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Our In-Building Solutions offering enables mobile operators to optimize their

mobile network to meet the increasing demand for high-quality mobile

services, and features of these solutions include:

• Customized solutions for actual scenarios to ensure network

• Facilitated progress and reduced investment with utilization of existing
equipment, and
• Quality Assurance – in final acceptance test and verification of the
installation and its performance.
• Integrated indoor and outdoor network to provide quality services and
promote the brand image.

Solutions can also be customized to support location-based applications in all

types of premises - ranging from smaller office buildings to high-traffic areas
such as airports, convention centers and shopping malls.

Our Expertise includes the following Areas:

• Cable Routing
• Booster installation
• Connectorisation
• BTS installation
• Repeater installation
• Optical fiber cable laying


PAN Card: AACFI9495B

TIN Number: 29440882955

Service Tax Number: AACFI9495BST001

#345/13, 2nd Floor, Krishna Reddy Building, 7th Main, Chowdeswary Layout, Marthahalli, Bangalore-
560037, Email: Ph: +91 8123490250