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Lesson Plan 11.16.


OBJETIVO: 5C.1 SWBAT express future plans using ir + a + infinitive

5C.2 SWBAT apply gustar and preferir to describe preferred

Hacer Ahora (10 min)

Identify 4 pics. Write in Spanish:
1. I walk the dog. 2. You play sports. 4. He goes to the store. 5. You go to the

INM (15 min)

TW go over notes on overhead. Review how to conjugate ir.

GP (35 min)
-TW introduce BOOM BAG. SW choose a partner. Each pair will get a bag with
vocabulary words from unit 5. Rules: Taking turns, SW pull out a word for the
other student to translate in English. Go quickly and separate what you get
and what you don’t get into piles. Player A gets a point for each word they
translate correctly. If player B pulls out the slip that says BOOM BOOM
BOOM! then Player A loses all their points they have earned so far. TW time
students and stop song when students should stop. Students need to keep
score, three rounds, 2 turns each round. (15 min)
-White board practice with false future, gusta + infinitive, preferir+infinitive.

IP (10 min)
-SW complete worksheet.

Closing (10 min)

-TW go over how to fill out participation sheet.
-SW complete exit slip.
-Tarea: Write 10 sentences using ir + a + infinitive. Use new vocab.

-boom bags
-poster for participation sheet