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Fogged Vision

Through fogged vision

I saw her standing there,
Quick on her feet,
Nimble in her words.
She held herself in confidence,
But hid behind a wall
As though, if all was lost
In our four-minute conversation,
Then forever would she be gone,
Suffering in the darkness.
Seconds had gone by
And I was lost with her.
Swaying to the sound of her beat,
Putting my own on hold.
Our conversation glided
As if sliding on ice
And the way she used her tongue
Made me forget it was plastered with silver.
I hung on every syllable,
As she hung on mine.
And I remember briefly
The hurricane in her eyes.
Cyclones of terror
Whirling with ungodly speed.
For a while I thought I had her,
That I could save her.
It was then, though, that I realized
That those swirling cyclones of terror,
Of rage,

Were simply reflections

Of what she saw in me.
Because though I'll never say,
I know what lies beneath
And with that four-minute conversation
She helped me set the beast free.