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SERC, created by statute and funded primarily by the Connecticut State Department of Education,
was established in 1969 as the Special Education Resource Center. In 2005, SERC became the State
Education Resource Center, reflecting our belief that schools are most effective when general education
and special education function as one system. Our new name represents the broad array of services and
programs that SERC has always offered in areas important to both general and special education.

SERC believes that all students have the right to access

We opportunities and experiences that reflect and respect
their differences and abilities. We are concerned that in
. Equity Connecticut, educational outcomes for students of color
and students with disabilities continue to lag behind
outcomes for other students. To help eliminate these
achievement gaps, SERC addresses institutionalized racism
and both models and facilitates equity in education.

Our staff has been teachers, principals,
and other professionals serving children
from preschool through high school
and beyond. Our diverse backgrounds
also range from psychology to business
to health to law, and our training and
technical assistance spans teaching and
learning, technology in education,
special education, diversity, and positive
behavior support, to name a few. To
maintain and enhance our knowledge
base, SERC conducts ongoing staff
professional development on topics at
the forefront of education.
The SERC Library is open to the public and offers more than 10,000 resources, including books, instructional
materials, tests, journals, online databases, a DVD and video collection, CD-ROM programs, and young people’s
disability awareness literature. For more information, go to

The Connecticut Parent Information and Resource Center (ct PIRC) provides
statewide support to families, educators, and faith-based organizations. It is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department
of Education and is housed at SERC as an extension of our efforts to enhance family engagement and build stronger
school/family/community partnerships. For more information, go to or call 1-800-842-8678.

The SERC Web site is newly updated. Educators across Connecticut should make their first stop
when exploring professional development opportunities and educational best practices.

Equity. Excellence. Education.

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