the tables are ready and there's a box o f change and a price list on each one. I'm good friends with him. her son-in-law. he does this all the time. everything's been organised. By the time you hear from him. Marie. Recording 5 Here we have the highlight of the whole of the house for many visitors. so I wanted to try to do the same. This is a room where many heads of government and heads of state were order to receive a card from the Queen to add to the one she received on her hundredth birthday. You should that e-reader. Fiona: I know how much you enjoy drawing. offer a discount. If you need to go to the toilet. The prices are flexible.Recording 2 Recording 6 Fiona: Happy birthday.

I was very h u n g ry by th e n . th e n th e DJ played th e songs th a t people asked for. because I made a lo t o f friends and I'm pleased to have helped to raise m oney fo r sick children. Both th e cerem ony and th e reception w e re held there. I a tte n d e d my cousin's w e d d in g in S w u n to n Town Hall. Do you also dance a t w e d d in g s w here you live? W h a t unusual w e d d in g tra d itio n s do you fo llo w ? I lo o k fo rw a rd to hearing fro m you. A ro u n d 50 people to o k part. I had a very enjoyable day yesterday. b u t o f course it's very tirin g and you c a n 't cycle m ore tha n 60 km per day com fortably. In one village everyone had to g e t o ff th e ir bikes and w a lk because th ere w ere sheep all over th e road! You notice a lo t o f b e a u tifu l buildings and scenery w hen you travel by bike. I w o u ld do th e ride again. I rode fro m th e w e st side o f my c o u n try to th e east side to raise m oney fo r charity. I w e n t on a bike ride.Test 2 Test 1 Rozumienie ze słuchu Rozumienie ze słuchu 1 1 V 2 V 3 K 4 K 2 1 C 2 D 3 B 4 E 3 1 B 2 A 3 A 4 C Rozumienie tekstów pisanych 4 1 B 2 C 3 F 5 1 C 2 A 3 C 6 1 A 2 C 3 A 7 1 B 2 E 3 D 5 5 V B 6 A T 5 B D 5 C 1 T 2 T 3 E 4 E 2 1 C 2 A 3 B 4 D 3 1 C 2 A 3 A 4 C 4 A 4 4 4 4 A C 5 D 1 B 2 E 3 F 5 1 A 2 A 3 B 6 1 C 2 D 3 D 7 1 B 2 D 3 C A Znajomość środków językowych 8 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 B 5 B 8 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 C 9 1 C 2 C 3 B 4 A 5 C 9 1 C 2 B 3 B 4 B 5 A Wypowiedź pisemna 10 6 Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Znajomość środków językowych 84 5 1 Suggested answ er Last m o n th I had an am azing experience. M aybe y o u 'd like to jo in me next year! Wypowiedź pisemna 10 Suggested answ er Dear Chris. One o f th e th in g s I enjoyed m ost was th e dancing a t th e party. M y cousin and her new husband danced to th e ir fa vo u rite song first. I danced fo r tw o hours w ith o u t a break! The only problem was th a t th e fo o d w a s n 't served u ntil a b o u t 9 pm. so I w o u ld provide fo o d earlier a t a party o f m ine. XYZ .

like nursing o r accountancy and act as a hobby. I've been th in k in g a lo t a b o u t w h a t jo b I'd like to do in th e fu tu re . H ow o fte n do you have to ta ke tests a t your school? H ow w ell did you do in your last test? W rite to me soon. The te s t w as on volcanoes and earthquakes. I d id n 't like w o rk in g w ith a tim e lim it. I fin d th e m fascinating. th o u g h . XYZ Wypowiedź pisemna 10 Suggested answ er Dear M ark.21ś r Ki / Test 3 Test 4 Rozumienie ze słuchu Rozumienie ze słuchu 1 1 J 2 J 3 G 4 J 2 1 E 2 A 3 D 4 C 3 1 A 2 C 3 C 4 A 4 E 5 5 J A 6 B Rozumienie tekstów pisanych 4 1 C 2 A 3 F 5 1 C 2 A 3 C 6 1 B 2 A 3 C 7 1 C 2 B 3 D 1 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 F 2 1 D 2 A 3 C 4 B 3 1 C 2 A 3 A 4 C 4 F 4 5 F 5 A B 5 A C Rozumienie tekstów pisanych 4 B 5 D Znajomość środków językowych 4 1 D 2 A 3 B 5 1 C 2 C 3 A 6 1 A 2 B 3 C 7 1 E 2 B 3 A Znajomość środków językowych 8 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 A 5 A 8 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 A 5 C 9 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 A 5 C 9 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 A 5 A Wypowiedź pisemna 10 6 Suggested answ er Dear Darren. Even if you becom e q u ite successful. I had to w rite th e names o f all th e d iffe re n t parts o f a volcano on a p ictu re o f one. M aybe she's rig h t. it's an u n p redictable w o rk in g life. W h a t do you th in k? Have you decided w h a t y o u 'd like to be? H ow a m b itio u s are you? I look fo rw a rd to hearing fro m you. very fe w people w h o w a n t to act becom e successful professional actors. I enjoyed th e section on earthquakes. I had an im p o rta n t day yesterday. I get nervous every tim e there's a s tric t tim e lim it. XYZ 85 . O f course. I had to take a te s t in G eography. M y cousin says I should stu d y so m e th in g th a t w ill d e fin ite ly lead to a jo b . I th in k I'd really love to be an a cto r because I've always enjoyed p e rfo rm in g in school plays and people tell me I'm ta le n te d . I d o n 't always do my best w o rk in those conditions. In one o f th e tasks.

They had black heads. o f course. XYZ Wypowiedz pisemna 10 Suggested answ er Hi Sam. b u t my favou rite th in g a b o u t th a t coast is seeing th e m ou n ta in s in th e distance. U n fo rtu n a te ly I'm n o t In th e best o f health a t th e m o m e n t. W h ile w e ate. and I've had to cancel all my a p p o in tm e n ts fo r th e next w eek. W h a t a w o n d e rfu l day I had on Saturday! It was a b e a u tifu l sunny day. I'm go ing to be so bored! Have you ever had an injury like this? Do you have any ideas fo r avoiding boredom w h ile I ca n 't w a lk w ell? I'd appreciate yo u r advice. w h ite bodies and long curly beaks. The d o c to r says I have to rest fo r at least tw o weeks. so m y parents and I drove o u t o f th e city and up th e coast to have a picnic on th e beach. Do you enjoy nature? Do you have a fa vo u rite natural space and anim al? W rite back and te ll me. I c a n 't bend It and It really hurts w h e n I stand on It. I've spent th e last tw o days w ith my fo o t on a chair. They could run so fast! The beach and sea are lovely. You ge t a g re a t vie w o f th e m there. w e w a tch e d som e b e a u tifu l little birds looking fo r fo o d in th e sand. I w as ru nning up th e stairs w h e n I slipped on a to y and broke my fo o t.Test 6 Test 5 Rozumienie ze słuchu Rozumienie ze słuchu 1 1 E 2 A 3 A 4 A 2 1 D 2 E 3 A 4 C 3 1 B 2 C 3 B 4 C 5 5 E C 6 B 1 D 2 A 3 C 5 1 A 2 C 3 C 6 1 C 2 A 3 C 7 1 D 2 A 3 E 4 4 F D 5 B G 2 K 3 G 4 K 5 K 2 1 B 2 D 3 E 4 A 3 1 B 2 C 3 B 4 A 5 A 4 B 4 B 5 C 4 1 E 2 A 3 C 5 1 C 2 A 3 B 6 1 C 2 D 3 A 7 1 B 2 E 3 D 8 1 B 2 B 3 C 4 B 5 B 8 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 B 5 B 9 1 C 2 B 3 A 4 B 5 B 9 1 B 2 B 3 A 4 B 5 C Wypowiedz pisemna 10 6 B Znajomość środków językowych Znajomość środków językowych 86 1 Rozumienie tekstów pisanych Rozumienie tekstów pisanych 4 1 Suggested answ er Dear Steve. XYZ .