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30 seconds
Name, experience of learning English,
future plan.

Read aloud

Grasp the meaning and tone of

speaker.start speaking after beep.
Collect words that you easily read
Read it with stress and intonation is you
can, but if not, just read it with natural
flow. Other wise you may get nervous and
make mistakes.
Speak immediately after speaker stop.
Be careful when there are :might, may, is
likely to...etc.
Imagine you are the speaker

Repeat the sentence

Describe the image

Identify the type of image, what is

measured, units.
The extreme values. Use variety of words
Do not stop for more than 3 seconds
Speak after beep
There should be a conclusion or
implication at the end.
Be careful about numbers, if you read it
incorrectly, there are serious deduction in

Re tell lectures

Write down key words, like names,

numbers, dates, time and words and
phrases that are stressed or repeated.
Overall purpose of the lecture, and its
After the lecture, you have 10 seconds to
review your notes.Then ,after you hear a
tonebegin speaking, you have 40
seconds to complete the task.
Do not repeat yourself , do not correct
your answer.
When you prepare, use structure and links
for short.
Identify the logic of the speech..and use
prepared conjunctions.
Say a ,the,+s based on answer

Answer short questions

Multiple choice--single answer and

Re order paragraph

1-1.5 minute, read important things

aloud, use your pad

Fill in the blanks

Choose the right words from options

and drag to the position
Options from drop down box

Fill in the blanks

Summarize paragraph

Write essay

Identify the type of

paragraph(explanation, or
Get the key points
Generally use past tense.
Each paragraph has its own idea.
(leave out examples) and cover all
the the three idea again.
Each statement is trying to answer
a question,find that answer.
200-300 words
Background. You position, a bit
Argument 2
Kill the counter argument.
Conclude. Go 1 step beyond.

Although, efficiency of a business is measured using profitability, some essential

services like public transport are social provisions and just looking at profitability
leads to negative social repercussions, therefore large bodies like governments
must strive to maintain these services.


If there is number, type English words.

Describe graph




Moderate, slight



Summarize a lecture heard

Write 50-70 words for a fellow

students who was not present.
10min for the task
Somebody is doing sth....He...does...
He feels...

Multiple choices- multiple answers

There are 7 second before it begins,

take notes while listening
There are 7 second before it
begins,Use pen to write down first
Listen ,make notes, and read

Fill in missing words

Highlight the correct summary
Multiple choice-single answer
Choose the missing words
Highlight incorrect words
Type the sentence heard

The missing words are replaced by

a beep.
10seconds before, Those that are
differ from what was spoken
Listen carefully first

There is a trend towards equal tourism. It aims to protect and actively promote
environment and cultures. The government has such concerns such as the lack
of adequate scientific foundations and lack of solutions. The varied forms are
basically nothing more than marking which threats local economy and natural
resources, including adventurous tourism, green tourism. Etc. Tourists should
make the right choices when confront such types of marketing.

The lecturer focused on climate change and whether it is the result of human
activities. She believed there was evidence. The temperature of land and sea
increased since 200 years ago when the western industrial revolution began.The
released harmful gas accelerated.The industry grew in size and spread to
southern and the whole world.The gradual rise in temperature can prove the
damaging effect and emphasis the issue we need to address.

A line of melody..
Falling intonation: it communicate a fact and completion.
Erik builds flutes. He began building flutes after college. He has one flute of his
every own.
These are factual statements.
The falling starts from the last words. And it depends on how many syllabus it

Rising intonation: it communicate uncertainty or lack of finality.

Erik plays the flute, clarinet, and saxophone. Isnt that great?

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Listening test 1
12:46:45 PM--12:50:28 PM
1) The customer asked some detailed information regarding to different kinds
of membership. The reception man told him that there are three different
types of membership which includes family, institutional and individual
with the costs of 50,100 and 15 pounds annually. The final decision is
totally up to the customers choice.
1) The talk is regarding available membership types for a library. Family membership,
with four membership cards, is the most common and is available for 50 a year.
Institutional membership, with ten membership cards, is available for 100 a year.
Individual membership, for one member only, is available for 15 for half a year.

-There is no need to indicate who are involved.
+ where this happen
+ details of each one if they are all individuals introduced and the talk is short
2)12:55:32 PM-1:01:29 PM
This talk summarise the main causes of obesity. First, sedentary lifestyle
and lack of physical exercise aggregate the problem when people take in more
calories than burn, which leads to the accumulation of fat and serious
consequence. The unhealthy food like spicy, high sugar, high calories food, that
people is eating is another reason. Finally, some obesity is inherited, so children
get fat even with a few food.
The lecture discusses three reasons for obesity. Lack of activity and sedentary lifestyle is a major
reason, as a result of which we are not able to burn off the calories that we have consumed.
Another reason is the oily, spicy and refined food that we eat. And, of course, there is also the
reason of inheritance that makes children of obese parents prone to obesity.

-First, second
+How many points

Mathematics has similarities as well as differences compared with other

Scientists have made the world a better place to live in.
We need an education system that fosters questioning and debate.
2:01:11 PM-2:09:21 PM
This talk discuss the different forms of radiation and the reasons why it is
regarded dangerous by many people. As a form of energy, The sources of
radiation varies and the cause of them can be fatal.
Radiation is a form of energy which is very harmful for the human body. It comes from various
substances in nature and from radioactive waste materials generated during various human
activities like medical equipment, nuclear reactors etc. Prolonged exposure to radiation may
damage human cells, cause cancer and may even be fatal. .

This is no need to put a summary at the beginning. The context can be just a
rephrase of the lecture and as concrete as it is. So, make more notes!
The source of standing water system include organic nutrients which are
degradable and can be decomposed. Too much nutrients can render oxygen, so
there much be limited nutrients that are discharged into the water. One solution
is to populate the number of becteria.
2)Standing water systems like lakes and ponds are more susceptible to water pollutants, organic
and inorganic, and are extremely harmful for aquatic life. Organic pollutants, generated mainly from
domestic, municipal and industrial sewage, are bio-degradable. Though high concentration of
organic pollutants draws out oxygen from water and renders it unsuitable for aquatic life, only a
limited amount that can be decomposed by bacteria should be released at a time.

If only one form is talked in detailed, then

Compared with something, what is most obvious characteristic. Its influence, its

Missing work: check the meaning

The education system needs to progress from taught orientation to heart
The national policy benefits all sections of society.
Liberal education sets off scholarly learning from cramming.

Arrange sentences:

something took time to happen, it bring changes.

In the past there starts the problem

The effect of the problem

How it is now after revolution


It is natural , introduce the topic

The general picture, most peoplebut some
The facts, the average
Not well know
Well known
The fact, from the main, to the less important. Always statements
and then details

Part I of the PTE Academic test is Speaking. This part tests your ability to produce spoken and written
English in an academic environment

RE-ALOUD : In the test, there are 6- 7 tasks. For each task, you read the text
aloud into the microphone
REPEAT SENTENCE : In the test, there are 10- 12 tasks. For each task, you listen and repeat the
sentence you hear into the microphone.

DESCRIBE IMAGE : In the test, there are 6-7 tasks. For each task, you look at the image and
describe it into the microphone.
RETELL LECTURE : In the test, there are 3-4 tasks. For each task, you see an image on the screen.
listen to the lecture and then speak into the microphone. The lecture is 60-90 seconds long.
ANS SHORT QUE : In the test, there are 10-12 tasks. For each task, you hear a
question and speak your answer into the microphone.

Repeat the sentence
Test 1
Factors such as cost and function influence the design of a bridge.
Its important humans depose of their waste in appropriate ways.
If you are unable to complete the task in time please notify me by email
The financial report for the last quarter will be available this afternoon.
Extra seminars will be scheduled to assist you with revision.
Please switch off all electronic devices when you are attending a conference session.
It is important that you work as a team on this project.

The study showed that peoples mood can be affected by the news and weather reports.
Detailed analysis of population growth has revealed some alarming predictions.
Please note that the college.

Describe the graph

Test 1
The line graph compares the population in Asia and Europe as the percentage to the world population
from 1750 to 2000. It is obvious that the percentage in Asia was almost 3 times of that in Europe.
During the period between 1750 and 1850, For the former, the line stayed above 60% while the latter
stabled around 20% until 1900 when it started to decline. This fall accelerated from 1950 and ended
at just below 10% at the end of the period. Interestingly, For Asia, the trend is opposite.
(89 words)

This pie graph compares the reasons why people drop school by different gender catalogue.
It is obvious that more than half of both male and female completed school with 60% and 65%
respectively. Then the main reason for quitting are obtaining employment. However, the percentage
figure for male is two times of that of female. Other reasons include personal or family , illness and
other. Noticeably, There are more girls drop school for personal or family reason, which is 11%.
(80 words)
The bar chart illustrate the percentage of US citizens over 65 compared with total population from
2010 current year 2015 and the projected figure to 2035. Overall there is an obvious increasing trend
during the whole period. Starting from 13% in 2010, it is expected that growth rate can be kept to
2030 where it may starts to slow down, finally, the figure is forecasted to reach 20% in 2035.At that
time, America may face social problems caused by aging population if the trend continues as
(77 words)
This line graph compares two company, X and Ys revenue growth from 2006 to 2024.
For company X, it started from 300 million dollars in 2006 and enjoyed a stable growth since then.
On the other hand, Company Y starts from nothing and recorded a 150 million revenue figure in 2015
where the growth accelerated. It is expected that it will overpass company X in 2024 at the point of
1800 million. This is a typical situation where a high growth new company catch up a maturing
(88 words)
This line graph illustrate how students reading fluency can be improved during the time from grade
one to grade three. For successful reader, there is an obvious upward trend ,with 20 words per
minutes to 120 words per minute in grade 3 spring. However, for struggling readers, the figures
fluctuated. From spring to fall each year, their reading literacy declines. This may be a reason of
school holiday. Still, struggle readers can improve their reading speed by three times at the end.
(82 words)
Test 2
The plan shows the rooms and contents in a student accommodation. Entering from the entrance at
the east , we can see a big living room with the windows and desk on the north part and dining sets

,sofa on the south part. Then there is a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom from south to north. The size
of the bed room is almost twice as much as that of the kitchen. In it , we can see two windows on the
north, a bed and a wardrobe. Overall, I guess it covers around 60 square meters and it contains
sufficient appliance and furniture for a single or a couple to live in.
(112 words)
This diagram demonstrates the rainfall and temperature changes in Great Lake Area, USA during the
year. Starting from 20 millimeters in January, the first half year sees a gradual rise until peaking at just
below 100mm. After that ,there is a steady fall. In regard to temperature, its pattern is similar, even
though the changes are much more dramatic.The lowest and highest temperature record at minus 15
centigrade and 18 centigrade respectively. I guess July is probably the hottest and most humid month
in a year.
(86 words)
This diagram compares energy usage as a percentage of total in 2007 for North and South America. It
is obvious that oil is the biggest source of energy for both area, recording at 41 and 45 percent
respectively. Except that, natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydroelectric are other major sources. It is
noticeable that South America use hydroelectric power 5 times as much as that in North America.
Overall, I guess the variance in energy consumption is due to the difference in natural resource supply
and technology advancement.
(88 words)
This timetable aims to indicate new students in language college what to do from Day 1 to Day 7.
In the morning session ,starting from 9 am to 12, there will be tour and morning tea in day 1 and
english language class from day 2 to day 4.
The afternoon arrangements start from 1pm to 4 pm, and cover activities like social activities on site,
and visit to senior school. For the whole day 5, students can freely choose activities like tennis,
gaming. Then, the next two days students can stay with homestay families and relax.
(97 words)
This diagram show where do Australian originally born as a percentage of total from 2000 to 2010. At
first glance, there are around 5 to 6 percent of people was born in UK which far exceeds the second
country New Zealand. Other countries include China, India, Italy, Vietnam, Phillippines, South Africa,
Malaysia and Germany. During the period, there are less people came from UK and more people
came from China than before. In the future, there can be more Asian in Australia rather than European
(86 words)
This diagram illustrates the life cycle of painted lady butterflyAt a glance, there are four stages.
Initially, it starts as a egg that has a size of pin head. Then, the body becomes larger and turn into
lava with yellow-green stripes on its body. Gradually, it forms shell and its color changes to reddish
brown. This means it forms Pupa. After a while, Pupa emerges to butter fly ,which will lay eggs to start
another life cycle. It seems that the form of adult butter fly is quite interesting and unique.
( 92 words)

Look at both axes.

If there are two graph, compare the similarities and difference.
After looking at the overall idea or pattern, go in to main points.

Develop your own idea, implication, or conclusion, or even causes at the end
If it describe a method of doing things, add your comment like is it effective ,simple? Or time
consuming , complicated, hard to follow,.
Always rephrase title.
Must read the relevant year correctly.
If these are forecast, must demonstrate expected.

Retell the lecture:

Provide tips on doing to help with/ensure that
How to do :
Recommend that...
Need to figure out,
Make sure that,
It is important that something can be done
To achieve this,
By doing,
Focus on
Which means,
It important to do
Logic: facts, concept, concept definition, example
Topic and peoples opinion, History, turning point, nowadays, opinion
Propose a question based on a context, suggestion to the question, details and actions, result.
Conference top, its related parties, important to register
Topic as a tip, definition,recommendations, result [focus group]
Topic as a tip, goal, recommendations,
Summarize written text

Skim the text and identify gist, written the key words and important points down
Then use these key words to construct short notes or phrases that sum up the main arguments

Key words: new report on anthropogenic climate change finds include the
average surface temperature has increased
Sea-level rise have narrowed ,shrinking sea ice,
Snow cover has decreased
Changes in precipitation
An UN report finds that increasing surface temperature around the world are
causing rising sea levels ,shrinking sea ice and snow cover , and changes in
change ]

Key words:

Mediterranean sea turtles lay egges on the shore of southern Lebanon

To protect the endangered Mediterranean sea turtles,Mona Khalil and Habiba
Fayed opened a bed-and-breakfast to finance their efforts to burying an iron grid
in the sand above the eggs.

After millions of years of being endangered in war-torn coast of southern

Lebanon, Mediterranean sea turtles were finally protected by two women, Mona
Khalil and Habiba Fayed , who opened a bed-and-breakfast and with the help of
the guests, protected turtles eggs by burying an iron grid in the sand above the
[ party,
After, with, by doing....
have been largely ignored until two
women set out to protect them , until AfterFinally...]


Technology nature is a technique that use the technology to build a picture of

natural scene.Whether it affect peoples health and welfare as the real scene has
been tested. The conclusion is that to release stress, real scene help patients
recover faster than simply a virtual view. In this sense, these two are different.
Technological nature refers to a computerized picture of a natural scene. To find
out if this has the same beneficial effect of a real scene, put a group of people in
a room with a real view and another group in a room with a virtual view.The
group in the room with the real view will recover more quickly from the stress
than the other group .
This lecture proposes the question of whether memory is reliable when witness
states in the counts. The research found that when new information and facts
added, peoples memory can be distorted. In the experiment, people tend to
include things that have never been there.
Lawyers rely on what their witness can remember of an event in a criminal trial.
If new information is introduced to a witness, it may take their memory
unreliable.This has been illustrated in research. If subjects watch a video of a
crime and then hear an account that includes new information not shown on the
video, their memory of the video can also include new and unreliable


Scientists indicate that the back ground noise in the ocean has increased and when they are taken
together, they have a sweeping impact on the life in the sea as most sea creatures and marine
animals can respond or even produce sound.
Indicate by? The example of noise, depend on...

Recent research as discovered that it is placenta ,the hottest part, that have evolved to help chillies
deal with harmful microbes and mammals, so that the hotter they are, the stronger the defense.
Should cover all two ideas to the question. Although some...., also
Many ocean creatures are dependent on underwater sound to live and breed, but in the last 50 years
noises made by humans from ship engines, seismic research and military activity have increased
background ocean noise by about 15 decibels, which may have a very negative and disruptive effect
on sealife when its impact is considered altogether.
Scientists are beginning to understand why chillies evolved to be so hot when eaten, and although
many scientists still believe the hotness is to deter mammals from eating the plant, recent research
suggests it also developed as a defence against harmful microbes.
The enlarged overall inequality becomes preponderantly determined by location as evidenced by the
fact that individuals tend to migrate to wealthier countries,so that a key priority for policy makers
should be aid and support for developing countries to alleviate the pressure of migration.
New research reveals that location, rather than class, is now the main factor in determining global
inequality and economic migration is the only solution for individuals from developing countries to
improve their standard of living until policy makers support for developing countries.
As English is the worlds lingua franca, people whose mother language is English are less likely to
learn the second language due to a survey of 25 European Union members, however,there are still
countries where people are bilingual when they learn to speak English for specific need.
Due to the widespread use of English in many fields, it is one of the most spoken languages and this
probably account for the fact that very few native speakers of English can speak another
language,whereas in non-English-speaking countries in Europe over 50 percent of people are

Test 1
Being second most popular beverage in the world, and grown in countries which have tropical climate,
specific geographical features , tea meet the demand of world-wide consumers in areas like health
It is important to preserve the species of fish,because much larger quantities of fish are consumed as
an alternative to meat, resulting in parts of the ocean have been overfished, and catches are smaller
that may damage ecosystems if government does not make controls and efforts.

You should draw your graph on a separate page.

Weather patterns have changed significantly over the past two hundred years

Repeat sentence
Studies suggest there may be a correlation between educational achievements and family size.
Tomorrows lunchtime seminar on nuclear engineering has been postponed.
During that period heavy industry grew rapidly in the north of the country.
Students must hand in their assignments by Friday,
Most students on last years course did well in this module.
Tuesdays lecture on Social psychology will now take place in the Central Hall
Anyone who has a problem with their accommodation should speak to the Welfare Officer.
The fertile plains in the east of the region provide excellent land for farming.
Opposition to the governments tax policy was widespread across business sectors.
Students with queries about this terms timetable must speak to their tutor immediately.