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Lesson Plan II Forensic Pathology
Outcome: Candidate will present an effective lesson plan and lessons
Name of candidate: Arvind Babu RAJENDRA SANTOSH


Assignment date: January 11, 2016 to April 30,


Evaluated by: Dr. Alicia Palmer

January 11, 2016 to April 30, 2016
Programme/ Degree Level

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)/Undergraduate

Forensic Dentistry
Performance Focus
1. Explain Rigor, algor and livor mortis
2. Explain the role of forensic pathologist in Death investigation and autopsy reporting.
Content Knowledge and Skills

Tissue changes (Rigor, Livor and Algor mortis) after death.

Tissue decomposition
Gunshot wound (Exit and Entry wound)
Age estimation methods in forensic dentistry
Autopsy report

Specific Objectives
Successful completion of this lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Describe rigor, livor and algor mortis changes in death process.
2. Explain the terms exit and entry wound
3. Propose age estimation methods in forensic dentistry depending on the case situation.
4. Understand the autopsy reporting process.

1. This lesson will enlighten the scope of forensic pathologist in death investigation.
2. This lesson will discuss various age estimation procedures that can be employed by a dentist for crime scene/forensic investigation, and through a series
of case studies, the student will be able to appropriately apply one of the age estimation methods in personal identification procedure.
3. This lesson will introduce the autopsy reporting process, and the student will understand the methods and components in autopsy reporting.

1. Two one hour lecture series using MS PowerPoint or PDF presentation.
2. Continuous discussion through Our VLEs online forum.
1. Group discussion/Our VLEs chat room.
2. Feedback through Podcast.

Assessment of Student Learning

1. Formative assessment: Review feedback from Our VLEs online forum and Chat room.
2. Summative assessment: Final theory / laboratory examination.

Strategies for Technology Integration

1. Multimedia presentation using MS PowerPoint, audio-visual casting from reliable educational web page.
2. The lecture series will be followed by subsequent Our VLE forum page.
3. In lecture time Our VLE Chat room to instigate rapid discussion forum, however the responses will be given in the later stage i.e. post lecture session.
Follow Up Work
1. The students will be instructed to access compulsory OurVLE forum page to engage them in continuous dialogue on the lesson content. This continuous
engagement is employed to brought forward will instigate the thought process through peer discussion.

Resources (Materials and/or Equipment)

1. David Senns Forensic Odontology 3rd edition from CBC Publishers
2. Shafers Textbook of Oral Pathology.
3. Smart device (laptop/tablet) with wired or wireless internet connection to access: Forensic Dentistry Course portal in Our VLE web page and You tube

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information required.