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1. Type of Animal:
• It is a bird
2. What colour is the animal?
• It white with brown
3. What size / shape is the animal
• It is small
• It is about 28 - 42cm tall
4. How does the animal look and feel?
• It is feathered
5. What does the animal do?
• It flies
• It eats
• It laughs very loud

The Emu is a bird.
It is the largest bird in Australia.
The Emu cannot fly.
They can run very fast – up to
50 kilometres per hour.
Emus eat grass, seeds and
They have large eyes and
beaks and have three toes on
their feet.

The Koala is one of Australia's best
known animals.
They have a grey, furry coat, with a
white chest.
They have a flat nose and big ears.
They have clawed feet for climbing.
Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves.
They are very calm animals, and do not
move around much.
They are only active for 2 hours of the

Kangaroos are marsupials (special
type of mammal). This means they
carry their babies in a pouch on their
They normally have red or grey fur.
They use their strong legs and tail to
hop around.
They can hop up to 5 metres when
moving quickly – up to 50 kilometres
per hour.
Kangaroos eat grass and leaves.

The platypus is about 60cm long.
It has thick, brown fur.
The platypus lives near rivers and
lakes but sleeps on the land in a
The platypus has webbed feet like
a duck and a flat tail.
It is an excellent swimmer.
The platypus eats fish and insects.
The male platypus has poison in
it’s back feet.

The Saltwater Crocodile is the world's
largest reptile.
It is very fast and powerful.
It has big teeth.
The Saltwater Crocodile can grow to 7
metres, but the average size is 4
It weighs 400 to 1,000 kg.
They live in salt water rivers and
They can attack large animals,
including people.

Tasmanian Devils are marsupials like
kangaroos. They have a pouch on
their stomach for carrying their
It is the size of a small dog.
They have brown or black fur.
Tasmanian devils are only found in
They have sharp teeth and can bite
very hard.
Tasmanian devils eat meat, bones
and hair. Everything.