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Back in the 60's my brother and I were always competing, Sports, Girls, building model airplanes. He use to irritate me. He
was better looking, more competitive in sports. He just seemed to have it made. The only area I had him one up on was
friends. I had an out going friendly nature about me. I always made friends easily. My brother, on the other hand, being
stuck on himself (how I saw it), some people found it hard to like him. I for one. (at the time).

Well life moves on. My brother joined the Navy. We really kind of lost touch from that point on. We would talk or see
each other at family events. But that was it. It wasn't till about 15 years ago that we really stayed in touch. We still didn't
see eye to eye. But at least we talk. It hasn't been more than the last 7 years that we really started to know each other.

My brother is not doing very well health wise. I don't know if he will make it to the end of this year. I wish I could stop the
world and go back to the 60's. There are so many things I would do differently. But this is real life, and that's how it goes

I remember the song THE HOLLIES song in the 60's "HE AIN'T HEAVY HE'S MY BROTHER". That burden I carried for
all those years, what a waste.

So people do this for you. Look out on life with amazement not shock. The variety, the diversity, the manner of every
person, the beauty amidst the drudgery, the contrast , the opportunities, the heroism in the lives of ordinary people, your
gifts , your talents, your friends, even just one friend-is all awesome. Live in awe, and entertain wonder and you will be
knocking on the door of true love, love of yourself, love of your friends and family, love of mankind. Don't kill it with
cynicism or criticism; don't sabotage your life with moaning and complaining. Open the eyes in your head and the eye in
your intellect and choose to see the stunning, diverse beauty of life happening around you right now. Meet it with your
heart and you will enrich and be enriched in one single moment. There are only so many moments in life.

Author: Timothy B. Thayer