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Name_______________________ Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Assignment # 6 pages 102-126

1. Christopher is brutally honest about many things. He also doesn’t really understand that there are some
things that it is rude or inappropriate to talk about. How do we see this in this section?

2. What do we know about Christopher’s mom’s character from the letters? Tell me three things we know
about her:
• .

• .

• .

3. How does Christopher’s mother say that she is different from Christopher’s father in the way she handled
her son’s behavior problems?

4. Christopher’s mother says on 109 that she thought Christopher and his father would be better off without
her. Do you think they are? Why or why not? (Be specific)
5. Why did Christopher’s father say that his mother was in the hospital?

6. How are people’s brains like computers according to Christopher? (page 118)

7. Who killed Wellington? Why did he or she do it?

8. What is Christopher’s response to hearing this news about Wellington’s murderer? What does he feel?