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Course Information
Course Objectives:
Logical and physical representation of data, algorithms, complexity an
efficiency, data structure operations, matrix representations. Linked
list and their different variations, string storage representation and
manipulation, queues and stacks and their applications, tree structure
aid their different variations, graphs and networks, sorting techniques,
searching techniques.


1. Introduction
• Concepts : Algorithms, Data structures, and
Data type
• Algorithm efficiency : Big-O notation
2. Data Abstraction and Structure
• Abstract Data Types - concepts and Matrix ADT
• Implementing the Matrix ADT, The Sparse Matrix Problem
• The String ADT (Fixed - length implementation and string
• The Pointer ADT and applications
3. Linked Lists : Operation and Implementation
• Linked Lists ADT
• Comparisons of Ordered Array and Linked list with binary
• Implementation of pointer variables using arrays
• Linked List Structure ( Dummy Headers, Linear Linked List,
Double Linked Lists,
Circular Linked Lists, General Linked Lists)
• Application :Sets
• Ordered List Implementation and Efficiency Consideration
UnOrdered List Implementation and Efficiency Consideration
4. Stacks and Queues
• The Stack Abstract Data Type
• The Queues Abstract Data Type
• Implementations of Stacks and Queues,
• Arrays Implementation
• Linked List Implementation
• Circular Queues Implementation
• Multiple Slack and Queues
• Evaluation of Expressions and Parsing.
• Infix. Postfix and Prefix notation, Converting Infix to Postfix,
Evaluating Postfix
5. Recursions
• Writing and Verifying Recursive Algorithm
• How Does Recursive Work, Why Recursion
• The Search Problem Revisited
• Traversal Operation For Ordered List
6. Trees
• Binary Trees( Binary 'Trees AD T .implementation of Binary
'Tree Traversal)
• Binary Search Trees
• Threaded Trees
• General Trees
7. Graphs and Networks
• Basic Concepts of trees and graphs.
• The graph ADT.
• The Network ADT.
• Implementation of Graph and Network.