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From: Mary Wherry [] ‘Sent: Tuesday, Api 13, 2010 4:05 PH ‘Subject: Fw: Gak Hl election Please take note of the following response tothe new website, adress included, sent out ance agaln by {he anonymous erties. ‘The wobsto is professionally dono but romains unsigned. So much time and ef website which il wth so many missiated facts and a negative view. “Those of us who openly canify ouewves as Oak Hil Ciizne for Bottr Government want exactly what the name implies, no heen agendas. The lactis, we care realy about Oak Hil and we are ALL CITIZENS OF OAK HILL. The right freely express ones se 6a easured git but tis cowardly to hide behing unfounces accusations. Se aaa 0 icky een Gok. We shel be worn har to BUILD COMMUNITY not ning to tear I own ray has gone into this ‘To: maryuerryGeomcestnet;; weanak@comcast net Subjects Fc Oak Hil eerton Mary, Jimmy, Ba Blo yu il ae my responce to fe ara | reste oy rom uriotispason chit’ nt fata misnomer) |hworded my message so as not o show obvious support fer OHCAG and you two candidates. If dd think there would be zero nope thal the accuser might stop forward or provide a rationale atleast Tt you know tt receive a response, Bil..S0 glad you came by and brought sign. Jimmy, I youl dothe samo, I also wile you a check! tol Regards, Dara ~-Origial Mesago- From emowe aceon ‘ovoaletnahe gma com Bont Won, Ape 12 2010 634 pm Subject Fe Suki election ‘in aro you? Wy are you refusing ony yoursayursles? | must assume you wer also the one (Won tee pete Surey you mt know tal by saying te shacows You dns your cin and engorcer aympathy fore cm you wah to deed Why are you aks '0 ake your seers seb? ei ha Yo botove and Tun an accsetuwiing 0 st ery sot we who Srotong poone can acemanyour ses ed eee. Freapecty request rat you coe onward ane ety youselyoursoNes |woute greatly appreciate your reply ‘Thank you Dara Howe 44414 Curiswood Ciele Nashville, TN 37208 -Orginal Message—- From: OakHit Tru ‘Sant Men, Apr 12,2010 1:00 pm ‘Subject: Oak Hil elacion| ‘Oak Hil wit hold an election ia June, Two new members of the Board of Commissioner wil be elected ‘and convo he ely government ‘Anew group has been formed takeover the ty government. This group isthe "ak Hil Cizons for Batter Government” We discovered information about the true motives ol his group and their candidates, Jimmy Bracshaw and Bi Canale. We must share this iformation because this electon Is so impoctant, Please vist our wooste: Oak ruh Please shave this information and website wth other so that everyone canbe informed fortis election