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Random Statements


01. Ordinarily wouldn’t be caught dead talking about other people’s work.

30. Its monstrous fakery

33.Great lengths have been taken to purge all recognizable references / this may
have been presumed too much / familiar / hi-there-hello are we getting along / on /

85. A smile translates (thus/so) depending on the target.

14. I mean, it’s hard enough to—

70. Lately, the things I’ve become wary of—

81.It’s hard, you know—not knowing exactly which line are we talking about
exactly? I’m not sure we’ve got the same reading. Notice that the letters are

60. The Prerogative of the Unspeaking Speaker

94. Simplicity. That’s HARD to pull off.

10. Something in it refuses to convince me. The world. But that’s just me and my
Complications / Knowing how it is / Really, out there / Consider the presence of that
rot for starters / It’s not taking it all in / That’s what I’m saying.

18. Know what I’m saying?

17. I abjure this requirement for me to take this specific—

43.If you would please set your sights on this expertly recalibrated rendition of a
beloved release—featuring several—new—conditions—benefits—resonances –

44. cess– cess– cess– cess– cess–

64. If you would please quit this awful obscurity. Relax.

35. The pope in your ears is the expected phenomenon.

23. Why say ears when you meant eyes? Yhudding? Between?

67. In most cases it’s best to bring out the dictionary.

38. It’s so much better than ordinary speech.

12. Better in this translation’s context is an inherently elitist notion.

20. Help! or Lo!

41. What’s happening there’s what I wanted to know.

42.Instead of end, say entry level. Do something similar to the others.
Exert learning.

93. Flower, jizz, locus, cell.

94. It’s not an honourable code.

95. I need the theory to back me up on this.

96. What you unremember won’t help you.

97. Start Ephemeral.

98.It is always excellent to end with a hearkening to the wistful and tried and true,
or at least some form of elevation to thoroughly tone up the emotions with (like a
packhorse, quite).

99. Save it.