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Yavapai College is proud to introduce an

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all new hybrid teacher education course.

EDU 255 is an 8 week long online course

specifically developed to meet the needs of
educators today. This immersive course
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provides instructors with the opportunity to
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the classroom. Topics include:
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Document & Photo Sharing June mainder o The cours course.
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Professional Development The r ed online credit ho
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Regi r call 928
This class has exponentially broadened my
repertoire and has given me numerous ideas for
using this new (no longer fandangled) technology in

the classroom.
I came into this class with a decent amount of knowl- Designed for educators in diverse settings (e.g.
edge about the resources available online and how to use public and private sectors, pre-K to grade 12,
and higher education). Emphasis on
them. What I lacked was the motivation and the guts to
systematic processes for designing,
begin using them in my classroom practice. Participating in

developing, evaluating and implementing
this course has changed that.” technology effectively into instruction and the
impact emerging technologies have on the
I can now see how to incorporate this web technology educational environment.
into my on-line and face to face courses.

This class made me a better teacher,

and I would certainly recommend it.