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BU hivetatwed ‘the little magazine Since is launch in May 2000, the litle magazine edited by Antara Dev Sen has focused cn literary ‘excellence in South Asia, bringing translations of quality fiction, poetry drama and fimscripts from is various languages to a wider readership in English. It aso the only regular platform inthe print media for new writers, seeking ‘out new talent among first-time poets, fiction writers and playwrights, The SALAM ‘awards which publicly recognise achievement in these areas, are a logial extension of the fede magazine's work, ATLAS ~ 2 boolaing ‘Ado, a nev iteration boolfimagazine bi-annual edited by UK-based editorial director of Aark Arts, Sudeep Sen was launched during the Kala Ghoda Festal in February 2006 in ‘Mumbai. Published by Aark Arts, [UG a Crossword ln i Indian wins Commonwealth Commonwealth Foundation and Short Story Competition 2005 administered by the Preeta Krishna (27) from India is Commonwealth Broadcasting the winner ofthe 2000 pound Association, London. The 26 2005 Commonwealth Shorts s=winning stories recorded on CD Story Competition for her story are avaiable for sale. “Treason. which deals withthe (oss of innocence ina harsh Longest-running poetry recita World. She is the overall Winner Vishwanath Shridhar mora and Regional Winner (Asia). popularly known as Preota Krishna is joined by 25 _ ‘Visubhau Bapat is a one-act ther writers from across the player of a programme Kuturnb CCommonweath who have won Rangalay Kawyat. fis a rectal of prizes in the competition, keeping unknown and cassie poems 10 the 600-word limit. The penned by well-known Marathi ‘Commonwealth Shore Story poets. Since january 24 First Eppie Award winner |Nikhil Parekh is the first Indian poetfwriter to get an EPPIE award for best poetry ebook, since the international award was instituted ‘ight years ago. The award was given at San Antonio on March 18, 2006 at the 8 Annual EPPIE Awards Convention. Parekh was a 2006 EPPIE winner for his poems ‘Dance’ and ‘Just 4 Alphabets’. Nikhil Parekh was ‘one of 21 poets whose winning poetry Is included in The Oestora Anthology of Pagon Poetry Thus, ‘each poet as wel as the three editors of The Osstare Anthlogy of gon Poetry is a co-winner af the 2006 Eppie for Best Poetry. This award is gen annually by EPIC -Eectronicaly Published Internet Connection in limca book of records 2007